Top 100 Neo Geo Games

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Top 100 Games Ranking List for Neo Geo.

The Top Rated Neo Geo Games.

Neo Geo Games Ranking List

1. The King of Fighters ’98: The Slugfest

The All-Star dream battle is here at last: It’s King of Fighters ’98! Here come 38 of your favorite characters from the King of Fighters series. Your favorite characters and teams are back! Filled with new surprises like the Roulette Team Edit and Advantage System, King ’98 will pop your cork with unrelenting excitement!



2. Samurai Shodown II

To be or not to be? You’ll soon find out the answer! They’ve licked their wounds, improved their techniques, and now they’re back! The world’s 15 fiercest warriors clang steel in a fast and furious fest of fencing festivities. Use new characters and new feints of Fury to hack, slice, dice, and Julien fry your way to victory!

Versions: Samsho2 (USA) Neo Geo

3. The Last Blade 2

The Last Blade 2, originally released in 1998, is the sequel to the fighting game, The Last Blade, which was released a year before.

Versions: Lastbld2 (USA) Neo Geo

4. Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Once there were men who staked everything on battle…Fighting with faith in his fists, one such man earned the name of “The Mightiest” and won peace for his city.

Versions: Garou (USA) Neo Geo

5. The Last Blade

1863. History’s hidden secret is revealed. During the age known as “Bakumatsu”, 135 years ago, chaos rules! It’s all yours: A new type of weapon fighting game in which Power and Speed weapons, in addition to various Repel moves can be used to experience a new sensation in video game thrills!

Versions: Lastblad (USA) Neo Geo

6. Metal Slug X

Jump! Shoot! Evade! The time to test your reflexes has come once again! Scatter the swarms of oncoming enemies with triple the firepower (compared with past SNK games). A festival of dazzling destruction, take on the Metal Slug world, if you dare!

Versions: Mslugx (USA) Neo Geo

7. Metal Slug 3

Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, the four veterans of the elite Sparrows Unit are back in METAL SLUG 3!



8. The King of Fighters 2002

This “Greatest Hits” collection is the first time SNK has brought together all those favourite and famous characters which make The King of Fighters franchise the ultimate in 2D fighting.

Versions: Kof2002 (USA) Neo Geo

9. The King of Fighters ’97

The King of Fighters 1997 begins! 29 characters to choose from! In addition to 2 new teams and 7 returning teams, 2 new characters can be found in the Edit Mode.



10. Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge

The mighty wrath of Shiro Amakusa is reborn! Who can stop him? The sparks fly when 17 swordsmen clash, and it all ends at the evil walls of Amakusa Castle! Featuring all your favorite warriors plus two new characters!

Versions: Samsho4 (USA) Neo Geo

11. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

The supreme trial of strength awaits! 19 of Fatal Fury’s hottest heroes collide! One year since the fearsome conclusion to “Real Bout”, the hungry wolves ready themselves for a new battle, “Real Bout Special” – the paramount pugilistic proving ground!

Versions: Rbffspec (USA) Neo Geo

12. Metal Slug

Players control Marco and Tarma, both members of the special-ops force Team Peregrine Falcon (commonly known as Team PF), and battle their way through stage after stage of intense action.

Versions: Mslug (USA) Neo Geo

13. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 is an Action game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in 1998.



14. The King of Fighters 2000

The King of Fighters 2000 is an Action game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 2000.



15. The King of Fighters 2003

The King of Fighters 2003 is an Action game, developed and published by SNK Playmore, which was released in 2004.

Versions: Kof2003f (USA) Neo Geo

16. Samurai Shodown

Iza To! En Garde! Dude! Twelve of the mightiest samurai, ninja, knights, and warriors from Japan, France, the United States, and China lock swords in NEO GEO’s SAMURAI SHODOWN. With blades, bare knuckles, rage, and various Methods of Mayhem, fight your way to the final battle with Satan’s Shogun. Use all powers at your disposal to get a head!

Versions: Samsho (USA) Neo Geo

17. Metal Slug 2

The Intelligence Agency has just intercepted a transmission concerning another full-scale coup.

