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This is a sortable list of games on the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi handheld game consoles. According to Nintendo of America, there are over 2077 titles available for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo DSi as of November 22, 2012.[1] This list does not include games released on Nintendo’s DSiWare. There are currently 1843 games on this list.

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List of Nintendo DS games

TitleDeveloperPublisherFirst releasedJPNAPAL
1 vs. 100ECiDestination SoftwareJuly 3, 2008 (NA)
100 Classic Book CollectionGenius SonorityNintendoDecember 26, 2008 (PAL)
101-in-1 Explosive MegamixNordcurrentAtlus, NordcurrentNovember 28, 2008 (PAL)
2006 FIFA World CupExient EntertainmentElectronic ArtsApril 24, 2006 (NA)
7 Wonders IIMumboJumboMumboJumboJune 30, 2009 (NA)
7 Wonders of the Ancient WorldHot Lava GamesMumboJumboSeptember 17, 2007 (NA)
7th DragonimageepochSegaMarch 5, 2009 (JP)
8Ball AllstarsCode MonkeysOxygen GamesMarch 28, 2008 (PAL)
999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine DoorsChunsoftSpike, Aksys GamesDecember 10, 2009 (JP)
A-Train DSArtdinkArtdink2009-04-03
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthCapcomCapcomMay 28, 2009 (JP)
Ace Attorney Investigations 2CapcomCapcom2011-02-03
Actua PoolFrontline StudiosZoo Digital PublishingFebruary 2, 2007 (PAL)
Advance Wars: Days of RuinIntelligent SystemsNintendoJanuary 21, 2008 (PAL)
Advance Wars: Dual StrikeIntelligent SystemsNintendoAugust 22, 2005 (NA)
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!WayForward TechnologiesD3 PublisherNovember 20, 2012 (NA)
AFL Mascot ManorWicked Witch SoftwareTru Blu GamesJuly 2, 2009 (AUS)AUS
Agatha Christie: The ABC MurdersDreamCatcher GamesDreamCatcher GamesNovember 12, 2009 (NA)
Age of Empires: MythologiesGriptonite GamesTHQNovember 24, 2008 (NA)
Age of Empires: The Age of KingsBackbone EntertainmentMajesco EntertainmentFebruary 14, 2006 (NA)
Air Traffic ChaosMajesco EntertainmentMajesco EntertainmentJuly 30, 2008 (NA)
Alex Rider: StormbreakerAltronTHQJuly 7, 2006 (PAL)
Alice in WonderlandÉtranges LibellulesDisney Interactive StudiosMarch 2, 2010 (NA)
Aliens in the AtticEngine SoftwarePlaylogicJuly 28, 2009 (NA)
Aliens: Infestation[3]WayForward, Gearbox SoftwareSegaSeptember 29, 2011 (AUS)✔|
All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2[4]Bandai Namco GamesBandai Namco Games2012
All Star Cheer SquadGorilla Systems Corp.THQ2008 (NA)
Allied Ace PilotsGhostlightGhostlight, Midas Interactive EntertainmentSeptember 19, 2008 (PAL)
Alvin and the ChipmunksBrash EntertainmentBrash Entertainment, Eidos InteractiveDecember 4, 2007 (NA)
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakquelImaginEngineMajesco Entertainment2009
The Aly & AJ AdventureFrame Studios InteractiveDestination SoftwareOctober 15, 2007 (NA)
Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten RuinsBlack Lantern StudiosPopCap GamesNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
America’s Next Top ModelArts SoftwareEidos Interactive2008
America’s Test Kitchen Let’s Get CookingindieszeroNintendoMarch 28, 2010 (NA)
American Girl: Julie Finds a WayTHQTHQDecember 3, 2007 (NA)
American Girl: Kit Mystery ChallengeTHQTHQJune 23, 2008 (NA)
AMF Bowling Pinbusters!4J StudiosZeniMax MediaJuly 7, 2008 (NA)
Angelique DuetKoeiKoeiApril 6, 2006 (JP)
Animal BoxingGammick EntertainmentDestineer, Gammick EntertainmentOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Animal Crossing: Wild WorldNintendoNintendoNovember 23, 2005 (JP)
Animal GeniusBig Blue BubbleScholastic, UbisoftSeptember 25, 2007 (NA)
Animal ParadiseEmpire InteractiveEmpire InteractiveNovember 16, 2007 (PAL)
Animal Paradise 2Empire InteractiveEmpire Interactive2009 (NA)
Animal Planet: Emergency VetsSilverbirch StudiosActivision2009
Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, ActionIgnition EntertainmentWarthogAugust 4, 2005 (PAL)
AniMatesDK-GamesDreamCatcher Games, Lexicon EntertainmentSeptember 17, 2007 (NA)
Ankh: Curse of the Scarab KingVIS EntertainmentXider GamesSeptember 17, 2008 (PAL)
Anno 1701: Dawn of DiscoveryKeen GamesDisney Interactive Studios, UbisoftJuly 13, 2007 (PAL)
The Another WorldLevel-5, Studio GhibliLevel-52009 (JP)
Ant NationKonamiKonamiJuly 14, 2009 (NA)
Apathy: Narugami Gakuen Toshi Densetsu Tantei KyokuDelArc System WorksOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyCapcomCapcomApril 12, 2007 (JP)
Arctic TaleAtomic Planet EntertainmentDestination Software, Zoo DigitalOctober 8, 2007 (NA)
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: Make the GradeTHQTHQOctober 20, 2008 (NA)
Arkanoid DSTaito CorporationSquare Enix, Taito CorporationDecember 6, 2007 (JP)
Army Men: Soldiers of MisfortuneZoo GamesZoo GamesOctober 10, 2008 (NA)
Art AcademyHeadstrong GamesNintendo2010
Arthur and the InvisiblesÉtranges Libellules, Neko EntertainmentAtariJanuary 9, 2007 (NA)
ASH: Archaic Sealed HeatMistwalker, RacjinNintendoOctober 4, 2007 (JP)
Asoberu Eigo: Word MagicShingakushaShingakushaDecember 25, 2008 (JP)
Asphalt Urban GTGameloftUbisoftNovember 17, 2004 (NA)
Asphalt: Urban GT 2Game Source, VirtuousUbisoftNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s ChroniclesGameloftUbisoftFebruary 5, 2008 (NA)
Assassin’s Creed II: DiscoveryGriptonite GamesUbisoft2009
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 – Mission: WifixMistic Software, Tate InteractiveAtariNovember 1, 2006 (PAL)
Asterix at the Olympic GamesÉtranges LibellulesAtariFebruary 29, 2008 (PAL)
Asterix Brain TrainerLittle Worlds StudioAtariJune 27, 2008 (PAL)
Astro Boy: The Video GameArt Co. Ltd.D3 Publisher2009
AstrologyCodemastersBlack Bean GamesJuly 3, 2009 (PAL)✔|
Astrology DSSproing Media GmbHDeep SilverSeptember 22, 2009 (NA)✔|
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1AtariCode Mystics2010
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2AtariCode Mystics2011
Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera IslandGust CorporationNippon Ichi Software2009
Atsumare! Power Pro Kun no DS KoushienKonamiKonamiAugust 3, 2006 (JP)
ATV: Quad FrenzySkyworks TechnologiesMajesco Entertainment, THQNovember 14, 2005 (NA)
Avalon CodeMatrix SoftwareMarvelous Interactive, Rising Star Games, XSEED GamesNovember 1, 2008 (JP)
Avatar: The Last AirbenderTHQTHQOctober 10, 2006 (NA)
Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into the InfernoTHQTHQOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning EarthTHQTHQOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
Away Shuffle DungeonArtoon, MistwalkerAQ Interactive, Majesco Entertainment, Virgin PlayOctober 16, 2008 (JP)
B-17: Fortress in the SkyZoo Digital PublishingDestination SoftwareJune 19, 2007 (NA)
Baby LifeDeep SilverDeep Silver2000 (PAL)
Baby PalsCrave EntertainmentCrave Entertainment, THQNovember 19, 2007 (NA)
Babysitting ManiaiWinMajesco Entertainment2008 (PAL,NA)
Back at the Barnyard: Slop Bucket GamesTHQTHQOctober 20, 2008 (NA)
Backyard Baseball ’09Humongous EntertainmentAtariMarch 25, 2008 (NA)
Backyard Baseball ’10Humongous EntertainmentAtari2009
Backyard Basketball 2008Humongous EntertainmentAtariSeptember 25, 2007 (NA)
Backyard Football ’08Humongous EntertainmentAtariOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Backyard Football ’09Humongous EntertainmentAtariOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Backyard HockeyMistic SoftwareHumongous EntertainmentOctober 2, 2007 (NA)
Bakugan Battle BrawlersNow ProductionActivision2009
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle TrainerNow ProductionActivision2009
Bakugan: Defenders of the Core
Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS: Defenders of the CoreJP
Now ProductionActivision, Sega2010
Bakugan: Rise of the ResistanceActivisionActivision2011
Bakuman: Mangaka e no MichiBandai Namco GamesBandai Namco GamesDecember 15, 2011 (JP)
Bakumatsu Renka: Shinsengumi DSD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2008
Balls of FuryBlack Lantern StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingSeptember 27, 2007 (NA)
Band HeroVicarious VisionsRedOctane2009
Bangai-O SpiritsTreasureD3 Publisher, Entertainment Software PublishingMarch 19, 2008 (JP)
Barbie and the Three MusketeersWayForward TechnologiesActivision2009
Barbie as the Island PrincessHuman SoftActivisionOctober 30, 2007 (NA)
Barbie: Dreamhouse PartyTorus GamesLittle OrbitNovember 12, 2013 (NA)
Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for StyleCyber Planet InteractiveActivisionSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
Barbie: Groom and Glam PupsGame Machine StudiosTHQ2010
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding CampFarmind, Pixel TalesActivision2008
Barbie in the 12 Dancing PrincessesActivisionActivisionJanuary 14, 2007 (NA)
Barbie: Jet, Set & Style!THQTHQ2011
Barnyard Blast: Swine of the NightSanuk GamesBigben Interactive, Destination Software, Neko EntertainmentFebruary 15, 2008 (NA)
Bartender DSElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsSeptember 27, 2007 (JP)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The VideogameWayForward TechnologiesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2010
Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DSGenius SonorityNintendo2011
Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay1st Playable ProductionsGameMill EntertainmentOctober 28, 2014 (NA)
Battle of Giants: DinosaursUbisoft QuebecUbisoft2008 (NA)
Battle of Giants: DragonsUbisoft QuebecUbisoft2009
Battle of Giants: Mutant InsectsUbisoft QuebecUbisoft2010
Battles of Prince of PersiaUbisoft MontrealUbisoftDecember 6, 2005 (NA)
BattleshipMagic PocketsActivision2012
Battleship/Connect Four/Sorry!/TroubleGravity-IDestination SoftwareAugust 17, 2006 (NA)
Beat CityUniversomoTHQ2010
The Bee GameMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 15, 2007 (NA)
Bee Movie GameVicarious VisionsActivisionNovember 16, 2007 (PAL)
Bejeweled TwistPopCapPopCap2010
Bella SaraHidden City GamesCodemastersSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
Ben 10: Alien Force1st Playable ProductionsD3 PublisherOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax AttacksPapaya StudioD3 Publisher2009 (NA)
Ben 10: Galactic RacingStraight RightD3 Publisher2011
Ben 10: Omniverse1st Playable ProductionsD3 Publisher2012
Ben 10: Protector of Earth1st Playable ProductionsD3 PublisherOctober 30, 2007 (NA)
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic DestructionGriptonite GamesD3 Publisher2010
Berlitz English DictionaryKoch MediaKoch MediaJune 6, 2008 (PAL)
Best of Tests DSOtabooConspiracy EntertainmentMarch 4, 2008 (NA)
Betty Boop’s Double ShiftBlack Lantern StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingOctober 19, 2007 (PAL)
Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Cyber PegasusEU
Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakutan! Storm PegasisJP
Hudson SoftKonami2009
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Beyblade: Metal Masters – Nightmare RexEU
Metal Fight Beyblade: Showdown at the Summit! Big Bang BladersJP
Hudson SoftKonami2011
Big Bang MiniArkedo StudioSouthPeak InteractiveJanuary 1, 2009 (NA)
Big Brain AcademyNintendoNintendoJune 30, 2005 (JP)
Big Mutha TruckersRaylight StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingOctober 19, 2005 (NA)
Bigfoot: Collision CourseDestination SoftwareZoo GamesDecember 2, 2008 (PAL,NA)
The Bigs 2Blue Castle Games2K Sports2009
Biker Mice from MarsFull FatThe Game FactoryFebruary 9, 2007 (PAL)
The BilliardsAgenda505 Games, D3 PublisherJune 30, 2005 (JP)
Bionicle HeroesAmaze EntertainmentEidos Interactive, Electronic ArtsNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
Black Butler: Phantom & GhostSquare EnixSquare Enix2009
Black Sigil: Blade of the ExiledStudio ArchcraftGraffiti Entertainment2008 (NA)
Blades of Thunder IICokeM InteractiveSummitsoft EntertainmentApril 18, 2006 (NA)
Blazer DriveSegaSega2008
Bleach: Dark SoulsTreasureSegaFebruary 15, 2007 (JP)
Bleach DS 4th: Flame BringerSegaSega2009
Bleach: The 3rd PhantomSegaSegaJune 26, 2008 (JP)
Bleach: The Blade of FateTreasureSegaJanuary 26, 2006 (JP)
Blood BowlCyanideFocus Home Interactive2008 (NA)
Blood of BahamutThink & FeelSquare Enix2009 (JP)
Blue Dragon PlusBrownie Brown, feelplus, MistwalkerAQ Interactive, Ignition EntertainmentSeptember 4, 2008 (JP)
Blue Dragon: Awakened ShadowMistwalker, tri-CrescendoNamco Bandai Games, D3 Publisher2009
Bob the Builder: Festival of FunBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
Boing! Docomodake DSAQ Interactive, SUZAK Inc.AQ Interactive, Ignition Entertainment2007
Bokujō Monogatari: Yōkoso! Kaze no Bazaar eMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous InteractiveDecember 18, 2008 (JP)
BoltAvalanche SoftwareDisney Interactive StudiosNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Bomberman 2 DSHudson SoftHudson Soft2008
Bomberman DSHudson SoftHudson Soft, UbisoftMay 19, 2005 (JP)
Bomberman Land Touch!Hudson SoftAtlus, Hudson Soft, Nintendo, Red Ant Enterprises, Rising Star GamesJuly 20, 2006 (JP)
Bomberman Land Touch! 2Hudson SoftHudson Soft, Rising Star GamesJuly 19, 2007 (JP)
Bomberman Story DSHudson SoftHudson Soft, Rising Star GamesMarch 21, 2007 (JP)
BoogieEA MontrealElectronic ArtsNovember 27, 2007 (NA)
Boulder Dash: Rocks!10tacle Studios10tacle Studios, QV SoftwareNovember 23, 2007 (PAL)
