Top 100 Sega Master System Games

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Top 100 Games Ranking List for SMS (Sega Master System).

The Top Rated SMS (Sega Master System) Games.

SMS (Sega Master System) Games Ranking List

1. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap

To save Monster Land from the evil Meka Dragon, you’ve entered his castle and are about to go into battle.

Versions: Wonder Boy III – The Dragon’s Trap (USA) SMS

2. Phantasy Star

Three of SEGA’s era-defining Phantasy Star RPGs join SEGA Forever all in one single app! Venture boldly into unguarded wilds armed with magic as you prepare to face creepy dungeons, catastrophic floods, and exploding planets! Fight with swords, knives, bows, and even your wits. You live and die by them. Do you have what it takes to defeat the likes of Head Rot, Pug Hit, and Slugmess in order to restore peace to the Algol Star System?

Versions: Phantasy Star (USA) SMS

3. Bubble Bobble

Welcome to the world of Bubble Bobble! Those funny critters, Bubblen and Bobblen are finally making an appearance in the Sega Master system. Play this game and see the wild adventures of Bubblen and Bobblen.

Versions: Bubble Bobble (USA) SMS

4. Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Journey with Mickey Mouse through spooky castle ruins, dark caverns, an enchanted forest and a toy shop gone crazy! Use your wits and Mickey’s magic to evade challenging traps, explore secret passages, and restore peace and happiness to the Land of Illusion!

Versions: Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA) SMS

5. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

The evil Witch Mizrabel is jealous and has kidnapped Minnie. It is up to you to help Mickey rescue her. To unlock Mizrabel’s wicked grip, Mickey must run, climb and leap his way through all the Rooms of Illusion, and by defeating the many protectors of each Master you can fight for the ownership of the gems. Your goal: gather seven magical gems and win Minnie’s freedom! Think you can handle the challenge? Mickey could sure use your help!

Versions: Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA) SMS

6. R-Type

The galaxy is in deep peril: foul creatures from the evil Bydo Empire have warped across space to invade and conquer our planet! There is only one hope for victory.

Versions: R-Type (USA) SMS

7. Asterix

Getafix, the Druid whose magic potion has kept his village from falling into Caesar’s hands, has been kidnapped! Join Asterix and Obelix as they try to rescue the druid and save the village!

Versions: Asterix (USA) SMS

8. Sonic the Hedgehog

Bust the video game speed barrier wide open with Sonic The Hedgehog. Blaze by in a blur using the Super Sonic Spin Attack. Plummet down tunnels and spin through space. Bounce around till you’re dizzy in a pinball machine. You’ve never seen anything like it!

Versions: Sonic The Hedgehog (USA) SMS

9. Zillion

Are you ready for the ultimate danger? You’re alone, outnumbered and there’s no guarantee you’ll make it alive.

Versions: Zillion (USA) SMS

10. Ys: The Vanished Omens

Once long ago, the Kingdom of Y’s fell under a reign of evil. But the Goddesses of Y’s saved the Kingdom from ruin.

Versions: Ys – The Vanished Omens (USA) SMS

11. Master of Darkness

The shadow of Dracula has spread over Victorian England. Make your way through strange and forbidding streets and cavernous warehouses while fighting his army of monsters. Find Dracula, the Master of Darkness, and rescue England from his terrifying grasp.

Versions: Master Of Darkness (USA) SMS

12. Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Wonder Boy is back! But this time he’s playing for keeps. No more cute dolls, fruit or milk. Now it’s swords, armor, shields, labyrinths and fire-breathing dragons. Help Wonder Boy through 12 perilous, monster-filled levels of challenging adventure!

Versions: Wonder Boy In Monster Land (USA) SMS

13. Ninja Gaiden

The Dragon Ninja village has been massacred! The powerful scroll of the Bushido has been stolen! You are Ryu Hayabusa, last of the Dragon Ninja, and you must find the Bushido before it can be used to unleash evil across the Earth!

Versions: Ninja Gaiden (USA) SMS

14. Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa

Opa-Opa is at it again in this zany return to his original homeland some ten years later. Welcome to Fantasy Zone II where perils are great and rewards even greater.

Versions: Fantasy Zone II – The Tears Of Opa-Opa (USA) SMS

15. Kenseiden

It was a land of peace and plenty… until the evil Warlocks returned in a storm of ruin and destruction! Now, they have struck the final blow by stealing your heritage…

Versions: Kenseiden (USA) SMS

16. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic’s back in action! Sonic’s back for another 2 fast, 2 cool adventure! Dr. Robotnik has transformed South Island’s animals into metal robots and kidnapped Sonic’s best friend “Tails” the Fox. Blast into action with Sonic’s famous Super Spin Attack to recover the Chaos Emeralds, squash Robotnik and free Sonic’s friends from their Prison Eggs.