Versions: Mslug2 (USA) Neo Geo

18. The King of Fighters ’96

The battle of the dream teams ’96 – READY! 27 of SNK’s top fighting heroes face off for fisticuffs! Only King of Fighters lets you combine your favorite characters in exciting teams. Try out endless combinations and bop your way to the top with the toughest team of all! Over 2,900 possible team combinations using the Team Edit Function. It’s too much!



19. The King of Fighters ’99: Millennium Battle

A new King Of Fighters begins! Featuring a new story centered around the enigmatic K’! 32 characters collide in battle, including 6 new characters!



20. Metal Slug 5

Metal Slug 5 is an Action game, developed by Playmore and published by SNK Playmore, which was released in 2004.



21. Shock Troopers

A run-and-gun shooting game featuring 8 mercenaries who face a huge terrorist organization, enlist for action on NEOGEO Station! You can choose between 2 fighting styles: Control one character in “LONELY WOLF” mode, or pick up a team of 3 soldiers you can switch between at any time in “TEAM BATTLE” mode. Run through the battlefield and choose the best routes and strategy!

Versions: Strhoop (USA) Neo Geo

22. Metal Slug 4




23. Fatal Fury Special

The GRANDMOTHER of all battles! 15 of the FATAL FURY series’ top stars gather in the match of the millenium! Use the resurrected Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser in a dazzling 3D arena! All you have ever wanted in a fighting game is here in FATAL FURY SPECIAL!



24. Sengoku 3

Sengoku 3 is an Action game, developed by Noise Factory and published by SNK, which was released in 2001.

Versions: Sengoku3 (USA) Neo Geo

25. Samurai Shodown III

Cut or be cut! The power! The intensity! Samurai 3 is here! Twelve of the ages toughest double-identity warriors! Select personalities from “Chivalry” or “Treachery”. Character moves and poses change with the personality you choose. Featuring three different battle modes!



26. The King of Fighters ’95

Out of the storm of battle comes 24 fighters from around the world who are invited to enter the King of Fighters ’95 tournament. Omega Rugal is alive and out to seek revenge on the participants who destroyed him and his plan to rule the world.



27. SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

The clash between popular characters of SNK and Capcom continues! SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom lets you play as any one of 36 characters from SNK and Capcom franchises, such as Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters, and Street Fighter.

Versions: Svccha (USA) Neo Geo

28. Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory is an Action game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in 1995.

Versions: Fatfury3 (USA) Neo Geo

29. The King of Fighters ’94

Walk into battle with your head held high! In The King of Fighters, you’ll never fight alone! Choose one of eight teams in this all-out battle spectacular. Teams from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors, and a few uncharted areas come together for the first time ever. Dodge attacks, tag-off with team members, use your special King Krusher Battle Moves and take the crown in The King of Fighters ’94!

Versions: Kof94 (USA) Neo Geo

30. World Heroes Perfect

This is the fourth installment in the World Heroes fighting game series, released in 1995. In this game, 16 figures from across history fight for the title of the world’s strongest.

Versions: World Heroes Perfect

31. Fatal Fury 2

The three lone wolves return to clash with new opponents in the “Sultan of Slugs” Battle Royale. After a year in training, forging bodies of steel, Andy, Joe, and Terry take on the world.

Versions: Fatfury2 (USA) Neo Geo

32. World Heroes 2 Jet

World Heroes 2 Jet, initially released in 1994, is the 3rd in the prolific fighting game series.

Versions: Wh2j (USA) Neo Geo

33. The King of Fighters 2001

The King of Fighters 2001 is an Action game, developed and published by Eolith, which was released in 2002.



34. Magician Lord

Step into the sorcerer’s world! Elta, the last descendant of the MAGICIAN LORD is on a journey to find the eight missing volumes of the Sorcerer’s Books… To end the years of chaos and horror, and to help the land he loves.

Versions: Maglord (USA) Neo Geo


35. World Heroes 2

The HEROES are back in their biggest and meanest battle ever, along with six new contestants! Travel through time and face an onslaught of opponents in an exciting, bruising battle of the ages!