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!NintendoNintendoMay 19, 2005 (JP)
Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!NintendoNintendoDecember 29, 2005 (JP)
Brain AssistSegaSegaJune 21, 2007 (JP)
Brain Boost: Beta WaveInterchannel505 Games, Interchannel, Majesco EntertainmentNovember 23, 2005 (JP)
Brain Boost: Gamma WaveInterchannelInterchannel, Majesco EntertainmentNovember 23, 2005 (JP)
Brain Buster Puzzle PakAgetec, Nikoli505 Games, Agetec, Jaleco EntertainmentSeptember 28, 2006 (JP)
Brain ChallengeGameloftGameloft, UbisoftJanuary 8, 2008 (NA)
Brain Quest Grades 3 & 4Electronic ArtsElectronic ArtsSeptember 1, 2008 (NA)
Brain Quest Grades 5 & 6Electronic ArtsElectronic ArtsSeptember 1, 2008 (NA)
Brain VoyageRazorback DevelopmentsEidos InteractiveApril 11, 2008 (PAL)
Bratz 4 RealTHQTHQNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Bratz: Girlz Really RockBarking Lizards TechnologiesTHQOctober 9, 2008 (NA)
Bratz KidzNeko EntertainmentThe Game FactoryNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Bratz PonyzThe Game FactoryThe Game FactoryJuly 30, 2007 (NA)
Bratz Ponyz 2Neko EntertainmentThe Game FactorySeptember 9, 2008 (NA)
Bratz: Forever DiamondzBarking Lizards TechnologiesTHQSeptember 18, 2006 (NA)
Bratz: Super BabyzCreat StudiosTHQFebruary 15, 2008 (PAL)
Brave Story: My Dreams and WishesNamco Bandai GamesBandaiJuly 6, 2006 (JP)
Brave: Shaman’s ChallengeCollision StudiosEvolved Games, SouthPeak InteractiveOctober 1, 2008 (PAL)
Break ‘Em AllWarashi505 Games, D3 PublisherOctober 27, 2005 (JP)
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsRevolution SoftwareUbisoftMarch 1, 2009 (PAL)
Brothers in Arms DSGameloftUbisoftJune 8, 2007 (NA)
B Team: Metal Cartoon SquadMost Wanted EntertainmentVirgin PlayFebruary 20, 2009 (PAL)
Bubble Bobble Double ShotDreamsIgnition Entertainment, Rising Star GamesMarch 23, 2007 (PAL)
Bubble Bobble RevolutionDreamsCodemasters, Rising Star Games, Taito CorporationNovember 24, 2005 (JP)
Bubble GuppiesBlack Lantern Studios2K Play2012
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: SacrificeBeast505 GamesNovember 1, 2008 (PAL)
Build-A-Bear WorkshopNeko EntertainmentThe Game FactoryNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Burnout LegendsVisual ImpactElectronic ArtsDecember 9, 2005 (NA)
Bust-a-Move DSHappy Happening505 Games, Majesco Entertainment, Taito CorporationDecember 6, 2005 (NA)
C.O.P. The RecruitVD-DevUbisoft2009 (NA)
C.O.R.E.NoWay StudioGraffiti EntertainmentJuly 7, 2009 (NA)
Cake ManiaDigital EmbryoMajesco EntertainmentApril 9, 2007 (NA)
Cake Mania: Main StreetDigital EmbryoMajesco Entertainment2011
Cake Mania 2: Jill’s Next AdventureDigital EmbryoMajesco EntertainmentJune 24, 2008 (NA)
Cake Mania 3Digital EmbryoMajesco Entertainment2009
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfaren-SpaceActivisionNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Call of Duty: Black Opsn-SpaceActivision2010
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilizedn-SpaceActivision2009
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Defiancen-SpaceActivisionNovember 8, 2011 (NA,PAL)
Call of Duty: World at Warn-SpaceActivision, Activision BlizzardNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Camp Rock: The Final JamGamestarDisney Interactive Studios2010
Camping Mama: Outdoor AdventuresCooking Mama LimitedMajesco Entertainment2011
Candy FactoryDestineerDestineerOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Captain America: Super SoldierGriptonite GamesSega2011
Captain Tsubasa: Gekito no KisekiKonamiKonami2010
Card Game 9Taito CorporationTaito CorporationAugust 31, 2006 (JP)
Carnival GamesCat Daddy Games2K Games, Global Star SoftwareJuly 8, 2008 (NA)
CarsHelixeTHQJune 6, 2006 (NA)
Cars Mater-National ChampionshipTantalus InteractiveTHQOctober 29, 2007 (NA)
Cars Race-O-RamaRainbow StudiosTHQ2009 (NA)
Cartoon Network RacingFirebrand GamesThe Game FactoryDecember 4, 2006 (NA)
Casper’s Scare SchoolBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowKonamiKonamiAugust 25, 2005 (JP)
Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaKonamiKonamiOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Castlevania: Portrait of RuinKonamiKonamiNovember 16, 2006 (JP)
CatzPowerheadUbisoftNovember 30, 2006 (NA)
Chainz GalaxyMumboJumboGlobal Software PublishingNovember 18, 2011 (PAL)
Chameleon: To Dye For!Starfish SD505 Games, Starfish SD, Tommo Inc., UFO Interactive GamesOctober 12, 2006 (JP)
Championship PonyCoyote ConsoleDestination SoftwareMarch 20, 2008 (NA)
Chao Dream Touch! Happy AnniversaryMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous InteractiveDecember 7, 2006 (JP)
Chaotic: Shadow WarriorsActivision2009
Charlotte’s WebBackbone EntertainmentSegaNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
The Cheetah Girls: Passport to StardomHandheld GamesDisney Interactive StudiosAugust 13, 2008 (NA)
The Cheetah Girls: Pop Star SensationsDisney Interactive StudiosBuena Vista GamesOctober 9, 2007 (NA)
Chess CrusadeSlam GamesDestination SoftwareMay 30, 2008 (PAL)
Chessmaster: The Art of LearningUbisoftUbisoftOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Chibi Maruko-chan DS Maru-chan no MachiBanprestoNamco Bandai Games2009
Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrolskip Ltd.NintendoJuly 5, 2007 (JP)AUS
Chicken HunterTBAMumboJumboMarch 4, 2008 (NA)
Chicken ShootFrontline StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingJuly 10, 2007 (NA)
Children of ManaNext EntertainmentNintendo, Square EnixMarch 2, 2006 (JP)
Chōsōjū Mecha MGSandlotNintendoSeptember 2, 2006 (JP)
Chou!! Nep League DSJaleco EntertainmentJaleco EntertainmentMarch 16, 2006 (JP)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianTraveller’s TalesDisney Interactive StudiosMay 15, 2008 (NA)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeTraveller’s TalesBuena Vista Games, D3 Publisher, Disney Interactive StudiosNovember 14, 2005 (PAL)
Chrono TriggerTOSESquare EnixNovember 25, 2008 (NA)
Chronos TwinEnjoyUpOxygen GamesOctober 2, 2007 (PAL)
Chrysler Classic RacingTBAZoo GamesNovember 25, 2008 (NA)
CID The DummyTwelve GamesOxygen GamesJune 10, 2008 (NA)
Cid to Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon Toki Wasure no Meikyū DS+Square EnixSquare Enix2008
City LifeUbisoftUbisoft2009
Cinnamon Ball DSJuly 12, 2007 (JP)
Civilization RevolutionFiraxis Games2K Games, CyberFront2008
Claymore: Gigan no MajoDigital Works EntertainmentDigital Works Entertainment2009
Clever Kids: Dino LandGamerholixMidas Interactive EntertainmentNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
Clever Kids: Farmyard FunGamerholixMidas Interactive EntertainmentOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
Clever Kids: PiratesGamerholixMidas Interactive EntertainmentOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
Clever Kids: Pony WorldGamerholixMidas Interactive EntertainmentNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
The Clique: Diss and Make-UpGorilla Systems Corp.Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2009
Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsUbisoftUbisoft2009
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force1st Playable ProductionsDisney Interactive StudiosNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Clubhouse GamesAgendaNintendoSeptember 29, 2006 (PAL)
Clue / Mouse Trap / Perfection / AggravationGravity-iDestination SoftwareNovember 20, 2007 (NA)
Cocoto Kart RacerNeko EntertainmentBig Ben Interactive, Conspiracy Entertainment, Kemco, Midway GamesJanuary 1, 2005 (PAL)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
Code LyokoDC StudiosThe Game FactoryMay 15, 2007 (NA)
Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.Neko EntertainmentThe Game FactoryJune 6, 2008 (PAL)
Cokoro no Cokoronh.a.n.d.Bandai Namco Games2011
Colin McRae: Dirt 2CodemastersCodemasters2009
Colour CrossNovember 30, 2008 (PAL)
Command and DestroyCypron StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingFebruary 15, 2008 (NA)
Commando: Steel DisasterMana Computer SoftwareLexicon Entertainment, XS GamesMay 30, 2008 (PAL)
ContactGrasshopper ManufactureAtlus, Marvelous Interactive, Rising Star GamesMarch 30, 2006 (JP)
Contra 4WayForward TechnologiesKonamiNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Cookie & CreamFrom Software505 Games, Agetec, From SoftwareJune 28, 2007 (JP)
Cooking MamaCooking Mama Limited505 Games, Majesco Entertainment, Taito CorporationMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with FriendsCooking Mama Limited505 Games, Majesco Entertainment, Taito CorporationNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Cooking Mama 3: Shop & ChopTaito Corporation505 Games, Taito Corporation2009
CoralineArt Co.D3 PublisherJanuary 27, 2009 (NA)
Corvette Evolution GTMilestoneBlack Bean GamesJanuary 15, 2008 (NA)
Cory in the HouseHandheld GamesDisney Interactive StudiosApril 15, 2008 (NA)
Countdown: The GameMindscapeMindscape2009
Cradle of RomeCerasus MediaD3 Publisher, Rising Star GamesNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Crash Boom Bang!Dimps CorporationSierra Entertainment, VU GamesJuly 27, 2006 (JP)
Crash of the TitansAmaze EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentOctober 19, 2007 (PAL)
Crash: Mind Over MutantRadical EntertainmentSierra Entertainment, Activision BlizzardOctober 29, 2008 (NA)
Crayola Treasure AdventuresCrave EntertainmentCrave Entertainment, Ignition EntertainmentOctober 1, 2007 (NA)
Crazy Frog RacerDigital JestersAtari, Mercury GamesNovember 3, 2006 (PAL)
Crazy MachinesDTP EntertainmentDTP Entertainment2009
Crazy PigMindscapeMindscapeNovember 30, 2007 (PAL)
Crimson RoomTakagism Inc.SuccessDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
The Croods: Prehistoric Party!Torus GamesD3 PublisherMarch 19, 2013 (NA)
Crosswords DSNuevo Retro GamesDeep Silver, NintendoMay 5, 2008 (NA)
CSI: Dark MotivesPowerhead GamesUbisoftNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
CSI: Deadly IntentTelltale GamesUbisoft2009
CSI: UnsolvedOther OceanUbisoft2010
Culdcept DSSegaSegaOctober 16, 2008 (JP)
Custom Battler BombermanDecember 4, 2008 (JP)
Custom Beat Battle: Draglade 2July 10, 2008 (JP)
Curling DSRocket CompanyRocket Company, Ubisoft2006
Custom MahjongSuccessSuccessDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
Custom Robo ArenaNoiseNintendoOctober 19, 2006 (JP)
D.Gray-man: Kami no ShitotachiKonamiKonami2007
Daigasso! Band-BrothersNintendoNintendoDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Daigasso! Band Brothers DXJune 26, 2008 (JP)
Daikoukai Jidai IV: Rota NovaKoeiKoei2006
Daisenryaku DSGenkiGenki2006
Dalmatians 4Phoenix SoftwarePhoenix Software2008
Dancing with the Stars: We Dance!Jet Black GamesActivisionOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Danny Phantom: Urban JungleTHQTHQSeptember 19, 2006 (NA)
The Dark SpireSuccessAtlus, SuccessMay 22, 2008 (JP)
Datenshi no Amai Yuuwaku x Kaikan PhaseFuRyuFuRyu2010
Dating DayDaedalic EntertainmentDaedalic Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Dawn of HeroesWicked StudiosMajesco Games2000 (UNK)
Days of MemoriesSNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreJune 14, 2007 (JP)
Days of Memories 2SNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreApril 24, 2008 (JP)
Days of Memories 3SNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore2009
de Blob 2HalfbrickTHQ2011
Deal or No DealGravity-iDestination Software, MindscapeJuly 23, 2007 (NA)
Death Note Kira’s GameKonamiKonamiFebruary 15, 2007 (JP)
Death, Jr. and the Science Fair of DoomBackbone EntertainmentKonamiMay 22, 2007 (NA)
Deca Sports DSHudson SoftHudson SoftOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
Deep AquariumErtainErtainMarch 28, 2008 (NA)
Deep LabyrinthInteractive Brains505 Games, Atlus, Interactive BrainsMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Defenders of Law, Inc.: Crime in WillburgGameinvestGameinvest2008 (NA)
Defendin’ DePenguinCrave EntertainmentCrave EntertainmentSeptember 2, 2008 (NA)
Dekitayo Mama! Mitsugo no Kuma-San – Onna no KoStarfish SDStarfish SD2010
Deltora QuestNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2007
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z: The GameNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2007
Dementium IIRenegade KidSouthPeak Interactive, Intergrow2010
Dementium: The WardRenegade KidGamecock Media Group, InterchannelJune 26, 2008 (JP)
Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of VenusPegasus JapanASCII Media Works2009
Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus SpecialPegasus JapanASCII Media Works2011
Densetsu no Stafy 4TOSENintendoApril 13, 2006 (JP)
Densha de Go! Tokubetsu-hen: Fukkatsu! Shouwa no YamanotesenSquare Enix, TaitoSquare Enix2010
Derby Stallion DSEnterbrainEnterbrainJune 26, 2008 (JP)
Desktop Tower DefenseTHQTHQ2009
Devilish: Ball BounderStarfish SD505 Games, Starfish SD, UFO Interactive GamesApril 28, 2005 (JP)
Di-Gata DefendersThe Game FactoryThe Game FactoryMay 13, 2008 (NA)
Diabolik: The Original SinArtematicaBlack Bean Games2008 (PAL)
Diamond Trust of LondonJason RohrerindiePub2012
Diary GirlKonamiKonamiMarch 18, 2008 (NA)
Diddy Kong Racing DSRareNintendoFebruary 5, 2007 (NA)
Dig Dug: Digging StrikeNamcoAtari, NamcoSeptember 8, 2005 (JP)
Digimon World ChampionshipNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesFebruary 14, 2008 (JP)
Digimon World DSNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJune 15, 2006 (JP)