Versions: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (USA) SMS

17. Golvellius: Valley of Doom

Enter the world of Golvellius. Where demons rule the valley of water… and control the creatures of land, sea and air.

Versions: Golvellius – Valley Of Doom (USA) SMS

18. Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Your name is Alex Kidd. You have courage. A karate chop that shatters rocks. And a big job to do. You learn that the mysterious city Radactian is in great danger.


19. Golden Axe Warrior

World peace is at stake! Death Adder, a wicked giant, has stolen the nine crystals from the kingdom of Firewood and has hidden them in nine labyrinths that he has created.

Versions: Golden Axe Warrior (USA) SMS

20. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

The time is yesteryear, when knights scoured the countryside in search of the Holy Grail, defended the honor of fair maidens and fought a never-ending battle against rampant evil forces.

Versions: Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (USA) SMS

21. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

After ten thousand years, the once-banished Dark Ninja returns to make another attempt to take over the Miracle World. Someone’s definitely got to stop him! Guess who dares to meet the challenge? You! You’re Alex Kidd, the prince who knows no fear. A lovely girl has been kidnapped and her life is at risk. And she’s your girlfriend from the planet Shinobi! By holding her hostage, the Dark Ninja plans to realize his fiendish scheme. She must be saved before it’s too late!

Versions: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

22. Columns

Drift back to ancient Phoenicia and challenge yourself with Columns, a game favored by ancient merchants. Forget the passage of time and tickle your mind with this brilliant game of strategy and skill.

Versions: Columns (USA) SMS

23. Donald Duck: The Lucky Dime Caper

Evil Magica De Spell has stolen the Lucky Dimes and has captured Huey, Dewey and Louie! Trek through six treacherous lands with Donald to save his nephews and retrieve the Lucky Dimes!

Versions: Lucky Dime Caper, The – Starring Donald Duck (USA) SMS

24. Shinobi

You’re Jo-Musashi, a mild-mannered martial arts instructor. But you have another job as well. When duty calls, you’re a Master Ninja! Your mission: An evil terrorist network, the Ring of Five, has kidnapped the children of the world’s leaders! You must get the hostages back… and defeat the Ring of Five! They’re waiting for you with gunmen, thugs, mongos and green ninjas. But you alone have the power of Ninja Magic!

Versions: Shinobi (USA) SMS

25. Fantasy Zone

Take command of the spaceship Opa-Opa and blast your way through various fantastical levels as you try to take out all the enemy bases in each stage. Once you’ve destroyed the bases, you’ll have to beat the stage boss in order to move on to the next level. By using your guns and bombs wisely, you’ll be able to take down your enemies and explore each of the crazy environments in this side-scroller. You can also buy upgraded weapons for your ship by accessing the shop.

Versions: Fantasy Zone (USA) SMS

26. Disney’s Aladdin

As Aladdin, baffle the guards in the streets of Agrabah. Elude the tempting traps in the Cave of Wonders, and the dangers of the Sultan’s Palace. Ride the magic carpet through breathtaking skies. Then challenge the evil Jafar to a duel of swords and magic!

Versions: Aladdin (USA) SMS

27. Donald Duck: Deep Duck Trouble

Uncle Scrooge found a magical necklace on a mysterious island, but the necklace put a curse on him. Now Uncle Scrooge is doomed to float around in the air forever! (Of course Donald always said Scrooge was full of hot air anyway!) To take the curse off Uncle Scrooge, Donald has to take the necklace back to the island. But there’s plenty of danger awaiting Donald there. How about lending him a hand?

Versions: Deep Duck Trouble (USA) SMS

28. Spellcaster

You are Kane, the SpellCaster warrior of Summit Temple.

Versions: Spellcaster (USA) SMS

29. Psycho Fox

You’re Psycho Fox, an extraordinary fox that goes out to save the world from the wicked Madfox Daimyojin.

Versions: Psycho Fox (USA) SMS

30. Streets of Rage

Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding are three ex-cops that are trying to save their city from the evil crime syndicate that has taken it over. Choose one of them and battle with bare hands, or any weapon you can find… as you walk the Streets of Rage!



31. Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos

Dr. Robotnik’s stolen the red Chaos Emerald, and it’s up to Sonic The Hedgehog to get it back! As Sonic or “Tails” the two-tailed fox, you’ll zip through the Zones, using your quick moves and quicker thinking to collect rings and evade Robotnik’s latest batch of badniks!