Versions: Wh2 (USA) Neo Geo

36. Fatal Fury

Fighting is one of the oldest sports of all time, for warriors being the BEST is the ultimate goal… But being the best can be Fatal.

Versions: Fatfury1 (USA) Neo Geo

37. Art of Fighting 3

Released in 1996, Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior is a fighting game set in Grasshill Valley, where drama and battles unfold among various fighters.

Versions: Aof3 (USA) Neo Geo

38. Double Dragon

Return to Legend DOUBLE DRAGONS!

Powerful special attacks, which have never been seen!

Versions: Doubledr (USA) Neo Geo

39. World Heroes

Are you ready for a fierce battle in an ultra-deathmatch!? Who is the greatest hero in the world? You will find out today! A scientist has created a time machine that eight heroes will travel through time with to prove who is the greatest fighter of all time!



40. Art of Fighting 2

RYO and ROBERT return along with 10 of the meanest maulers of SOUTHTOWN. Use new characters and the RAGE GAUGE, visit new places, meet new enemeis; then push their faces in with your newly acquired arts of ARMAGEDDON! Battle your way to the breath-stealing finish!

Versions: Aof2 (USA) Neo Geo

41. Art of Fighting

Being a great fighter takes more than strength and pain. You need wisdom and need to win at any cost.

Versions: Aof (USA) Neo Geo

42. King of the Monsters

King of the Monsters is an action/fighting game that features city-destroying battles between huge monsters.

Versions: Kotm (USA) Neo Geo

43. Burning Fight

For many years, the Casterota family, a huge crime syndicate, literally ruled over the streets of New York with overpowering control.

Versions: Burningf (USA) Neo Geo

44. Magical Drop III

Magical Drop III is a Puzzle game, developed by Data East and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1997.

Versions: Magdrop3 (USA) Neo Geo

45. Samurai Shodown V Special

The last SAMURAI SHODOWN for the NEOGEO makes it to Steam!



46. Blazing Star

AaABLAZING STARAaA, legendary NEOGEO shooting game with its unique game system

Versions: Blazstar (USA) Neo Geo

47. WindJammers

A dazzling new game combining the thrills of tennis, the dangers of the discus, and the heart-stopping competition of competition sports. Six of the world’s toughest and most clever athletes take court in the most thrilling new sport of the fin-de-seicle! WINDJAMMERS – It will blow you away!

Versions: Wjammers (USA) Neo Geo

48. Viewpoint

Enter the world of Viewpoint, this stunning 3D diagonal-scrolling shooter, a visual masterpiece which allows you to play from a three-quarter perspective.

Versions: Viewpoin (USA) Neo Geo

49. Pulstar

2256 A.D. Alien forces swept into the solar system, and fighting spread throughout the system in two years.

Versions: Pulstar (USA) Neo Geo

50. Aero Fighters 2

Up in the skies above 8 countries, control one of 8 fighters and join the sonic dogfight! With 4 level shooting and special weapons, blow out your enemies!



51. Neo Turf Masters

The player picks one of six available golfers and competes on a number of golf courses around the world, including Japan (Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club), America (Grand Canyon Golf Course),

Versions: Turfmast (USA) Neo Geo

52. Magical Drop 2

The worldwide arcade hit brought to you by Bandai will keep you bursting bubbles and stacking combo points in this puzzler that will have your brain bubbling!

Versions: Magdrop2 (USA) Neo Geo

53. Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad

Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad is an Action game, developed by Saurus and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1999.

Versions: Shocktr2 (USA) Neo Geo

54. Twinkle Star Sprites

Twinkle Star Sprites is an Action game, developed by ADK and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1997.

Versions: Twinspri (USA) Neo Geo

55. Waku Waku 7

WAKU WAKU 7 is a fighting game released by SUNSOFT in 1996 in Japan.

Versions: Wakuwak7 (USA) Neo Geo

56. Baseball Stars 2

Baseball Stars 2 is baseball at its finest! A game made by players for players. Play in two leagues, Fighting and Exciting, against a global league of all-stars. Strike outs, stealing home, home runs, diving catches, and POWER hitting are just a few of the action-packed attractions found in this sequel of sequels!