Digimon World: DawnNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesMarch 29, 2007 (JP)
Digimon World: DuskNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesMarch 29, 2007 (JP)
Diner Dash: Flo on the GoPlayFirstPlayFirst2009
Diner Dash: Sizzle & ServeGameLab, PlayFirstEidos InteractiveMay 4, 2007 (PAL)
Dino MasterCreative OfficeEidos Interactive, Majesco Entertainment, Taito CorporationSeptember 22, 2005 (JP)
Dinosaur KingSegaSegaNovember 11, 2007 (JP)
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Disney Fairies: Tinker BellEA Bright Light StudioDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Disney FriendsAmaze Entertainment, Walt Disney InteractiveDisney Interactive Studios, Walt Disney InteractiveOctober 19, 2007 (PAL)
Disney Princess: Magical Jewels1st Playable ProductionsDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
Disney’s A Christmas CarolDisney Interactive Studios2009
Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long, Attack of the Dark DragonWayForward TechnologiesBuena Vista GamesOctober 12, 2006 (NA)
Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace in ActionDisney Interactive StudiosBuena Vista Games, Disney Interactive StudiosNovember 9, 2006 (NA)
Disney’s Herbie Rescue RallyBuena Vista GamesDisney Interactive StudiosMarch 15, 2007 (NA)
Disney’s Kim Possible: Global GeminiArtificial Mind and MovementBuena Vista Games, Disney Interactive StudiosFebruary 9, 2007 (PAL)
Disney’s Kim Possible: KimmunicatorMarch 10, 2006 (PAL)
Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea AdventureGorilla Systems Corp.Buena Vista Games, Disney Interactive StudiosOctober 2, 2006 (NA)
DK Jungle ClimberPaonNintendoAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
Doctor Who: Evacuation EarthAsylum Entertainment2010
DogzMTOUbisoftNovember 22, 2006 (NA)
Dogz: Happy HouseMTOMTOApril 27, 2006 (JP)
Dokapon JourneySting EntertainmentAtlus, Sting EntertainmentJuly 29, 2008 (JP)
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!SNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreJuly 5, 2007 (JP)
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 DuoSNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreJuly 31, 2008 (JP)
Doki Majo PlusSNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreJuly 30, 2009 (JP)
Dolphin IslandMagic PocketsUbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Don King BoxingVenom Games2K Games, 2K SportsNovember 1, 2008 (PAL)
Doodle HexTragnarion StudiosDisney Interactive Studios, Tragnarion Studios, PinnacleJune 1, 2008 (NA)
Doodle Jump JourneyCokeM InteractiveGameMill Entertainment2008
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the MermaidsBlack Lantern Studios2K PlayNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow PrincessBlack Lantern Studios2K Play, Take-Two InteractiveOctober 3, 2008 (PAL)
Dorabase: Dramatic StadiumNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
Double Sequence: The Q-Virus InvasionNext Wave TeamDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingApril 1, 2008 (NA)
Dr. Seuss: How The Grinch Stole Christmas!CokeM InteractiveDelphine Software International, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 8, 2007 (NA)
Dr. Slump: Arale-ChanNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2008
DragladeDimps Corporation505 Games, Atlus, BanprestoMay 17, 2007 (JP)
Draglade 2Dimps CorporationNamco Bandai Games2008
Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the SaiyansMonolith SoftAtari, Namco Bandai Games2009
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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2CaviaAtari, BandaiNovember 20, 2005 (NA)
Dragon Ball: OriginsGame RepublicAtari, Namco Bandai GamesSeptember 18, 2008 (JP)
Dragon BoosterKonamiKonamiMay 26, 2006 (PAL)
Dragon HuntersEngine SoftwarePlaylogicApril 11, 2008 (PAL)
Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the ChosenArtePiazzaSquare EnixNovember 22, 2007 (JP)
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly BrideArtePiazzaSquare EnixJuly 17, 2008 (JP)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of RevelationArtePiazzaSquare EnixJanuary 28, 2010 (JP)
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry SkiesLevel-5Square Enix2009 (JP)
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Dragon Quest Monsters: JokerTOSESquare EnixDecember 28, 2006 (JP)
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2TOSESquare Enix2010
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 ProfessionalTOSESquare Enix2011
Dragon Tamer Sound SpiritNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesNovember 1, 2007 (JP)
Dragon Zakura DSEA JapanElectronic ArtsMarch 8, 2007 (JP)
Dragon’s LairUnited Coders, Wizardly EngineeringConspiracy Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Dragon’s Lair II: Time WarpUnited CodersConspiracy Entertainment2000 (PAL)
DragonologyCodemastersCodemasters2000 (UNK)
Drake & Josh: Talent ShowdownTHQTHQJuly 30, 2007 (NA)
Drawn to Life5TH CellAgatsuma Entertainment, THQSeptember 10, 2007 (NA)
Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants EditionAltronTHQSeptember 15, 2008 (NA)
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter5TH CellTHQ2009 (NA)
Dream Pinball 3DTopWare InteractiveSouthPeak InteractiveApril 24, 2008 (NA)
Drivers’ Ed PortableTBADreamCatcher InteractiveOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
Driving Theory TrainingAnuman InteractiveAtariAugust 29, 2008 (PAL)
Drone TacticsSuccessAtlus, SuccessAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
DropCastMikoishiTHQSeptember 22, 2008 (NA)
DS Rakubiki JitenNintendoNintendoJune 16, 2005 (JP)
Ducati Moto4J StudiosVir2L StudiosJuly 1, 2008 (NA)
Duel Love: Koisuru Otome wa Shōri no MegamiNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2008
Duke Nukem TrilogyApogee SoftwareDeep Silver2009 (NA)
Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient ArtsHudson SoftHudson Soft, Rising Star GamesNovember 15, 2007 (JP)
Dungeon of WindariaCompile HeartCompile HeartMay 15, 2008 (JP)
Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter’s BattleKoeiKoeiApril 5, 2007 (JP)
EA PlaygroundEA CanadaElectronic ArtsOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Eco Creatures: Save the ForestBergsala LightweightInterchannel, Majesco Entertainment, Rising Star GamesAugust 23, 2007 (JP)
Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the CenturyArt Co.D3 PublisherOctober 26, 2007 (NA)
Edo Bunka Rekishi KenteiMarvelous EntertainmentMarvelous Entertainment2008
Egg Monster HeroSquare EnixSquare EnixMarch 24, 2005 (JP)
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny RiveraOctober 29, 2007 (NA)
Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and ZeroKonamiKonamiDecember 11, 2008 (JP)
ElectroplanktonIndies ZeroNintendoApril 7, 2005 (JP)
Elemental MonsterHudson SoftHudson SoftSeptember 20, 2007 (JP)
Elements of DestructionBlack Lantern StudiosTHQDecember 17, 2007 (NA)
Elf Bowling 1 & 2Ignition EntertainmentIgnition EntertainmentDecember 1, 2005 (NA)
Elite Beat AgentsiNiSNintendoNovember 6, 2006 (NA)
Elite Forces: Unit 77Gammick EntertainmentDeep SilverFebruary 27, 2009 (NA)
Elminage DS Remix: Yami no Miko to Kamigami no YubiwaOpera HouseStarfish SD2008
Emblem of GundamNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesMay 1, 2008 (JP)
Emergency HospitalGameinvestGameinvest2009 (UNK)
Emma at the FarmNobilisAspyr MediaNovember 1, 2008 (PAL)
Emma in the MountainsNobilisAspyr Media2008 (NA)
EnchantedAltronDisney Interactive Studios2007
Ener-G Dance SquadLexis NumeriqueUbisoftOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Ener-G Gym Rockets1st Playable ProductionsUbisoftOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Ener-G Horse RidersLexis NumeriqueUbisoftOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills!PLATONintendoJanuary 26, 2006 (JP)
Equestrian TrainingAtariAtari2008 (PAL)
EragonAmaze EntertainmentVivendi GamesNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
Essential Sudoku DSEssential GamesD3 Publisher2006
Etrian OdysseyAtlus, LancarseAtlus, NintendoJanuary 18, 2007 (JP)
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of LagaardAtlus, LancarseAtlusFebruary 21, 2008 (JP)
Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned CityAtlusAtlus2010
ExitTaito CorporationSquare Enix, Taito Corporation, UbisoftJanuary 24, 2008 (JP)
Eyeshield 21: MAX Devil PowerNintendoNintendoFebruary 2, 2006 (JP)
F24: Stealth FighterMajesco EntertainmentEidos Interactive, Majesco EntertainmentFebruary 20, 2007 (NA)
Fab 5 SoccerDestineerDestineerApril 11, 2008 (NA)
Face TrainingIntelligent SystemsNintendoAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
Family FeudUbisoftUbisoft2009
Family Game NightElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2009
Family Park TycoonVisual Imagination SoftwareAstragonNovember 17, 2008 (PAL)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer7 Studios2K Games, Take-Two InteractiveJune 15, 2007 (NA,PAL)
Fantasy AquariumDestineerMercury Games, DestineerDecember 1, 2007 (PAL)
Fashion Designer: Style Icon[5]Creative Pattern505 GamesNovember 9, 2007 (PAL)
Feel the Magic: XY/XXSonic TeamSega, Nintendo AustraliaNovember 16, 2004 (NA)
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo PirelliClimaxSystem 3July 4, 2008 (PAL)
FIFA 06Electronic ArtsElectronic ArtsSeptember 30, 2005 (PAL)
FIFA 07EA SportsEA SportsSeptember 29, 2006 (PAL)
FIFA 08EA CanadaEA SportsSeptember 28, 2007 (PAL)
FIFA 09EA CanadaEA SportsOctober 3, 2008 (PAL)
FIFA 10EA SportsElectronic Arts2009
FIFA 11EA SportsElectronic Arts2010
FIFA Street 2EA CanadaEA Sports BIGFebruary 28, 2006 (NA)
FIFA Street 3EA Sports, EA CanadaEA SportsFebruary 18, 2008 (NA)
Fifi & the FlowertotsUacariAvanquest2009
Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop MountainBig Blue BubbleAspyr2009
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Final Fantasy IVMatrix Software, Square EnixSquare EnixDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
Final Fantasy XII Revenant WingsSquare Enix, Think & Feel Inc.Square EnixApril 26, 2007 (JP)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeSquare EnixSquare EnixJanuary 29, 2009 (JP)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesSquare EnixSquare EnixAugust 23, 2007 (JP)
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Talesh.a.n.d.Square EnixDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftSquare EnixSquare EnixOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightMatrix SoftwareSquare Enix2009
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big BlueAltronSega, THQFebruary 9, 2006 (NA)
Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonIntelligent SystemsNintendoAugust 7, 2008 (JP)
Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~Intelligent SystemsNintendo2010
Fish TycoonBig Fish Games, Last Day of WorkEidos Interactive, Majesco EntertainmentOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
Fix It: Home ImprovementOxygen InteractiveSouthPeak Games2010
FizzDK GamesLexicon EntertainmentFebruary 29, 2008 (PAL)
Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a DayNamco Bandai Games, NintendoNintendoMay 31, 2007 (JP)
Flipper CrittersZen StudiosConspiracy Entertainment, Ignition EntertainmentMarch 23, 2007 (PAL)
Florist ShopTeyonUFO Interactive Games, Rondomedia2010
Flower, Sun, and Rainh.a.n.d.Marvelous Interactive, Rising Star Games, XSEED GamesMarch 6, 2008 (JP)
Flushed AwayArt Co.D3 PublisherOctober 24, 2006 (NA)
Football AcademyEA SportsEA SportsMarch 29, 2009 (PAL)
Football Director DSSports Director LimitedPinnacleOctober 31, 2008 (PAL)
Ford Racing 3Visual ImpactEmpire Interactive, Zoo Digital PublishingDecember 7, 2005 (NA)
Fossil FightersRED EntertainmentNintendoApril 17, 2008 (JP)
Fossil Fighters: ChampionsNintendo SPD, Red Entertainment, M2, ArtdinkNintendoNovember 18, 2010 (JP)
Fossil League: Dino Tournament ChallengeMTOD3 Publisher, MTOAugust 25, 2005 (NA)
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination InvadersSensory Sweep StudiosMidway GamesNovember 12, 2007 (NA)
Franklin’s Great AdventuresNeko EntertainmentThe Game FactoryFebruary 3, 2006 (PAL)
Freedom WingsTaito CorporationNatsume, Taito Corporation, Zoo Digital PublishingApril 27, 2006 (JP)
Fresh Pretty Cure: Asobi CollectionBandaiNamco Bandai Games2009
Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy RupeelandVanpoolNintendoSeptember 2, 2006 (JP)
Frisbee Disc Freestyle / Frisbee Disc GolfDestination SoftwareDestination SoftwareMarch 6, 2007 (NA)
Frogger: Helmet ChaosKonamiKonamiSeptember 27, 2005 (NA)
From the AbyssSonic PoweredSonic Powered, Aksys GamesAugust 26, 2008 (NA)
Front MissionSquare EnixSquare EnixMarch 22, 2007 (JP)
Front Mission 2089: Border of Madnessh.a.n.d.Square EnixMay 29, 2008 (JP)
Frozen: Olaf’s Quest1st Playable ProductionsGameMill EntertainmentNovember 19, 2013 (NA)
Fruits Mura no Doubutsu Tachi 2TDK CoreTDK CoreApril 6, 2006 (JP)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual SympathyBandaiBandai, Destineer, Empire InteractiveJuly 21, 2005 (JP)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Trading Card GameDestineerDestineerOctober 15, 2007 (NA)
Futari wa Pretty Cure: Max Heart – Danzen! DS de Precure – Chikara wo Awasete Dai BattleBandaiNamco Bandai GamesDecember 1, 2005 (JP)
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star: Panpaka game deji kojo!BandaiNamco Bandai Games2006