Versions: Sonic Chaos (USA) SMS

32. Double Dragon

In a city destroyed by war and crime, you count on each other to survive! You are Billy and Jimmy Lee, the twins they call the Spike and the Hammer. When it comes to martial arts, you’re both street lethal.

Versions: Double Dragon (USA) SMS

33. Black Belt

The most life-like karate game ever to meet the video screen.

Versions: Black Belt (USA) SMS

34. Gangster Town

The time is the wild 1920’s. The place is a great American city that has been taken over by rampant crime. The corruption is led by cruel and cunning gangsters who have let fear and destruction loose in the city.

Versions: Gangster Town (USA) SMS

35. Hang On & Safari Hunt

HANG ON is the 3D motorcycle race game that’s taken the arcades by storm.

Versions: Hang-On & Safari Hunt (USA) SMS

36. Wonder Boy

As Tom-Tom the Wonder Boy, it’s up to you to rescue your girlfriend Tanya from the vile clutches of the monster that has kidnapped her. To do so, you must navigate a series of worlds in a race against time to reach your goal. Along the way, you’ll battle foes and collect fruit that will add to the amount of time you have to complete your mission.

Versions: Wonder Boy (USA) SMS

37. Rastan

You are Rastan, an iron muscled barbarian from the cold northlands. A bounty hunter by trade, you fear no man or dark, slavering beast! For you are a master of every edged weapon.

Versions: Rastan (USA) SMS

38. Space Harrier

Far away, there was a special land. Where peaceful dragons lived peaceful lives. Until the attack. Vicious creatures seeking final extinction for the dragons. You are their last hope. You are Space Harrier!




39. OutRun

Brace yourself for the most realistic racing experience yet.




40. Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

Fate calls thee to bar evil’s way! The Dark Lord Terarin has removed the Golden Seal from the Pandora Passage to let monstrous creatures roam the Five Lands.

Versions: Miracle Warriors – Seal Of The Dark Lord (USA) SMS

41. Cloud Master

Enter the wild, fun-filled world of Mike Chen. He’s out to learn the secrets of the five lands so he can become a powerful wizard of the skies!

Versions: Cloud Master (USA) SMS

42. California Games

Hey Dude, get ready for the ultimate in rad video! Sega’s California Games takes you to the sunny beaches and deserts of the California coast for some gnarly sports competition.



43. Astro Warrior

Astro Warrior pits you against the enemy’s fleet of superpowered spaceships.



44. Choplifter

Man a chopper in the nation’s top action adventure. Pockets of international hostages are trapped.

Versions: Choplifter (USA) SMS

45. World Grand Prix

Design some of the hottest Grand Prix race tracks in the world. And hti them fast in the hottest wheels ever to fly across the home video screen.

Versions: World Grand Prix (USA) SMS

46. Asterix and the Secret Mission

Getafix the Druid is out of magic potion! If Caesar finds out, it’s invasion for sure. Asterix and Obelix set out to find the necessary herbs. A mission through all sorts of Roman-infested terrain – seas and rivers, forests and deserts, temples and ruins.

Versions: Asterix And The Secret Mission (USA) SMS

47. The Ninja

The time is Japan’s colorful past. But right now you have your hands full of trouble and Ninja darts. The darts are your secret weapons. The trouble is caused by the arch-tyrant Gyokuro, a merciless warlord who holds a princess prisoner in the subterranean vaults of his Ohkami Castle. Can you save the princess? Defeat the cruel Gyokuro and his henchmen and bring peace to the Castle

Versions: Ninja, The (USA) SMS

48. Batman Returns

Batman really has his work cut out for him this time! There’s triple trouble in Gotham City with the Red Triangle Circus Gang, Catwoman and the diabolical Penguin in league to take over the city. Get ready for the fight of your life!

Versions: Batman Returns (USA) SMS

49. Enduro Racer

Countdown to adventure. Three, rev your engine. Two, get ready.

Versions: Enduro Racer (USA) SMS

50. Hang On

Neck-breaking speeds, tight curves and world-class competition make Sega’s Hang On the most exciting motorcycle racing game around. Hop aboard your supercycle and test your racing skill against the top riders on earth! Think you can beat them all to the finish? Prove it!



51. Taz-Mania

Join TAZ, the Tasmanian devil as he whirls off in search of the world’s biggest omelette. Nothing can stand in his way for long as he munches his way through an island filled with precarious plateaus, hostile jungles, eerie caves and crumbling ruins.

