RetroEMU App (Play GBA, GBC , NES, SNES, N64 ,PSP , MD Games in One)

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ic_launcherRetroEMU App for Android.  Emulated GBA, GBC , NES, SNES, N64 ,PSP , MD games on you Android Devices.


Play GBA, GBC , NES, SNES, N64 ,PSP , MD Games in One


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FAQ: How to Install Apk File ?      FAQ: How to Install Apk File ?

FAQ: How to Install Apk File ?      FAQ: How to Install Apk File ?

You can use this App to play your favorite Retro Games.

  • Preset some hot games on the list is for you.   Just Click the Play button and Install the Emulator Plugin to Play.
  • Also you can use this as Emulator to Play  the games are downloaded by youself.


User Tutorials for you !


Preset Game list screenshots:


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  1. PSP jogos não abrem neste emulador

    • Has been likes the previous app and now is in page in out of “Play Store” was ArcadeA now is RetroEMU it can be upgraded at next 02-05-20, the preview app was developed on 27-09-17 to view on decided much better as another with title “Free” in “Play Store”, on page ” Collection ” then of SNES, N64, NES, GBC, GBA, PSP and MD/Genesis on split apps, why now can be design new as NDS, PSX, Sega CD, 2600, PS2, Neo Geo Pocket, SDC, Wii, all so for Classic FAQ on 5 chosen games and emulators

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