futureUAspyr MediaAspyr MediaNovember 3, 2008 (NA)
Fuyu no Sonata DSD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2009
G-ForceKeen GamesDisney Interactive StudiosJuly 21, 2009 (NA)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraBackbone EntertainmentElectronic ArtsAugust 24, 2009 (NA)
Gachapin Challenge DSHudson SoftHudson Soft2008
Gachapin Nikki DSHudson SoftHudson Soft2007
Gakuen AliceKids StationKids Station2007
The Gal MahjongD3 PublisherD3 PublisherSeptember 25, 2008 (JP)
Galactik Football505 Games505 Games2009
GalileoD3 PublisherD3 PublisherOctober 16, 2008 (JP)
Game & Watch CollectionNintendoNintendoJuly 28, 2006 (JP)
Game & Watch Collection 2NintendoNintendoSeptember 1, 2008 (JP)
Ganbare Goemon: Tōkai Dōchū Ōedo Tengu ri Kaeshi no MakiKonamiKonami2005
Ganbaru Watashi no Kakei Diarysyn SophiaNintendo2007
Gardening MamaCooking Mama LimitedMajesco Games, Taito CorporationMarch 19, 2009 (JP)
Garfield Gets RealGravity-iDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 15, 2007 (NA)
Garfield’s Fun FestBlack Lantern StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingAugust 29, 2008 (PAL,NA)
Garfield’s NightmareShin’enThe Game Factory, Disney Interactive StudiosMarch 9, 2007 (PAL)
Garfield’s Pet ForceBlack Lantern StudiosZoo Games2009
Garfield: A Tail of Two KittiesTwo Tribes B.V.The Game FactoryAugust 25, 2006 (PAL)
Gauntlet DSBackbone EntertainmentEidos Interactive, Majesco GamesOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
The GekaiD3 PublisherD3 PublisherAugust 28, 2008 (JP)
The Genshijin DSD3 PublisherD3 PublisherMarch 27, 2008 (JP)
Generator Rex: Agent of ProvidenceVirtuosActivision2011
Geometry Wars: GalaxiesKuju EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentNovember 27, 2007 (NA)
George of the Jungle and the Search for the SecretCrave EntertainmentCrave Entertainment, Ignition EntertainmentMarch 28, 2008 (PAL)
Get Amped DSCyberstepCyberstep2008 (JP)
Ghostbusters: The Video GameZen StudiosAtariJune 16, 2009 (NA)
Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectiveCapcomCapcom2010
Giana Sisters DSSpellboundDTP Entertainment2009
Gintama DS: Yorozuya DaisoudouNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesSeptember 23, 2006 (JP)
Gintama Gintoki vs HijikataBanprestoBanprestoDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Glory Days 2ODENIS StudiosGhostlight, Secret Stash GamesAugust 6, 2007 (NA)
Glory of HeraclesPaonNintendo2010
Go, Diego, Go!: Safari RescueBlack Lantern Studios2K PlayNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Go, Diego, Go!: Great Dinosaur RescueBlack Lantern StudiosTake-Two InteractiveOctober 27, 2008 (NA)
Go West! A Lucky Luke AdventureNeko EntertainmentAtariNovember 20, 2007 (PAL)
Godzilla Unleashed: Double SmashSanta Cruz GamesAtariNovember 20, 2007 (NA)
Golden BallsMindscapeMindscape2008
The Golden CompassArtificial Mind and MovementSegaNovember 30, 2007 (PAL)
Golden Nugget Casino DSSkyRiver StudiosMajesco EntertainmentDecember 15, 2005 (NA)
Golden Sun: Dark DawnCamelot Software PlanningNintendo2010 (UNK)
GoldenEye: Rogue AgentEA Tiburon, n-SpaceEA GamesJune 13, 2005 (NA)
Golgo 13: File G-13 o OeMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous Interactive2009
Goosebumps HorrorLandScholastic CorporationScholastic CorporationOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
GoPets: Vacation Island1st Playable ProductionsKonamiMarch 18, 2008 (NA)
Gotouchi Kentei DSStudio ZanSpike2006
Gourmet ChefUbisoftUbisoftJune 24, 2008 (NA)
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsRockstar LeedsRockstar Games, CyberFrontMarch 17, 2009 (NA)
Gravity Zero RacingOctober 10, 2008 (PAL)
Green Lantern: Rise of the ManhuntersGriptonite GamesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2011
Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX’DThe Whole ExperienceActivisionJanuary 31, 2006 (NA)
Grey’s Anatomy: The Video GameLongtail StudiosUbisoft2009
Guilty Gear Dust StrikersArc System WorksASNetworks, Majesco Entertainment, THQApril 25, 2006 (NA)
Guinness World Records: The Video GameWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentOctober 24, 2008 (PAL)
Guitar Hero: On TourVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 22, 2008 (NA)
Guitar Hero: On Tour DecadesVicarious VisionsActivisionNovember 14, 2008 (PAL)
Guitar Hero: On Tour Modern HitsVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 9, 2009 (NA)
Guitar Rock TourUbisoftUbisoft2008
Gunpey DSArt Co.Atari, Namco Bandai GamesOctober 19, 2006 (JP)
The Haioku ByoutouD3 PublisherD3 PublisherJuly 10, 2008 (JP)
The HaishasanD3 PublisherD3 PublisherMarch 13, 2008 (JP)
Habu Yoshiharu Shōgi de Kitaeru: Ketsudanryoku DSIdesIdes2009
Hajime no Ippo The Fighting! DSEntertainment Software PublishingEntertainment Software Publishing2008
Hakuōki DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2010
Hakuōki Yuugiroku DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2011
Hakuōki Zuisōroku DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2011
Hamsterz LifeMTO, Digital KidsDigital Kids, UbisoftNovember 28, 2006 (NA)
Hana Yori Dango: Koi Seyo OtomeKonamiKonami2008
Hands On! TangramsIsland OfficialsStorm City Games2009
Hannah MontanaDC StudiosBuena Vista Games, Disney Interactive StudiosOctober 9, 2006 (PAL,NA)
Hannah Montana: Music JamGorilla Systems Corp.Disney Interactive StudiosOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
Hannah Montana: Pop Star ExclusiveEA Bright Light StudioDisney Interactive Studios2009
Hannah Montana: The Movien-SpaceDisney Interactive StudiosApril 7, 2009 (NA)
Hanshin Tigers DSSpikeSpike2008
Happy FeetArtificial Mind and MovementMidway Games, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
Happy Feet TwoWayForward TechnologiesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2011
Happy Happy CloverTDK CoreTDK CoreFebruary 14, 2008 (JP)
Happy Hippos On Tour10tacle Studios10tacle Studios2000 (PAL,NA)
Hardy Boys: Treasure on the TrackXPEC EntertainmentDreamCatcher Games2009
Harlem Globetrotters: World TourDestination SoftwareDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 24, 2006 (PAL)
Harobots Action!Sunrise InteractiveSunrise InteractiveDecember 29, 2005 (JP)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsNovember 8, 2005 (NA)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceEA Bright Light StudioEA GamesJune 30, 2009 (NA)
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixEA GamesEA GamesJune 25, 2007 (NA)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.EA Bright Light StudioEA Games2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.EA Bright Light StudioEA Games2011
Harvest Moon DSMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous Interactive, Natsume, Rising Star GamesMarch 17, 2005 (JP)
Harvest Moon DS CuteMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous Interactive, NatsumeDecember 8, 2005 (JP)
Harvest Moon: Frantic FarmingPlatinum-Egg Inc.NatsumeMay 29, 2009 (NA)
Harvest Moon: Island of HappinessMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous Interactive, Natsume, Rising Star GamesFebruary 1, 2007 (JP)
Harvest Moon: Sunshine IslandsMarvelous InteractiveMarvelous InteractiveFebruary 21, 2008 (JP)
Hayate no Gotoku!: Boku ga Romeo de Romeo ga Boku deHuneXKonami2007
Hayate no Gotoku!: Ojō-sama Produce Daisakusen Bokuiro ni Somare!HuneXKonami2008
HeartCatch PreCure! Oshare CollectionBandaiNamco Bandai Games2010
Heavy Armor BrigadeMilestoneMilestone, UFO Interactive Games2007
Hell’s KitchenLudia Inc.UbisoftSeptember 9, 2008 (NA)
Hello Kitty DailyDorasuAspyr MediaOctober 27, 2008 (NA)
Hello Kitty: Big City DreamsEmpire InteractiveAtari, Empire InteractiveOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
Hello Pocoyo!ZinkiaVirgin Play2000 (PAL)
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling AdventureEA TiburonElectronic ArtsMarch 17, 2009 (NA)
Heracles: Battle With The GodsMidas Interactive EntertainmentConspiracy Entertainment, Midas Interactive EntertainmentNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
Hercules no Eikō: Tamashii no ShōmeiPaonNintendoMay 22, 2008 (JP)
Heroes of ManaBrownie BrownSquare EnixMarch 8, 2007 (JP)
Hi Hamtaro! Little Hamsters Big AdventureAlphaDream505 Games, Marvelous Interactive, NatsumeMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the AmpSensory Sweep StudiosD3 PublisherJune 27, 2006 (NA)
High School Musical: Makin’ the Cut!Artificial Mind and MovementBuena Vista GamesAugust 14, 2007 (NA)
High School Musical 2: Work This Out!Artificial Mind and MovementDisney Interactive StudiosApril 15, 2008 (NA)
High School Musical 3: Senior YearGriptonite GamesDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Daiichikan TatariAlchemistAlchemist2008
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dainikan SōAlchemistAlchemist2008
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Daisankan RasenAlchemistAlchemist2009
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Daiyonkan KizunaAlchemistAlchemist2010
Hiiro no Kakera DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2008
Hirameki Action: Chibikko Wagan no Daiki na BoukenNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2009
Hitman Reborn! DS: Mafia Daishūgō Vongola Festival!Takara TomyTakara Tomy2008
Holly Hobbie & FriendsFrontLine StudiosEidos Interactive, Majesco EntertainmentOctober 8, 2007 (NA)
Homie RollerzWebfoot TechnologiesDestineerMarch 5, 2008 (NA)
Honeycomb BeatHudson SoftHudson Soft, KonamiAugust 10, 2006 (JP)
Horrible Histories: Ruthless RomansVirtual IdentitySlitherline Software2009
Horrid HenryAsylum EntertainmentSouthPeak Interactive2009
Horse LifeNeko Entertainment505 Games, D3 PublisherOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
HorsezMTOMT, UbisoftNovember 28, 2006 (NA)
Horsez 2UbisoftUbisoftNovember 14, 2007 (NA)
Hoshigami RemixArc System Works505 Games, Aksys Games, ASNetworksMay 24, 2007 (JP)
Hoshizora no Comic GardenHuneXD3 Publisher2008
Hot Wheels: Beat That!Human SoftActivisionNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215CingNintendoJanuary 22, 2007 (NA)
Hotel for Dogs505 Games505 Games2009
Hotel Giant 2Creative PatternNobilisNovember 1, 2008 (NA)
Hotel Giant DSEnlight SoftwareNobilis2008 (NA)
The HumansBlue Monkey StudiosDeep Silver2008 (NA)
Hurry Up Hedgehog!IvolgamusOxygen GamesMarch 28, 2008 (PAL)
Hysteria Hospital: Emergency WardGameinvestOxygen Games2009
I Heart Geeks2008 (NA)
I Love DolphinAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
I Spy: Fun HouseBig Blue BubbleScholastic Corporation, Deep SilverAugust 29, 2007 (NA)
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownAmaze EntertainmentSierra Entertainment, Vivendi GamesMarch 14, 2006 (NA)
Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic GamesBehaviour InteractiveActivision2012
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursEurocomActivisionJune 30, 2009 (NA)
Idaten Jump DS: Moero! Flame KaiserTaito CorporationTaito Corporation2006
IgorSanta Cruz GamesLegacy InteractiveSeptember 1, 2008 (NA)
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of PreyDiP Interactive1C Company, 505 Games2009 (NA)
Illust Logic DS + Colorful LogicHudson SoftHudson SoftOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
The Illust Puzzle & Suuji Puzzle 2D3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
Imagine: Animal DoctorUbisoftUbisoftOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Imagine: ArtistUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: BabiesUbisoftUbisoft2007
Imagine: Baby ClubUbisoftUbisoft2008
Imagine: BabysittersVisual ImpactUbisoftOctober 7, 2008 (NA)
Imagine: Ballet StarUbisoftUbisoft2008
Imagine: BabyzOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Imagine: Boutique OwnerUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Champion RiderUbisoftUbisoft2008
Imagine: Cheerleader1st Playable ProductionsUbisoft2009
Imagine: DetectiveUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Family DoctorWizarboxUbisoftMarch 31, 2009 (NA)
Imagine: Fashion DesignerUbisoftUbisoftOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Imagine: Fashion Designer New YorkVirtual Toys, Lexis NumeriqueUbisoftOctober 7, 2008 (NA)
Imagine: Fashion Designer World TourVirtual ToysUbisoft2009
Imagine: Fashion ModelUbisoftUbisoft2008
Imagine: Figure SkaterUbisoft ParisUbisoft, SpikeMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
Imagine: GymnastUbisoftUbisoftNovember 27, 2008 (JP)
Imagine: Ice ChampionsUbisoftSpike, Ubisoft2007
Imagine: Interior DesignerUbisoftUbisoftNovember 1, 2008 (PAL)
Imagine: Makeup ArtistUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Master ChefUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 14, 2007 (PAL)
Imagine: Modern DancerUbisoftUbisoft2008
Imagine: Movie StarPowerhead Games, UbisoftUbisoft2009 (NA)
Imagine: Music FestUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Rock StarGevo EntertainmentUbisoftJune 17, 2008 (PAL)
Imagine: Salon StylistUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Soccer CaptainUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: TeacherMagic PocketsUbisoftAugust 12, 2008 (NA)
Imagine: Teacher Class TripUbisoftUbisoft2009
Imagine: Wedding DesignerLexis Numerique, Ubisoft, Virtual ToysUbisoftNovember 1, 2008 (NA)
Impossible MissionSystem 3Play It!, System 3, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentAugust 31, 2007 (JP)
Inazuma ElevenLevel-5Level-5August 22, 2008 (JP)
Inazuma Eleven 2 Kyoui no ShinryakushaLevel-5Level-52009