Versions: Taz-Mania (USA) SMS

52. Fantasy Zone: The Maze

The evil Menons have returned… in multi-level bases which are hidden in seven different planets! The brave Opa-Opa has been called to battle their evil threat.

Versions: Fantasy Zone – The Maze (USA) SMS

53. Golden Axe

The residents of the once-peaceful city of Yuria have lost the legendary Golden Axe



54. Rampage

Mass destruction has never been so much fun! And arcade superstars Ralph the Wolf, George the Ape, and Lizzie the Lizard make a riotous wrecking crew. So go wild! Crunch the concrete. Trash a trolley. Snack on a soldier. Have an office building for lunch. Go on a RAMPAGE!

Versions: Rampage (USA) SMS

55. Rambo: First Blood Part II

You are Rambo, the super hero of the movies. And you come to life on your own screen. You must go deep into enemy territory to rescue your comrades from concentration camps. Blow those camps. And escape with your skin.

Versions: Rambo – First Blood Part 2 (USA) SMS

56. Alien Syndrome

A mysterious alien space fleet has invaded human occupied space. Called the Alien Syndrome™, they are the deadliest creatures mankind has ever encountered.

Versions: Alien Syndrome (USA) SMS

57. After Burner

You’re a Navy Air Captain. At your control is the most advanced fighter jet ever to set the sky on fire! You supply the skill, reflexes, and guts. Your F-14 Thunder Cat gives you Mach 2+ speeds, unlimited firepower and a state-of-the-art battle computer which targets your enemies for destruction.

Versions: After Burner (USA) SMS

58. Global Defense

Earth is under attack! From secret bases hidden in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, deadly missiles have been sent to destroy your home planet. Earth needs a Champion, someone with courage… the skill to operate a Global Defense satellite…

Versions: Global Defense (USA) SMS

59. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

“Michael!” Katy’s voice rings out – you’ve found her! But more children are still lost! Can you stop the psycho mastermind Mr. Big and his goon squad before they kidnap all the kids?

Versions: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (USA) SMS

60. Ghostbusters

Starting your own Ghostbusters business is tough. It takes a lot of money. A lot of equipment. And lots of hard work.

Versions: Ghostbusters (USA) SMS

61 Kung Fu Kid

Get ready to perform the martial arts with the precision of a master. Now is the time to accept your fate as the most courageous man alive.

Versions: Kung Fu Kid (USA) SMS

62. Aztec Adventure

Welcome to the land of the ancient Aztecs, where money talks and enemies can be bought. You’re El Nino, wanderer, traveler, and adventurer at heart. You’re about to embark on a mysteriously dangerous adventure that will lead you through forests

Versions: Aztec Adventure – The Golden Road To Paradise (USA) SMS

63. Action Fighter

Get ready to play a starring role in the incredible world of international espionage. You receive five different assignments.

Versions: Action Fighter (USA) SMS

64. Thunder Blade

Get ready to take part in the greatest helicopter battle of the century with THUNDER BLADE! You’re the Gunship Gladiator. You fly the Thunder Blade chopper.

Versions: Thunder Blade (USA) SMS Thunder Blade (USA) SMS

65. Lord of the Sword

The followers of the evil Ra Goan have toppled the king from the throne. None are brave enough to take his place.

Versions: Lord Of The Sword (USA) SMS

66. Ghost House

A spooky romp through Count Dracula’s incredible haunted house. You’re Mick. And the good news is that your grandfather just told you that you’re to inherit the family jewels.

Versions: Ghost House (USA) SMS

67. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

The stars have been taken from the skies of the planet Aries! Only one of royal blood can get them back… and that’s Alex Kidd! Join him in a journey beyond space, time and imagination to return the stars of Aries to the constellation.

Versions: Alex Kidd – The Lost Stars (USA) SMS

68. Mortal Kombat

PREPARE YOURSELF! The #1 arcade hit is here: from Sub-Zero, Rayden and the rest of the Kombat Warriors to the grueling endurance and intense mirror matches! Execute bone-shattering combos and awesome finishing moves! Defeat the half-human dragon Goro, and destroy the shape-changing Shang Tsung to become the Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior!



69. Altered Beast

You were a Roman Centurion. You died bravely in battle. Now, a hundred years later, you have been called back from the grave by Zeus, God of Thunder.

Versions: Altered Beast (USA) SMS

70. Alex Kidd: High-Tech World

Being the Crown Prince of Planet Aries is never easy.

Versions: Alex Kidd In High Tech World (USA) SMS

71. My Hero

A bunch of seedy punks – complete with mohawks – try to steal your girl. It’s a new variation on the old “Boy loses Girl” theme.

Versions: My Hero (USA) SMS