Versions: Bstars2 (USA) Neo Geo

57. Samurai Shodown V

Samurai Shodown V is a port of the classic NeoGeo arcade fighting game of the same name.



58. Aero Fighters 3

Aero Fighters 3 is an Action game, developed and published by Video System, which was released in Japan in 1995.

Versions: Aof3 (USA) Neo Geo

59. SpinMaster

SpinMaster is an Action game, developed by Data East and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1994.

Versions: Spinmast (USA) Neo Geo

60. Power Instinct Matrimelee

Power Instinct Matrimelee is an Action game, developed by Noise Factory and published by Sun Amusement, which was released in 2003.

Versions: Pim (USA) Neo Geo

61 Soccer Brawl

The Cybernetic players use special kick shots and built-in arm phasers to destroy other players. Make sure your power meter is FULL when exercising these brutal tactics. Both stadiums, which are magnetically enclosed, enable you to kick or pass… off the wall! There are no fouls in this league, so watch your back or you’ll get pulverized by the opposing team! You’ll find here the most advanced sport in the world of soccer… SOCCER BRAWL!

Versions: Socbrawl (USA) Neo Geo

62. Breakers

Breakers is an Action game, developed by Visco and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1996.

Versions: Breakers (USA) Neo Geo

63. Real Bout Fatal Fury

The Final Battle: Geese Howard Must Go! The big name in fighting games reaches its fifth chapter. And this time, Geese is back in the final boss seat! The last battle between Geese and the brothers Bogard is about to begin!

Versions: Rbff1 (USA) Neo Geo

64. NAM-1975

Back To The Nightmare.

NAM – 1975 – SUMMER
The roar of helicopters overhead snaps us back into reality.
Will never forget the nightmare of that Summer.

Versions: Nam1975 (USA) Neo Geo

65. Super Sidekicks 2

Super Sidekicks 2 is a Sports game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1994.

Versions: Ssideki2 (USA) Neo Geo

66. Last Resort

Suddenly the symbol of the space age, Space Colony, was attacked by a computer virus. Would human beings be ruined by the civilization of their own development? SOS! SOS! People cannot wait any longer for a rescue operation of last resort! Armed with the super weapon, Force, which guards and attacks by its special movements, fight against unknown mechanical bodies in this great new side-scrolling shooter!

Versions: Lresort (USA) Neo Geo

67. Ninja Masters

First released in 1996, “Ninja Master’s”, is set in the fictional land of “Zipangu”. Players can select from 10 different ninjas and warriors with which to test their might.

Versions: Ninjamas (USA) Neo Geo

68. Street Hoop

Which team is the best at 3-on-3? Choose from ten countries to find out. Shots vary according to the shooting distance. Fake dunk, aloof – a variety of techniques to choose from! Speedy! Powerful! Move your body to hip hoppin’ rap music. When the power guage reaches its max, Super Dunk sparks!

Versions: Strhoop (USA) Neo Geo

69. Top Hunter

Clean up the Space Pirates! Time: The age of space colonialism. The dreaded Klaptons are on the loose, turning peaceful settlements into ghost towns.



70. Robo Army

In a world full of chaos and destruction, a new dark power ruled the land. The cyber army called Hell Jeed have come within reach of their final objective…

Versions: Roboarmy (USA) Neo Geo

71. Rage of the Dragons

Rage of the Dragons is an Action game, developed by Evoga Entertainment and published by Playmore, which was released in 2002.



72. Stakes Winner

Stakes Winner is a Sports game, developed by Saurus and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1995.

Versions: Stakwin (USA) Neo Geo

73. Quiz King of Fighters

Quiz King of Fighters is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1995.

Versions: Quizkof (USA) Neo Geo

74. Thrash Rally

The ultimate challenge for the best pro drivers! The World Rally Championship and Pari-Dakar Rally are replayed realistically based on the updated racing data. Tracks of danger and beauty! Skid on by the world’s best drivers with your power drift and slide skills. Can you squeal past the finish line?