Inazuma Eleven 3 Sekai e no ChousenLevel-5Level-52010
The Incredible HulkAmaze EntertainmentSegaJune 5, 2008 (NA)
The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerHelixeSega, THQNovember 1, 2005 (NA)
Indiana Jones and the Staff of KingsLucasArtsActivision, LucasArtsJune 9, 2009 (NA)
Indianapolis 500 LegendsTorus GamesDestineerDecember 19, 2007 (NA)
Infinite SpaceNude Maker, Platinum GamesSegaJune 11, 2009 (JP)
InkheartDreamCatcher GamesThe Adventure Company2009
InsecticideCrackpot Entertainment, Creat StudiosGamecock Media GroupMarch 11, 2008 (NA)
Interactive Storybook Series 1Tommo Inc.Tommo Inc.September 18, 2007 (NA)
Interactive Storybook Series 2Tommo Inc.Tommo Inc.October 26, 2007 (NA)
Interactive Storybook Series 3Tommo Inc.Tommo Inc.October 26, 2007 (NA)
International AthleticsCode MonkeysGhostlight2008
InuYasha: Secret of the Divine JewelNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJanuary 23, 2007 (NA)
Iron Chef America: Supreme CuisineBlack Lantern StudiosDestineerOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Iron FeatherKonamiKonamiJanuary 19, 2006 (JP)
Iron ManArtificial Mind and MovementSegaMay 2, 2008 (PAL,NA)
Iron Man 2SegaSega2010
Irozuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon TripVanpoolNintendo2009
Itadaki Street DSArmor ProjectSquare EnixJune 21, 2007 (JP)
Ivy the Kiwi?PropeNamco Bandai Games, XSEED Games, Rising Star Games2010
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed NinjaNinja Studio,505 Games, Atlus, SuccessJune 8, 2006 (JP)
Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja ReturnsNinja Studio, SuccessAtlus, SuccessNovember 29, 2007 (JP)
Jackass: The GameSensory Sweep StudiosEmpire Interactive, Red Mile EntertainmentOctober 2, 2007 (NA)
Jagged Alliance DSStrategy First, Cypron StudiosAtariOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the PastWorkJamAksys Games2009
Jake Hunter: Detective ChroniclesWorkJamArc System Works, Aksys GamesJuly 19, 2007 (JP)
Jake Power: Handyman2009 (NA)
Jake Power: PolicemanNovember 1, 2008 (NA)
Jam SessionsPlatoPlato, UbisoftFebruary 1, 2007 (JP)
Jam Sessions 2PlatoPlato, Ubisoft2009
Jam with the BandNintendoNintendo2008
Jambo! Safari Animal RescueSegaSega2009 (NA,PAL)
James Cameron’s Avatar: The GameUbisoftUbisoft2009
James Patterson Women’s Murder Club Games of PassionGriptonite GamesTHQ2009
James Pond 2Creature LabsPlay It!, CodemastersDecember 8, 2005 (PAL)
Jenga World TourAtomic Planet EntertainmentAtariNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Jet ImpulseNintendoNintendoFebruary 8, 2007 (JP)
Jetix Puzzle BuzzleBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentApril 4, 2008 (PAL)
Jewel Quest SolitaireAvanquestGlobal Software Publishing2009
Jewel Quest: ExpeditionsiWinActivision ValueSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
The Jidousha Kyoushuusho DSD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
Jigoku Shōjo AkekazuraCompile HeartCompile Heart2007
Jigway PuzzleHudson SoftHudson Soft2008
Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 20103G StudiosMajesco Games2009
Jinsei Game DSAtlusAtlusJuly 27, 2006 (JP)
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshōhō! Hokuto no KenSammy StudiosSammy StudiosJune 4, 2005 (JP)
John Deere: Harvest in the HeartlandBlack Lantern StudiosDestineer, UbisoftNovember 20, 2007 (NA)
Jojo’s Fashion ShowGameLabUbisoft2009
JonasAltronDisney Interactive Studios2009
Journey to the Center of the EarthHuman SoftTHQJune 27, 2008 (PAL)
Juggler DSCommonseedCommonseedNovember 13, 2008 (JP)
Juiced 2: Hot Import NightsJuice GamesTHQSeptember 17, 2007 (NA)
Jump Super StarsGanbarionNintendo, TommoAugust 8, 2005 (JP)
Jump Ultimate StarsGanbarionNintendo, TommoNovember 23, 2006 (JP)
Justice League HeroesSensory Sweep StudiosEidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentOctober 17, 2006 (NA)
K-1 World GPD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
Kabu Trader ShunCapcomCapcom2007
Kachō Shima Kōsaku DS: Dekiru Otoko no Love & SuccessKonamiKonami2008
Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride: Card Battle TaisenNatsumeBandai2010
Kamen Rider: Dragon KnightNatsumeD3 Publisher2009
Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki JitenNintendoNintendoApril 13, 2006 (JP)
The Kanshikikan 2D3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
The KanshikikanD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2006
Kanshū Nippon Jōshikiryoku Kentei Kyōkai: Imasara Hito ni wa Kikenai Otona no Jōshikiryoku Training DSHAL LaboratoryNintendoOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS – Shinuki Max! Vongola Carnival!!Takara TomyTakara Tomy2007
Katekyo Hitman Reborn DS: Fate of HeatTakara TomyTakara Tomy2008
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble XTakara TomyTakara Tomy2009
Kemeko Deluxe! DS: Yome to Meka to Otoko to Onna5pb., SuzakGenterprise2009
Kenshūi Tendo DoctorSpikeSpikeDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Ketsui Death LabelCaveArika2008
Kim Possible: KimmunicatorArtificial Mind and MovementBuena Vista Games2006
Kimi no YushaSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore2008
King of ClubsOxygen GamesOxygen GamesJuly 25, 2008 (PAL)
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Daysh.a.n.d.Square EnixMay 30, 2009 (JP)
Kingdom Hearts Re:codedh.a.n.d.Square Enix2010
Kira Kira Pop PrincessDimple Entertainment505 Games, Dimple EntertainmentOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
Kirby Mass AttackHAL LaboratoryNintendo2011
Kirby Super Star UltraHAL LaboratoryNintendoSeptember 22, 2008 (NA)
Kirby: Squeak SquadFlagship, HAL LaboratoryNintendoNovember 2, 2006 (JP)
Kirby: Canvas CurseHAL LaboratoryNintendoMarch 24, 2005 (JP)
Knights in the NightmareSting EntertainmentAtlus, Sting EntertainmentSeptember 25, 2008 (JP)
Koe de Asobou! HeartCatch PreCure!BandaiNamco Bandai Games2010
Konami Classics Series: Arcade HitsKonamiKonamiMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
KonductraoeFunO3 EntertainmentOctober 31, 2006 (NA)
KORG DS-10CaviaAQ Interactive, Nintendo Australia, XSEED GamesJuly 24, 2008 (JP)
KORG DS-10 PlusCaviaAQ Interactive, XSEED Games2008
Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan DSNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2007
The KoushouninD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
Kousoku Card Battle: Card HeroIntelligent SystemsNintendo2007
Kung Fu PandaVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 3, 2008 (NA)
Kung Fu Panda: Legendary WarriorsArtificial Mind and MovementActivisionNovember 8, 2008 (NA)
Kurikin Nano Island StoryMediaKiteNintendo2007
Kurupoto Cool Cool StarsStarfish SDStarfish SD, UFO Interactive GamesMarch 15, 2007 (NA)
L the Prologue to Death Note –Rasen no Wana-KonamiKonamiFebruary 7, 2008 (JP)
LabyrinthLancarse505 Games, Taito Corporation, UFO Interactive GamesDecember 1, 2005 (NA)
Lanfeust of TroyTate InteractiveAtariDecember 7, 2007 (PAL)
Last King of AfricaFocus Home InteractiveFocus Home Interactive2008 (NA)
Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestCingNintendo2010
The Last NinjaStudio 3Play It!, Studio 32008 (PAL)
Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and ChessterDeep SilverDeep Silver2009
Left Brain Right BrainJapan Art Media505 Games, Majesco GamesNovember 16, 2007 (PAL)
Legacy of Ys: Books I & IIInterchannelAtlusFebruary 24, 2009 (NA)
The Legend of Kage 2Taito CorporationSquare Enix, Taito Corporation, UbisoftMarch 11, 2008 (JP)
Legend of KayJoWooD ProductionsDreamCatcher Games2009
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningAmaze EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentOctober 17, 2006 (NA)
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the DragonTantalus MediaSierra EntertainmentOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal NightThe Fizz FactorSierra EntertainmentOctober 2, 2007 (NA)
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassNintendoNintendoJune 23, 2007 (JP)
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksNintendoNintendo2009 (UNK)
The Legendary StarfyTose Co., Ltd.NintendoJuly 10, 2008 (JP)
Lego Batman: The Video GameTT FusionWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, DC ComicsSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
Lego Batman 2: DC Super HeroesTraveller’s TalesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2012
Lego BattlesHellbent GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentJune 9, 2009 (NA)
Lego Battles: NinjagoHellbent Games, Traveller’s TalesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2011
Lego FriendsHellbent GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentDecember 1, 2013 (NA)
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4Traveller’s TalesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2010 (NA)
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7Traveller’s TalesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2011
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresTraveller’s TalesActivision, LucasArtsJune 3, 2008 (NA)
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesTraveller’s TalesLucasArts2009 (NA)
Lego Legends of Chima: Laval’s JourneyTT GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentAugust 31, 2013 (NA)
Lego The Lord of the RingsTraveller’s TalesWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2012
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in PerilTT GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentFebruary 18, 2014 (NA)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameTraveller’s TalesDisney Interactive Studios2011
Lego Rock BandBackbone EntertainmentWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2009 (NA)
Lego Star Wars: The Complete SagaTraveller’s TalesLucasArtsNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
Lego Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyAmaze EntertainmentElectronic Arts, LucasArtsSeptember 11, 2006 (PAL)
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone WarsTraveller’s TalesLucasArts2011
Let’s PilatesVanpoolKonamiDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
Let’s Play Fashion DesignerDeep SilverDeep SilverDecember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Let’s Play FiremenDeep SilverDeep SilverFebruary 27, 2009 (PAL)
Let’s Play MumsDeep SilverDeep SilverDecember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Let’s Play Pet HospitalsBiodroid ProductionsDeep SilverFebruary 27, 2009 (PAL)
Let’s Play SchoolsZigZag IslandDeep SilverDecember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Let’s Play ShopsDeep SilverDeep SilverDecember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Let’s Ride: Friends ForeverTHQTHQMarch 3, 2008 (NA)
Let’s YogaVanpoolKonamiJuly 5, 2007 (JP)
LifeSigns: Surgical UnitSpikeDreamCatcher Games, JoWooD Productions, SpikeOctober 21, 2005 (JP)
Line Rider 2: UnboundinXile EntertainmentDeep Silver, Genius ProductsSeptember 16, 2008 (NA)
Lionel Trains: On TrackBlack Lantern StudiosDestination SoftwareDecember 6, 2006 (NA)
Lise no Atelier: Ordre no RenkinjutsushiGust Co. Ltd.Gust Co. Ltd.2007
Little League World Series Baseball 2008ActivisionActivisionAugust 5, 2008 (NA)
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQEnjoyUpDestineerOctober 28, 2008 (PAL,NA)
Littlest Pet Shop: GardenElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
Littlest Pet Shop: JungleElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
Littlest Pet Shop: WinterElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
Lock’s Quest5th CellTHQSeptember 8, 2008 (NA)
Lode RunnerHudson SoftHudson SoftOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
LOLRoute24Agetec, Rising Star Games, skip Ltd.July 19, 2007 (JP)
Lola & VirginiaImira EntertainmentVirgin Play2008 (PAL)
Londonian Gothics: Mekyū no LolitaMegacyberMegacyberOctober 13, 2005 (JP)
Looney Tunes: Cartoon ConductorAmaze EntertainmentEidos InteractiveJune 6, 2008 (PAL)
Looney Tunes: Duck AmuckWayForward TechnologiesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentOctober 9, 2007 (NA)
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s QuestTT FusionWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment2009
The Lord of the Rings: ConquestArtificial Mind and MovementElectronic ArtsNovember 24, 2008 (NA)
Lost in BlueKonamiKonamiAugust 25, 2005 (JP)
Lost in Blue 2KonamiKonamiMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
Lost in Blue 3KonamiKonamiDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
LostMagicTaito CorporationTaito Corporation, UbisoftJanuary 19, 2006 (JP)
Love Cat LifeInterchannelInterchannelAugust 30, 2007 (JP)
Lucky Star Moe DrillKadokawa ShotenKadokawa ShotenDecember 1, 2005 (JP)
Luminator DSVIS EntertainmentXider Games2008 (PAL)
Luminous ArcImageepochAtlus, Marvelous Entertainment, Rising Star GamesFebruary 8, 2007 (JP)
Luminous Arc 2ImageepochAtlus, Marvelous EntertainmentMay 15, 2008 (JP)
Luminous Arc 3ImageepochMarvelous Entertainment2009
Lunar KnightsKojima ProductionsKonamiFebruary 6, 2007 (NA)
Lunar: Dragon SongGame Arts, Japan Art MediaMarvelous Entertainment, Rising Star Games, UbisoftAugust 25, 2005 (JP)
Lupin Sansei: Shijou Saidai no ZunousenNex EntertainmentNamco Bandai Games2010
Lux-PainKillawareIgnition Entertainment, Marvelous Entertainment, Rising Star GamesMarch 27, 2008 (JP)
Luxor: Pharaoh’s ChallengeMac PlayMumboJumboDecember 18, 2007 (NA)
M&M’s AdventureNikitova GamesDestination SoftwareNovember 21, 2008 (NA)
M&M’s Break’ EmDestination SoftwareDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingMarch 25, 2007 (NA)
M&M’s Kart RacingFrontLine StudiosDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingMarch 24, 2008 (NA)
MadagascarVicarious VisionsActivision, BandaiMay 23, 2005 (NA)
Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaAmaze EntertainmentActivisionNovember 4, 2008 (NA)
Madagascar KartzSidheActivision2009
Madden NFL 2005EA TiburonEA SportsNovember 17, 2004 (NA)
Madden NFL 06EA SportsEA SportsAugust 8, 2005 (NA)
Madden NFL 07Exient EntertainmentEA SportsAugust 22, 2006 (NA)
Madden NFL 08EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 14, 2007 (NA)
Madden NFL 09EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 12, 2008 (NA)
Mage Knight: Destiny’s SoldierBig Blue BubbleNamco Bandai GamesSeptember 26, 2006 (NA)
Magical StarsignBrownie BrownNintendoJune 22, 2006 (JP)
Magical Zunou Power!!D3 PublisherD3 Publisher2008
Magician’s Quest: Mysterious TimesKonamiKonamiNovember 12, 2008 (JP)
MagneticaMitchell CorporationNintendoMarch 2, 2006 (JP)
Mah Jong Quest: ExpeditionsGame BrainsActivision, Global Software PublishingOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
The MahjongD3 PublisherD3 PublisherJune 30, 2005 (JP)
Mahjong TaikaiKoeiKoei2004
Mainichi Suteki! Hello Kitty no Life KitDorartDorart2007
Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro: Neuro to Miko no Bishoku SanmaiMarvelous EntertainmentMarvelous Entertainment2008
Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori – Kyoufu no TakarabakoAugust 31, 2006 (JP)
Major DS: Dream BaseballTakara TomyTakara TomyJuly 31, 2008 (JP)
Major League Baseball 2K7Skyworks Technologies2K SportsMarch 19, 2007 (NA)
Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-StarsDeep Fried Entertainment2K SportsApril 14, 2008 (NA)
Major League Baseball 2K9 Fantasy All-StarsDeep Fried Entertainment2K SportsMarch 3, 2009 (NA)
Make 10: A Journey of NumbersMuuMuuNintendo2007
MapleStory DSNexonNexon2010
March of the PenguinsDestination SoftwareDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 27, 2006 (NA)
Margot’s Word BrainSlam Games LimitedZoo GamesSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
Margot’s Word PlayJuly 18, 2008 (PAL)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside StoryAlphaDreamNintendoFebruary 11, 2009 (JP)
Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeAlphaDreamNintendoNovember 28, 2005 (NA)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic GamesSegaNintendo, SegaJanuary 17, 2008 (JP)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesSegaNintendo, Sega2009 (JP)
Mario Hoops 3-on-3Square EnixNintendoJuly 27, 2006 (JP)
Mario Kart DSNintendoNintendoNovember 14, 2005 (NA)
Mario Party DSHudson SoftNintendoNovember 8, 2007 (JP)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the MinisNintendoNintendoSeptember 25, 2006 (NA)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!NintendoNintendo2010
Marker Man AdventuresGlyphic EntertainmentMajesco Games2008 (NA)
Martial Arts: Capoeira2008 (PAL)
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsEA Canada, Sensory Sweep StudiosEA GamesOctober 11, 2005 (NA)
Marvel Super Hero SquadHalfbrickTHQ2009 (NA)
Marvel Trading Card Game1st Playable ProductionsKonamiMay 22, 2007 (NA)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Vicarious VisionsActivision2009
Mary King’s Riding SchoolCoyote ConsoleGhostlight, Midas Interactive EntertainmentAugust 29, 2008 (PAL)
Master of Illusion8ing, TenyoNintendoNovember 16, 2006 (JP)
Master of the Monster LairGlobal A EntertainmentAtlus, Global A Entertainment, Rising Star GamesOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
Matchstick Puzzle by DSErtainErtain, DreamCatcher GamesFebruary 1, 2008 (PAL)
Math Blaster in the Prime AdventureKnowledge Adventure Inc.Knowledge Adventure Inc.2008 (NA)
Math PlayDenyu-ShaDenyu-Sha, Natsume, UbisoftSeptember 7, 2006 (JP)
Mawashite Tsunageru Touch PanicAki CorporationNintendo2006
Mazes of Fate DSSabarasaGraffiti EntertainmentSeptember 9, 2008 (NA)
Metcha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Nanatsu no Shima no DaiboukenNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2008
Mechanic MasterMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 24, 2008 (PAL)
MechAssault: Phantom WarBackbone EntertainmentEidos Interactive, Majesco GamesSeptember 12, 2006 (NA)
Medarot DSDelta ArtsRocket Company2010
Meet the RobinsonsBuena Vista GamesDisney Interactive StudiosMarch 27, 2007 (NA)
Mega Brain BoostInterchannelMajesco GamesJanuary 22, 2008 (NA)
Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DSCapcomCapcom, NintendoJuly 21, 2005 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force: Dragon, Leo, and PegasusDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker × NinjaCapcomCapcomNovember 22, 2007 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker × SaurianCapcomCapcomNovember 22, 2007 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force 3: Black AceCapcomCapcomNovember 13, 2008 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force 3: Red JokerCapcomCapcomNovember 13, 2008 (JP)
Mega Man Star Force: DragonCapcomCapcom2006
Mega Man Star Force: LeoCapcomCapcom2006
Mega Man Star Force: PegasusCapcomCapcom2006
Mega Man Zero CollectionInti CreatesCapcomJune 8, 2010 (NA)
Mega Man ZXInti CreatesCapcomJuly 6, 2006 (JP)
Mega Man ZX AdventInti CreatesCapcomJuly 12, 2007 (JP)
Meitantei Conan & Kindaichi Shounen no JikenbouNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2009
Metal Fight Beyblade DSAmberHudson Soft2009 (JP)
Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakushin Susanow AttacksHudson SoftKonami2010
Metal Max 3EnterbrainKadokawa Games2010
Metal Saga: Hagane no KisetsuCrea-TechSuccess Corporation2006
Metal Slug 7SNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore, Ignition EntertainmentJuly 17, 2008 (JP)
MeteosQ Entertainment, Sora Ltd.Bandai, NintendoMarch 10, 2005 (JP)
Meteos: Disney MagicQ Entertainment, Aspect Co., Ltd., Platinum EggBuena Vista GamesFebruary 20, 2007 (NA)
Metroid Prime HuntersNintendo Software Technology, Retro StudiosNintendoMarch 20, 2006 (NA)
Metroid Prime PinballFuse GamesNintendoOctober 24, 2005 (NA)
Miami LawHudson SoftHudson Soft2009
Miami Nights: Singles in the CityGameloftUbisoftJanuary 15, 2008 (NA)
Michael Jackson: The ExperienceUbisoftUbisoft2010
Micro Machines V4Supersonic SoftwareCodemastersJanuary 5, 2007 (PAL)
Midnight Play! PackGameloftUbisoftJune 6, 2008 (PAL)
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesCapybara GamesUbisoft2009
Mind Quiz: Your Brain CoachUbisoftSega, UbisoftSeptember 14, 2006 (JP)
MinDStormASK505 Games, ASK, Valcon GamesSeptember 1, 2006 (JP)
MinDStorm 2ASK505 Games, ASK2009
Mini NinjasIO InteractiveEidos Interactive2009 (NA)
Mini RC RallySummitsoft EntertainmentSummitsoft EntertainmentDecember 12, 2006 (NA)
Minna no DS CurlingNovember 22, 2006 (JP)
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: Harvest Time Hop and FlyShin’en MultimediaThe Game FactoryMay 30, 2006 (NA)
Mister SlimeLexis NumeriqueSouthPeak Interactive, DTP EntertainmentJuly 17, 2008 (NA)
Mobile Suit Gundam 00Namco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2008
Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2iNiSNintendo2007
MLB Power Pros 2008Konami2K SportsAugust 25, 2008 (NA)
Moetan DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2008
Monopoly / Boggle / Yahtzee / BattleshipSensory Sweep StudiosAtariDecember 13, 2005 (NA)
Monster BomberTaito CorporationRed Ant Enterprises, Taito CorporationMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder DensetsuTecmoTecmo2008
Monster Frenzy2008 (PAL)
Monster High: 13 WishesTorus GamesLittle Orbit2013
Monster High: Ghoul SpiritTHQTHQ2011
Monster High: Skultimate Roller MazeGame Machine StudiosLittle Orbit2012
Monster HouseArtificial Mind and MovementTHQJuly 18, 2006 (NA)
Monster JamTorus GamesActivisionNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Monster Jam: Urban AssaultTorus GamesActivisionOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Monster LabBackbone EntertainmentEidos InteractiveOctober 31, 2008 (PAL)
Monster RacersKoeiKoei2009 (NA)
Monster TaleDreamRiftMajesco Games2011
Monster Trucks DSSkyworks TechnologiesMajesco Games, THQDecember 1, 2005 (NA)
Monsters vs. AliensActivisionActivisionMarch 24, 2009 (NA)
MoonRenegade KidGamebridge, MastiffJanuary 13, 2009 (NA)
Moshi Monsters: Moshling ZooActivisionActivision2011
Moto Racer DSArtefactsNobilis2008
Mr. BeanBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentMarch 14, 2008 (PAL)
Mr. Driller Drill SpiritsNamcoNamco, NintendoNovember 30, 2004 (NA)
MTV Fan AttackLe CaillouMindscapeNovember 22, 2007 (PAL)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorArtificial Mind and MovementSierra EntertainmentJuly 22, 2008 (NA)
The Mushitori OukokuD3 Publisher505 Game Street, D3 Publisher2005
Mushroom Men: Rise of the FungiRed Fly StudioGamecock Media GroupOctober 1, 2008 (PAL)
MX vs. ATV: UntamedRainbow StudiosTHQDecember 17, 2007 (NA)
My Animal Centre in AfricaEuropress505 Game Street, EuropressNovember 23, 2007 (PAL)
My Animal Centre in AustraliaDeep SilverDeep Silver2007
My Baby 3 & FriendsNobilisMajesco Games2010
My Baby BoyNobilisNobilis, SouthPeak InteractiveOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
My Baby First StepsNobilisNobilis, SouthPeak Interactive2009
My Baby GirlNobilisNobilis, SouthPeak InteractiveOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
My Best Friends: Cats And DogsSproing Interactive MediaEidos Interactive, THQSeptember 14, 2007 (PAL)
My Chinese CoachUbisoftUbisoftAugust 26, 2008 (NA)
My Dress-UpOxygen GamesOxygen GamesOctober 1, 2008 (PAL)
My English CoachUbisoftUbisoft2009
My Fashion Studio505 GamesUbisoftJune 10, 2008 (NA)
My French CoachUbisoftUbisoftNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
My French Coach Level 2: IntermediateUbisoftUbisoftNovember 23, 2007 (PAL)
My Frogger Toy TrialsKonamiKonamiNovember 13, 2006 (NA)
My Fun Facts CoachUbisoftUbisoft2008
My Healthy Cooking CoachUbisoftUbisoft2009
My Horse and MeW!GamesAtariNovember 23, 2007 (PAL)
My Japanese CoachUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
My Little Babydtp Young Entertainmentcdv Software EntertainmentSeptember 1, 2008 (NA)
My Little FluftiesDK GamesLexicon EntertainmentJuly 13, 2007 (PAL)
My Make-UpOxygen GamesOxygen GamesOctober 21, 2008 (PAL)
My Pet DolphinStarfish SDStarfish SD, 505 GamesNovember 16, 2007 (PAL)
My Pet Dolphin 2Starfish SDStarfish SD, 505 Games2008
My Pet Hotel 2DTP EntertainmentDTP Entertainment, Eidos InteractiveSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
My Pet ShopTaito CorporationSquare EnixFebruary 27, 2009 (PAL)
My Riding StablesDTP EntertainmentEidos InteractiveApril 24, 2008 (PAL)
My SAT CoachUbisoft MontrealUbisoftSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
My Secret DiaryOxygen GamesOxygen GamesOctober 17, 2008 (PAL)
My Secret World by ImagineUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 16, 2008 (NA)
My Spanish CoachUbisoftUbisoftNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
My Spanish Coach Level 2: IntermediateUbisoftUbisoftNovember 23, 2007 (PAL)
My Stop Smoking Coach: Allen Carr’s EasyWayUbisoftUbisoftNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
My Weight Loss CoachUbisoft MontrealUbisoftJune 20, 2008 (PAL)
My Word CoachUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
My World, My WayGlobal A EntertainmentAtlus, Global A Entertainment, Rising Star GamesJune 12, 2008 (JP)
MySimsEA Redwood ShoresEA Games, Electronic ArtsSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
MySims AgentsEA Redwood ShoresElectronic Arts2009
MySims KingdomEA Redwood ShoresElectronic ArtsOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
MySims PartyEA MontrealElectronic ArtsMarch 10, 2009 (NA)
MySims RacingEA Black BoxElectronic ArtsJune 8, 2009 (NA)
MystCyan WorldsMidway Games, Empire InteractiveDecember 7, 2007 (PAL)
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeirBig Fish GamesNintendoSeptember 8, 2008 (NA)
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the WandererChunsoftSegaMarch 4, 2008 (NA)
Mystery MansionDreams Interactive505 GamesMay 1, 2008 (PAL)
N+SilverBirch Studios, Slick EntertainmentAtariAugust 26, 2008 (NA)
Nacho LibreBudcat CreationsEidos Interactive, Majesco GamesOctober 26, 2006 (NA)
The Naked Brothers Band The Video GameBarking Lizards TechnologyTHQOctober 20, 2008 (NA)
Namco Museum DSNamco, Namco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games, AtariSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
Nanashi no GameSquare EnixSquare EnixJuly 3, 2008 (JP)
Nanashi no Game MeSquare EnixSquare Enix2009
Nancy Drew: Deadly Secret of Olde World ParkGorilla SystemsEidos Interactive, Majesco GamesSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
Nancy Drew: The Hidden StaircaseGorilla SystemsMajesco GamesSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender SocietyGorilla SystemsMajesco GamesJuly 23, 2008 (NA)
Nankoku Sodachi DSCommseedCommseed2009
NanostrayShin’en MultimediaMajesco Games, Taito CorporationJuly 19, 2005 (PAL)
Nanostray 2Shin’en MultimediaCodemasters, Majesco GamesMarch 11, 2008 (NA)
Napoleon Dynamite: The Game7 StudiosCrave EntertainmentOctober 30, 2007 (NA)
Naruto: Ninja Council 2 European VersionTakara TomyTakara Tomy, Tomy2005