Versions: Trally (USA) Neo Geo

75. Sengoku 2

Return to the mystical battle worlds. Re-enter the nightmare that never seems to end. The great confrontation with the demonic warlord in the Demon Castle should mean the end, but the war has just begun…

Versions: Sengoku2 (USA) Neo Geo

76. Super Sidekicks

Experience the roar of the crowd and the thrills of the stadium. SNK’s live-action soccer game is here! Along with your Ace Striker and his array of sliding, overhead, and diving shots, lead your team to victory and seize the prized SNK Cup.

Versions: Ssideki (USA) Neo Geo

77. Ninja Commando

The strongest Ninja soldiers ever are coming! “Spider”, a merchant of death, plans to involve the future world in a swirling battlefield, disturbing the past with his time machine. Now, Ninjas worldwide will unite to protect history from Spider’s evil plan!

Versions: Ncommand (USA) Neo Geo

78. Super Sidekicks 3

Loaded with world class excitement! Features 6 competition modes like World Cup for 64 worldwide teams. Utilizes Digitized Trace Animation and 3D camera angled shots for a realistic on-the-fly action graphic explosion.

Versions: Ssideki3 (USA) Neo Geo

79. Alpha Mission II

The lunar nightmare of a bloody 200-year space war was thought to be over in the “original” ALPHA MISSION. But now with the advent of more technically sophisticated weapons, the evil “Fulvar” and his “Seven Star Alliance” have returned to destroy all planets that stand in their way of the ultimate target..

Versions: Alpham2 (USA) Neo Geo

80. Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle

Fight Alone!
Competition or Team Battles. The Tage Battle of a Lifetime Begins!
Or Fight with a Friend!

Versions: Kizuna (USA) Neo Geo

81. Stakes Winner 2

Stakes Winner 2 is a Sports game, developed by System Vision and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1996.

Versions: Stakwin2 (USA) Neo Geo

82. Karnov’s Revenge

The quest to defeat the mysterious Baron of Battlers, the mysterious K, is on. In order to get to this grotesque gladiator, however, you need to fight your way through 11 matches with the most skilled, most deadly of all combatants in the world of physical contact. Use your powers of pulverization, psychic energy blasts, and ridiculous strength to become the explosive fighting god in FIGHTERS HISTORY DYNAMITE!

Versions: Karnovr (USA) Neo Geo

83. Mutation Nation

In the year 2050… Bio-chemistry and genetics has surpassed even our own imagination. A scientist who had been working on a bizarre genetic experiment is banned by his Superiors and suddenly

Versions: Mutnat (USA) Neo Geo

84. Puzzled

Once upon a time, the god of sun built a huge wall in the center of the “man’s village” and the “woman’s village” where they had been fighting for a long, long time.

Versions: Puzzledp (USA) Neo Geo

85. Savage Reign

When these warriors collide, they rumble like thunder and strike like lightning.

Versions: Savagere (USA) Neo Geo

86. Sengoku

It’s the final battle. A warlord in the past planned to conquer the world by brutal attack. Now, 400 years later, this “Demon Castle” suddenly appeared in the sky above Washington D.C. The prophecy came true! Only two samurai warriors with the special weapon can stop the revival of this ghost!

Versions: Sengoku (USA) Neo Geo

87 Kabuki Klash

Kabuki Klash is an Action game, developed by Racdym and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1995.

Versions: Kabukikl (USA) Neo Geo

88. 2020 Super Baseball

Conventional baseball no longer exists in the year 2020. The “Super Baseball Association” has been very profitable over the years with robotics power players up against the strongest of athletes.



89. League Bowling

The lanes are crowded every night with Big Time Pin Slammin’ action! You call the shots selecting a right or left handed bowler. Determine ball weight, and develop the skills of the pro’s as you skillfully throw a variety of shots that you control. So pop some refreshments and settle into this indoor sport like you’ve never seen before!

Versions: Lbowling (USA) Neo Geo

90. Galaxy Fight

People have prayed to the gods, but the devil descends from the sky. Your mission is to defeat Felden Kryse, ruler of the underworld.