Naruto: Ninja Council 3AspectD3 Publisher, Tomy, Nintendo2006
Naruto: Ninja DestinyTakara TomyD3 Publisher, Namco Bandai Games, Tomy2006
Naruto: Path of the NinjaToseD3 Publisher2004
Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2ToseD3 Publisher2006
Naruto RPG 2: Chidori vs. RasenganTomyTomyJuly 14, 2005 (JP)
Naruto RPG 3: Reijuu vs. Konoha ShoutaiTomyTomyJuly 13, 2006 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Dairansen! Kage Bunshin EmakiTakara TomyTakara TomyFebruary 14, 2008 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Naruto vs. SasukeTakara TomyTakara Tomy, Tomy2008ITA
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Council 3April 21, 2005 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Council 4Takara TomyTakara Tomy, TomyApril 27, 2006 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja DestinyDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 2Takara TomyTakara Tomy, Tomy2008
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 3Takara TomyTakara Tomy2009
Naruto Shippūden: Path of the NinjaOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Naruto Shippūden: Path of the Ninja 2October 14, 2008 (NA)
Naruto Shippūden: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu 3April 21, 2005 (JP)
Naruto Shippūden: Shinobi RumbleTakara TomyTakara Tomy2010
National Geographic PandaNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games AmericaNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Need for Speed Carbon: Own the CityEA CanadaEA GamesOctober 31, 2006 (NA)
Need for Speed: Most WantedEA CanadaElectronic ArtsNovember 11, 2005 (PAL)
Need for Speed: NitroEA MontrealEA Games2009 (UNK)
Need for Speed: ProStreetEA GamesEA GamesNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Need for Speed: UndercoverEA GamesElectronic ArtsNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Need for Speed: Underground 2EA CanadaEA GamesMay 10, 2005 (NA)
NegimaMarch 20, 2007 (JP)
Neighbours from HellJoWooD ProductionsPinnacleNovember 21, 2008 (PAL)
Neopets Puzzle AdventureGriptonite Games, Infinitive InteractiveCapcomNovember 25, 2008 (NA)
Nep League DSJaleco EntertainmentJaleco EntertainmentDecember 6, 2007 (JP)
Nerf N-StrikeEA Salt LakeElectronic Arts2008 (NA)
Nervous BrickdownArkedo StudioEidos Interactive, SuccessJune 26, 2007 (NA)
NevesYuke’sAtlus, Ignition Entertainment, Yuke’sNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
The New Adventures of Moomin: The Great Autumn PartyYuke’sAtlus, Gaffiti Entertainment, Yuke’s2009
The New Adventures of Moomin: The Mysterious HowlingYuke’sAtlus, Gaffiti Entertainment, Yuke’s2009
New Carnival GamesCat Daddy Games2K Play2010
New International Track & FieldKonamiKonamiJuly 22, 2008 (NA)
New Super Mario Bros.NintendoNintendoMay 15, 2006 (NA)
New Unō Kids DSIE InstituteIE Institute2008
The New York Times CrosswordsBudcat CreationsMajescoMay 29, 2007 (NA)
New Zealand Story RevolutionMarvelous EntertainmentCyberFront, Ignition Entertainment, Rising Star GamesFebruary 2, 2007 (PAL)
Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsTHQTHQOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano IslandNatsumeTHQOctober 24, 2006 (NA)
Nicktoons MLBBlack Lantern Studios2K Play2011
Nicktoons Unite!THQTHQMarch 3, 2006 (PAL)
Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianMajesco GamesMajesco Games2009
Ninja Gaiden Dragon SwordTeam NinjaTecmo, UbisoftMarch 20, 2008 (JP)
Ninja ReflexSanzaru GamesElectronic ArtsMarch 4, 2008 (NA)
NinjatownVenan EntertainmentSouthPeak InteractiveOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Nintendo DS BrowserNintendo, Opera SoftwareNintendoJuly 24, 2006 (JP)
Nintendo MP3 PlayerNintendoNintendoSeptember 14, 2005 (JP)
Nintendogs: Best FriendsNintendoNintendoOctober 24, 2005 (NA)
Nintendogs: Chihuahua and FriendsNintendoNintendoApril 21, 2005 (JP)
Nintendogs: Dachshund and FriendsNintendoNintendoApril 21, 2005 (JP)
Nintendogs: Dalmatian and FriendsNintendoNintendoJune 16, 2006 (PAL)
Nintendogs: Lab and FriendsNintendoNintendoApril 21, 2005 (JP)
Nobunaga no Yabou DS 2KoeiKoei2008
Nobunaga’s Ambition DSKoeiKoei2006
Nodame CantabileNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2007
Nora to Toki no Kōbō: Kiri no Mori no MajoAtlusAtlus2011
NostalgiaMatrix Software, RED EntertainmentIgnition Entertainment, Tecmo2008
NRL Mascot ManiaWicked Witch SoftwareTru Blu Games2009
O.M.G. 26: Our Mini GamesTommo Inc.Tommo Inc.October 30, 2007 (NA)
Ochaken no Daibouken: Honwaku Yumemiru Sekai RyoukouMTOMTO2007
Ochaken no Daibouken 2: Yume Ippai no Omocha HakoMTOMTO2008
Ochaken no Heya DSMTOMTO2006
Ochaken no Heya DS 2MTOMTO2007
Ochaken no Heya DS 3MTOMTO2008
Ochaken no Heya DS 4MTOMTO2009
Oekaki Puzzle Battle Vol. 1: Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar VersionSunrise InteractiveSunrise InteractiveDecember 8, 2005 (JP)
Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Oosouji!skip Ltd.NintendoJanuary 23, 2009 (JP)
One Piece: Gear SpiritMatrix SoftwareNamco Bandai GamesAugust 30, 2007 (JP)
One Piece: Gigant Battle!GanbarionBandai Namco Games2010
Onegai My MelodyTDK CoreTDK CoreDecember 22, 2005 (JP)
OntamaramaNoise FactoryAtlus, Noise FactoryJune 7, 2007 (JP)
Open SeasonUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 19, 2006 (NA)
Operation: VietnamCoyote ConsoleEidos Interactive, Majesco GamesAugust 20, 2007 (NA)
Orcs & ElvesFountainhead Entertainment, id SoftwareElectronic ArtsNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Original Frisbee Disc Sports: Ultimate & GolfSkyworks TechnologiesDestination SoftwareSeptember 24, 2007 (NA)
Oshare Majo: Love and BerrySegaSegaNovember 22, 2006 (JP)
Osu! Tatakae! OuendaniNiSNintendoJuly 28, 2005 (JP)
Otona no Onnaryoku KenteiKonamiKonami2007
Our HouseBudcat CreationsMajesco Games2008 (NA)
Over the HedgeVicarious VisionsActivisionMay 5, 2006 (NA)
Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts!Amaze EntertainmentActivisionOctober 24, 2006 (NA)
Overlord: MinionsClimax StudiosCodemastersJune 23, 2009 (NA)
Pac ‘n RollNamcoNamco, NintendoJuly 28, 2005 (JP)
Pac-Man World 3Blitz GamesNamcoDecember 7, 2005 (NA)
Pac-PixNamcoNamcoMarch 10, 2005 (JP)
Paint By DSErtainMercury GamesAugust 31, 2006 (JP)
Panzer Tactics DSSproing Interactive Media10tacle Studios, Conspiracy Entertainment, QV SoftwareNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
The Party GameD3 PublisherD3 PublisherNovember 23, 2005 (JP)
The Party Unou QuizD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2006
Pass the PigsTHQTHQOctober 20, 2008 (PAL)
Pawly Pets: My Animal Centre in AfricaDecember 1, 2006 (PAL)
Pawly Pets: My Pet HotelUbisoftUbisoftAugust 29, 2008 (PAL)
Pawly Pets: My Vet PracticeDTP EntertainmentValuSoft, UbisoftFebruary 2, 2007 (PAL)
Paws and Claws Pet ResortTHQTHQFebruary 4, 2008 (NA)
Paws and Claws: Pet VetRadon LabsValuSoftJanuary 3, 2007 (NA)
Paws and Claws: Pet Vet 2ValuSoftTHQAugust 7, 2007 (NA)
Paws and Claws: Dogs & Cats Best FriendSeptember 21, 2007 (PAL)
PDC World Championship Darts 2009Rebellion DevelopmentsOxygen Games2009
Peggle: Dual ShotQ EntertainmentPopCap GamesFebruary 25, 2009 (NA)
Pen 1 Grand Prix: Penguin no Mondai SpecialKonamiKonami2009
Peppa PigAsylum EntertainmentPinnacle2008
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefGriptonite GamesActivision2010
Personal Trainer: Cooking
Can’t Decide What to Eat?PAL
Sekai no Gohan: Shaberu! DS Oryōri NaviJP
NintendoNintendoJuly 20, 2006 (NA)
Personal Trainer: Math
Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation MethodJP
JupiterShogakukan, NintendoJanuary 13, 2007 (JP)
Personal Trainer: WalkingCreatures Inc.NintendoNovember 1, 2008 (JP)
Pet Adoption CenterUbisoftUbisoftJune 30, 2008 (NA)
Pet Alien: An Intergalactic PuzzlepaloozaShin’en MultimediaThe Game FactoryAugust 28, 2007 (NA)
Pet Pals: Animal DoctorLegacy InteractiveMajesco GamesFebruary 7, 2008 (NA)
Pet Shop2008 (NA)
Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieUbisoft CasablancaUbisoftNovember 21, 2005 (NA)
Petz: BunnyzUbisoftDigital Kids, UbisoftMarch 4, 2008 (NA)
Petz: Catz 2UbisoftUbisoftNovember 9, 2007 (PAL)
Petz: Dogz 2UbisoftUbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Petz: Dogz FashionUbisoftUbisoftJune 17, 2008 (NA)
Petz: Dogz PackUbisoftUbisoft2008 (NA)
Petz: Hamsterz 2UbisoftUbisoftNovember 9, 2007 (PAL)
Petz: Hamsterz Life 2UbisoftUbisoftNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Petz Rescue: Endangered ParadisePhoenix Interactive EntertainmentUbisoftNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Petz Rescue: Ocean PatrolMagic PocketsUbisoftOctober 1, 2008 (NA)
Petz Rescue: Wildlife VetLexis Numerique, Virtual ToysUbisoftOctober 1, 2008 (NA)
Petz Wild Animals: DolphinzOctober 16, 2007 (NA)
Petz Wild Animals: TigerzFebruary 26, 2008 (NA)
Phantasy Star ZeroSegaSegaDecember 25, 2008 (JP)
Phineas and FerbAltronDisney Interactive Studios2009
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyCapcomCapcomSeptember 15, 2005 (JP)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for AllCapcomCapcomOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and TribulationsCapcomCapcomAugust 23, 2007 (JP)
Pic PicSuccess Corporation505 Games, Success CorporationApril 26, 2007 (JP)
Picross 3DNintendoNintendo2009
Picross DSJupiterNintendoJanuary 25, 2007 (JP)
PictoImageSegaSegaSeptember 27, 2007 (JP)
Pinchcliffe Grand PrixCaprino Video GameRavn Studio2010
Ping PalsWayForward TechnologiesTHQDecember 8, 2004 (NA)
Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music NightDecember 20, 2007 (JP)
Pinky Street: Kira Kira * Music HourOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
Pipe ManiaEmpire InteractiveAtari, Empire InteractiveSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
Pippa FunnellUbisoftUbisoftOctober 27, 2006 (PAL)
Pippa Funnell 2: Farm AdventuresUbisoftUbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Pirate Party: Adventures of the Black CorsairVirtual IdentityLighthouse Interactive2009 (NA)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s EndAmaze EntertainmentDisney Interactive Studios, EurocomMay 22, 2007 (NA)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s ChestGriptonite GamesBuena Vista Games, D3 PublisherJune 27, 2006 (NA)
Pirates: Duels on the High SeasOxygen GamesOxygen GamesSeptember 12, 2008 (PAL)
PlanesDisney Interactive StudiosDisney Interactive StudiosAugust 6, 2013 (NA)
Planet 51Pyro StudiosSega2009 (NA)
Planet Puzzle LeagueIntelligent SystemsNintendoApril 26, 2007 (JP)
Plants vs. ZombiesPopCap GamesPopCap Games2011
Platinum SudokuGameloftUbisoftMay 11, 2007 (PAL)
PlusheesDestineerDestineerApril 11, 2008 (NA)
Pocket PetsAgatsuma EntertainmentAgatsuma Entertainment, O3 EntertainmentApril 26, 2007 (JP)
Pogo IslandEA GamesEA GamesMarch 26, 2007 (NA)
Point Blank DSNamco Bandai GamesNamcoMay 18, 2006 (JP)
Pokémon BlackGame FreakNintendo2011
Pokémon Black 2Game FreakNintendo2012
Pokémon ConquestTecmo KoeiNintendo2012
Pokémon DashAmbrellaNintendoDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Pokémon DiamondGame FreakNintendoSeptember 28, 2006 (JP)
Pokémon HeartGoldGame FreakNintendoSeptember 12, 2009 (JP)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue TeamChunSoftNintendoNovember 17, 2005 (JP)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of DarknessChunSoftNintendoSeptember 13, 2007 (JP)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of SkyChunSoftNintendoApril 18, 2009 (JP)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of TimeChunSoftNintendoSeptember 13, 2007 (JP)
Pokémon PearlGame FreakNintendoSeptember 28, 2006 (JP)
Pokémon PlatinumGame FreakNintendoSeptember 13, 2008 (JP)
Pokémon RangerHAL LaboratoryNintendoMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Pokémon Ranger: Guardian SignsCreatures Inc.Nintendo2010
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of AlmiaHAL LaboratoryNintendoMarch 20, 2008 (JP)
Pokémon SoulSilverGame FreakNintendo2009
Pokémon Trozei!Genius SonorityNintendoOctober 20, 2005 (JP)
Pokémon WhiteGame FreakNintendo2011
Pokémon White 2Game FreakNintendo2012
PolariumMitchell CorporationNintendoDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Pony FriendsEidos InteractiveEidos Interactive, Starfish SDMay 18, 2007 (PAL)
Pony Friends: Mini Breeds EditionEidos InteractiveEidos InteractiveNovember 3, 2008 (NA)
Pony LUVActivisionActivisionOctober 2, 2006 (NA)
Pop Cutie! Street Fashion SimulationKoeiKoeiApril 24, 2008 (JP)
Pop TownHuneX505 Games, Dimple Entertainment2007
Poptropica AdventuresUbisoftUbisoft2012
Populous DSElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts, Rising Star Games, XSEED GamesFebruary 21, 2008 (JP)
Postman PatBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentMarch 14, 2008 (JP)
Postman Pat Special Delivery ServiceUacariAvanquest2009
Power Play PoolSystem 3Conspiracy Entertainment, System 3October 26, 2007 (NA)
Power Play TennisCodemastersCodemastersFebruary 1, 2008 (NA)
Power Pocket KoushienKonamiKonamiAugust 4, 2005 (JP)
Power Pro Kun Pocket 10KonamiKonamiDecember 6, 2007 (JP)
Power Pro Kun Pocket 11KonamiKonamiDecember 4, 2008 (JP)
Power Pro Kun Pocket 12KonamiKonami2009
Power Pro Kun Pocket 13KonamiKonami2010
Power Pro Kun Pocket 8KonamiKonamiDecember 1, 2005 (JP)
Power Pro Kun Pocket 9KonamiKonamiDecember 7, 2006 (JP)
Power Rangers SamuraiNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2011
Power Rangers: Super LegendsHandheld GamesDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
PowerbikeTornado StudiosMajesco Games2008 (PAL)