Versions: Galaxyfg (USA) Neo Geo

91 OverTop

The ultimate NEOGEO Racing Game! The game features branching paths and a variety of car models for maximum replayability!

Versions: Overtop (USA) Neo Geo

92. Neo-Geo Cup ’98: The Road to Victory

Neo-Geo Cup ’98: The Road to Victory is a Sports game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1998.

Versions: Neocup98 (USA) Neo Geo

93. Blue’s Journey

Blue’s Journey is an Action game, developed by ADK and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1991.

Versions: Bjourney (USA) Neo Geo

94. Cyber-Lip

Up until now, mankind has enjoyed their prosperity. Now they are facing trouble. CYBER-LIP, the state-of-the-art army computer is out of control. The cyborgs and aliens under its control are beginning to attack people. The government calls in Rick and Brooks to destroy CYBER-LIP!

Versions: Cyberlip (USA) Neo Geo

95. XXX

Enter a world of vivid color, imagination, and space fantasy. A mission to deceive enemy guard in this bold new frontier. Pilot the awesome space fighters through the treacherous corridors of space.

Versions: Androdun (USA) Neo Geo

96. Baseball Stars Professional

An All Star Line Up

Big League Players hit, run, throw and make dynamic plays!
Enjoy real-life baseball excitement in VS-Mode and Tournament Mode!



97. Ghost Pilots

Bombs, Missiles, Bullets! Close to the end of the war, rumor of “A huge natural resource found in F Country” was spreading among countries suffering from lack of war supplies.

Versions: Gpilots (USA) Neo Geo

98. King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing

In 1996, the country of Japan was devastated by the monster invasion.

Versions: Kotm2 (USA) Neo Geo

99. Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

The ultimate warriors are ready for battle! The Auto-Zoom feature draws you in to the red-hot action! Use the new “Special Attack Tracing System” to copy the special abilities of the foes you defeat and build your own warrior from over 100 combinations!

Versions: Gowcaizr (USA) Neo Geo

100. 3 Count Bout

The Power. The Pain. The Glory. Lock horns with 10 of the world’s most rambunctious wrestlers ever! In the ring, on the street, use your wits, ability, and various tools at your disposal to pummel, pound, bite, scratch, kick, and gouge your way to survival and the world championship.

Versions: 3countb (USA) Neo Geo

101. Crossed Swords

The legend of the strongest fighting lord of all time! Radical RPG points.

Versions: Crsword (USA) Neo Geo

102. Eight Man

SUPER 8 MAN, designed and built from the latest nuclear age technology, this incredibly agile robot moves at lightning speed and looks completely human, yet he is constructed with the most advanced internal computers and the strongest steel.

Versions: Eightman (USA) Neo Geo

103. Top Player’s Golf

First Class Competition! On a beautiful course, silent competition will begin. Select from four individual players. Play a Nassau game for a different twist. Enjoy real-life golf excitement!

Versions: Tpgolf (USA) Neo Geo

104. Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Anything goes to beat-up your enemies! No rules. No limitations for the fight! Aerial battle, provoking, faking, and throwing… anything is available!

Versions: Aodk (USA) Neo Geo

105. Football Frenzy

You’ll never play another football game again, after you play Football Frenzy! Football Frenzy, with on-going play-by-play announcing, is hard-hitting action at its best!

Versions: Fbfrenzy (USA) Neo Geo

106. Ninja Combat

Take control of the ninjas Joe (one player) and Hayabusa (two players), and enter into battle against a group of evil ninjas called the Kage Ichizoku.

Versions: Ncombat (USA) Neo Geo

107. Ragnagard

Ragnagard is an Action game, developed by System Vision and published by SNK, which was released in 1996.

Versions: Ragnagrd (USA) Neo Geo

108. Riding Hero

Riding Hero is a Racing game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in 1991.



109. The Super Spy

The Super Spy is an Action game, developed and published by SNK, which was released in 1991.

Versions: Superspy (USA) Neo Geo

110. Legend of Success Joe

Legend of Success Joe is a Sports game, developed by Wave and published by SNK, which was released in Japan in 1991.

Versions: Legendos (USA) Neo Geo