Powerful GolfKonamiKonami2011
Powershot Pinball ConstructorInvolgamusOxygen GamesMarch 26, 2008 (PAL)
Press Your LuckUbisoftUbisoft2009
Prey the StarsKoeiKoeiSeptember 25, 2008 (JP)
The Price Is Right 2010UbisoftUbisoft2009
The Price Is RightUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 9, 2008 (NA)
Prince of Persia: The Fallen KingUbisoftUbisoftDecember 2, 2008 (NA)
The Princess and the FrogGriptonite GamesDisney Interactive Studios2009
Princess DebutCaveCave, NatsumeMay 29, 2008 (JP)
Princess Maker 4 Special EditionCyberFrontCyberFrontSeptember 25, 2008 (JP)
Princess NatashaFrame Studios InteractiveDestination SoftwareOctober 3, 2006 (NA,PAL)
Princess on IceArc System Works505 Games, Aksys Games, Arc System WorksApril 25, 2008 (PAL)
Prism: Light the WayEidos InteractiveEidos Interactive, InterchannelOctober 17, 2007 (NA)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008KonamiKonamiOctober 25, 2007 (JP)
Pro Evolution Soccer 6KonamiKonamiNovember 2, 2006 (JP)
Professional Fisherman’s Tour: Northern HemisphereUFO Interactive505 Game Street, Starfish SD, TommoAugust 29, 2007 (NA)
Professor Brainium’s GamesBold GamesFrontline StudiosMarch 31, 2008 (NA)
Professor Heinz Wolff’s GravityDeep SilverDeep SilverNovember 1, 2008 (NA)
Professor Layton and the Curious VillageLevel-5Level-5, NintendoFebruary 15, 2007 (JP)
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and Pandora’s BoxEU
Level-5Level-5, NintendoNovember 29, 2007 (JP)
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Layton-kyōju to Majin no FueJP
Professor Layton and the Spectre’s CallEU
Level-5Level-5, Nintendo2009 (JP)
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Layton-kyōju to Saigo no Jikan RyokōJP
Professor Layton and the Lost FutureEU
Level-5Level-5, NintendoNovember 27, 2008 (JP)
Project HackerRED EntertainmentNintendoJuly 13, 2006 (JP)
Pucca Power UpRising Star GamesUFO Interactive2010
Puchi Eva: Evangelion @ GameBandaiNamco Bandai GamesMarch 20, 2008 (JP)
Puchi Puchi VirusJaleco EntertainmentJaleco Entertainment, NIS AmericaJuly 5, 2007 (JP)
Puppy Luv: Spa & ResortHumagadeActivisionSeptember 18, 2007 (NA)
Puppy PalaceUbisoftUbisoftFebruary 5, 2008 (NA)
Purr PalsCrave EntertainmentCrave Entertainment, THQMarch 27, 2007 (NA)
Puss in BootsImaginEngineActivision2011
Puyo Pop FeverSonic TeamSega, Atlus, Ignition EntertainmentDecember 24, 2004 (JP)
Puyo Puyo 7Sonic Team, h.a.n.d.SegaJuly 30, 2009 (JP)
Puyo Puyo! 15th AnniversarySonic TeamSegaDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Puyo Puyo!! 20th AnniversarySonic TeamSega2011
Puyo Puyo Fever 2Sonic TeamSegaDecember 24, 2005 (JP)
Puzzle Bobble DSTaito CorporationTaito CorporationAugust 25, 2005 (JP)
Puzzle de Harvest MoonPlatinum EggNatsumeNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
Puzzle KingdomsInfinitive InteractiveZoo Digital PublishingMay 5, 2009 (NA)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords1st Playable ProductionsD3 PublisherMarch 16, 2007 (PAL)
Puzzle Quest: GalactrixInfinitive InteractiveD3 PublisherFebruary 24, 2009 (NA)
Puzzler CollectionRoute 1 GamesUbisoft, Zoo Digital PublishingAugust 1, 2008 (PAL)
Quantum of SolaceVicarious VisionsActivisionOctober 31, 2008 (PAL)
The Quest TrioActivisionActivisionAugust 26, 2008 (NA)
Quick Yoga TrainingUbisoftUbisoftAugust 6, 2008 (NA)
QuickSpotNamco Bandai Games AmericaNamco, Namco Bandai Games AmericaFebruary 9, 2006 (JP)
Quiz Magic Academy DSKonamiKonamiSeptember 12, 2008 (JP)
Quiz Magic Academy DS: Futatsu no JikūsekiKonamiKonami2010
Qupu!! Mame Goma!Creative CoreCreative Core2009
Rabbids Go HomeUbisoft MontpellierUbisoft2009
Race Driver: Create and RaceFirebrand GamesAtari, CodemastersSeptember 28, 2007 (PAL)
Race Driver: GridFirebrand GamesCodemastersMay 8, 2008 (NA)
Radiant HistoriaAtlusAtlus2010
Rafa Nadal TennisVirtual ToysCodemastersJanuary 5, 2007 (PAL)
Ragnarok Online DSGungHo WorksGungHo Works, XSEED GamesDecember 18, 2008 (JP)
Rainbow Islands RevolutionTaito CorporationCodemasters, Rising Star Games, Taito CorporationDecember 29, 2005 (JP)
RatatouilleHelixeTHQJune 26, 2007 (NA)
Ratatouille: Food FrenzyTHQTHQOctober 29, 2007 (NA)
Rayman DSUbisoft MontrealUbisoftMarch 11, 2005 (PAL)
Rayman Raving RabbidsUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftMarch 6, 2007 (NA)
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2Ubisoft ParisUbisoftNovember 13, 2007 (NA)
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV PartyUbisoft ParisUbisoftNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Ready Steady CookMindscapeMindscape2009
Real Adventures: Pet VetMindscapeMindscapeOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Real Adventures: Wild HorsesKoch MediaKoch MediaJanuary 18, 2008 (PAL)
Real Football 2008GameloftGameloft, UbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Real Football 2009UbisoftUbisoft2008
Real Time Conflict: Shogun EmpiresBox Clever InteractiveNamcoNovember 21, 2005 (NA)
Really? Really!Kadokawa ShotenKadokawa Shoten2009
Red Bull BC OneSmack Down ProductionsIgnition Entertainment, Playlogic EntertainmentAugust 28, 2008 (PAL)
Red Stone DS: Akaki Ishi ni Michibikareshi MonotachiGameOnGameOn2011
RemindelightJapan Art MediaTaito CorporationSeptember 28, 2006 (JP)
Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceCapcomCapcom, NintendoJanuary 19, 2006 (JP)
Retro Atari ClassicsTanikoAtariMarch 11, 2005 (PAL)
Retro Game ChallengeindieszeroBandai Namco Games, Xseed GamesNovember 15, 2007 (JP)
Rhapsody: A Musical AdventureNippon Ichi SoftwareNippon Ichi Software, NIS America, Square Enix, UbisoftAugust 7, 2008 (JP)
Rhythm ‘n Notes: Improve Your Music SkillsSuccess CorporationAgetec, Success CorporationJanuary 11, 2007 (JP)
Rhythm de Run Run Run[6]Alpha UnitAlpha Unit2009
Rhythm HeavenNintendoNintendoJuly 31, 2008 (JP)
Ridge Racer DSNamcoNamcoDecember 7, 2004 (NA)
Riku to Johan: Kaeta Nimai no Efonfunfonfun2008
Rise of the Guardians: The Video GameTorus GamesD3 Publisher2012
River King: Mystic ValleyMarvelous EntertainmentMarvelous Entertainment, Natsume, Rising Star GamesJune 28, 2007 (JP)
RIZ-ZOAWDDecember 25, 2008 (JP)
Road to VegasNintendoMidas Interactive EntertainmentAugust 22, 2008 (PAL)
Roary the Racing CarUacariAvanquest2009
RobocalypseVogster EntertainmentVogster EntertainmentOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
RobotsAmaze EntertainmentVivendi GamesFebruary 24, 2005 (NA)
Rock BlastUFO InteractiveUFO InteractiveAugust 5, 2008 (NA)
Rock RevolutionHB StudiosKonamiOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
Rockman EXE Operate Shooting StarCapcomCapcom2009
Rollin’ RascalsHogetMajesco Games, Rising Star GamesNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Ron-Q! Highland in DS3 O’Clock3 O’ClockAugust 7, 2008 (JP)
Rondo of SwordsSuccess CorporationAtlus, Success CorporationAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
Roogoo AttackSpiderMonk EntertainmentSouthPeak InteractiveJune 30, 2009 (NA)
Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata no Miss Yōkai GakuenCapcomCapcom2008
The Rub Rabbits!Sonic TeamSegaOctober 20, 2005 (JP)
Rubik’s Puzzle WorldTwo TribesThe Game FactoryNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Runaway 2: The Dream of The TurtleCyanideFocus Home InteractiveNovember 30, 2007 (PAL)
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest MoonNeverland Co.Marvelous Entertainment, Natsume, Rising Star GamesAugust 24, 2006 (JP)
Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest MoonNeverland Co.Marvelous Entertainment, NatsumeJanuary 3, 2008 (JP)
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest MoonNeverland Co.Marvelous Entertainment, Natsume2010
Russell Grant’s AstrologySproing Media GmbHDeep SilverMay 1, 2009 (PAL)✔|
Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle AdventureJoWooD ProductionsDreamCatcher Games2009
Saikin Koi shiteru?MicrovisionD3 Publisher2009
Sailor Moon: La Luna SplendeBanpresto/OpenSesame Inc.Bandai Namco Games2011
Sakura Note: Ima ni Tsunagaru MiraiAudio GamesMarvelous Entertainment2009
Sally’s SalonCapcomCapcomNovember 4, 2008 (NA)
Sam Power: FirefighterUbisoftUbisoftOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Sam Power: FootballerUbisoftUbisoft2009
Sam Power: HandymanUbisoftUbisoft2008
Sam Power: PolicemanUbisoftUbisoft2008
Sands of DestructionimageepochSegaSeptember 25, 2008 (JP)
Sangokushi Taisen DSSegaSegaJanuary 25, 2007 (JP)
Sangokushi Taisen TenSegaSega2008
SBK: Snowboard KidsAtlusAtlus, Rising Star GamesNovember 22, 2005 (NA)
SchachDTP EntertainmentDTP EntertainmentMarch 16, 2007 (PAL)
Scooby-Doo! First FrightsTorus GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentSeptember 22, 2009 (NA)
Scooby-Doo! UnmaskedTHQTHQOctober 18, 2005 (NA)
Scooby-Doo! Who’s Watching Who?THQTHQOctober 16, 2006 (NA)
Scrabble 2007 EditionUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 14, 2007 (PAL)
Scrabble 2009 EditionStainless GamesElectronic Arts, UbisoftMarch 17, 2009 (NA)
Scribblenauts5th CellWarner Bros. InteractiveSeptember 15, 2009 (NA)
Scurge: HiveOrbital MediaSouthPeak InteractiveNovember 1, 2006 (NA)
SD Gundam G Generation DSBandaiBandaiMay 26, 2005 (JP)
SD Gundam G Generation: Cross DriveBandai Namco GamesBandai Namco GamesAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors: Shin Mirisha TaisenBandai Namco GamesBandai Namco Games2010
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric AdventureAtomic Planet EntertainmentDestination SoftwareOctober 19, 2007 (PAL)
Secret Files: Tunguska10tacle Studios, Fusionsphere SystemsDeep SilverMay 23, 2008 (PAL)
Secret Files 2: Puritas CordisFusionsphere SystemsDeep Silver2009 (NA)
The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun1st Playable ProductionsD3 Publisher2009 (NA)
Sega CasinoSegaSega2000 (PAL)
Sega Superstars TennisSumo DigitalSegaMarch 18, 2008 (NA)
The SettlersBlue Byte SoftwareUbisoftAugust 3, 2007 (NA)
Shakugan no Shana DSMediaWorksMediaWorks2007
Shaberu! DS Oryōri NaviNintendoNintendo2008
Shamu’s Deep Sea AdventuresActivisionActivisionNovember 8, 2005 (NA)
Shaun the SheepArtD3 PublisherSeptember 23, 2008 (NA)
Shaun White SnowboardingUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 16, 2008 (NA)
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the MummyFrogwaresDreamCatcher Games, Focus Home InteractiveMarch 19, 2009 (PAL)
Shin Hisui no Shizuku: Hiiro no Kakera 2 DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2011
Shin Lucky * Star Moe DrillMay 24, 2007 (JP)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SurvivorAtlusAtlusJanuary 15, 2009 (JP)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2AtlusAtlus2011
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyAtlusAtlusOctober 8, 2009 (JP)
Shining Force FeatherFlight-PlanSegaFebruary 19, 2009 (JP)
Shining Stars: Super StarcadeFrame Studios InteractiveDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingAugust 8, 2008 (PAL,NA)
Shinreigari: Ghost Hound DS5pb.5pb.2008
Shion no ŌNCSNCS2008
ShortsArtificial Mind and MovementMajescoJuly 1, 2009 (NA)
The ShouboutaiD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2008
Showtime Championship BoxingDestination SoftwareDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 10, 2007 (NA)
Shrek Forever AfterGriptonite GamesActivision2010
Shrek: Ogres & DronkeysWayForward TechnologiesActivisionNovember 5, 2007 (NA)
Shrek Smash n’ Crash RacingActivisionActivisionMarch 9, 2007 (NA)
Shrek SuperSlam7 Studios, Shaba GamesActivisionOctober 25, 2005 (NA)
Shrek the ThirdVicarious VisionsActivisionMay 2, 2007 (NA)
Shrek’s Carnival CrazeIvolgamusActivisionOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Shugo Chara! Amu’s Rainbow-Colored Character Change!KonamiKonami2008
Shugo Chara! Norinori! Character Transformation zoomKonamiKonami2009
SignalStudio AltairD3 Publisher2009
Sid Meier’s Civilization RevolutionJuly 8, 2008 (NA)
Sigma HarmonicsThink GarageSquare EnixAugust 21, 2008 (JP)
The Silver Case Word 252000 (NA)
The Silver Case2000 (NA)
SimAnimalsElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsJanuary 21, 2009 (NA)
SimAnimals AfricaThe Sims StudioElectronic Arts2009 (NA)
SimCity DSEA JapanEA Games, Electronic ArtsFebruary 22, 2007 (JP)
SimCity DS 2Electronic ArtsEA Games, Electronic ArtsMarch 19, 2008 (JP)
The Simpsons GameElectronic ArtsEA GamesOctober 30, 2007 (NA)
The Sims 2Griptonite GamesElectronic ArtsOctober 24, 2005 (NA)
The Sims 2: Apartment LifeAugust 29, 2008 (NA)
The Sims 2: Apartment PetsElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsAugust 26, 2008 (NA)
The Sims 2: CastawayMaxisEA Games, Electronic ArtsOctober 22, 2007 (NA)
The Sims 2: PetsMaxisEA GamesOctober 27, 2006 (PAL)
The Sims 3The Sim Studio, Edge of RealityElectronic Arts2010
Six Flags Fun ParkBrash EntertainmentBrash EntertainmentOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Skate ItExient EntertainmentElectronic ArtsNovember 19, 2008 (NA)
Slide Adventure MAGKIDAgendaNintendoAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
Slingo QuestMac PlayMumboJumboOctober 7, 2008 (NA)
Smart Boy’s: GameroomStarfish SD505 Games, Starfish SD, UFO InteractiveApril 26, 2007 (JP)
Smart Boy’s: Toy ClubUFO Interactive505 Games, Starfish SD, UFO Interactive2000 (NA)
Smart Boy’s: Winter WonderlandUFO InteractiveUFO InteractiveOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Smart Girl’s: Magical Book ClubUFO InteractiveTommo Inc.2000 (NA)
Smart Girl’s: Party GamesUFO Interactive505 Games, Starfish SD, Tommo Inc.October 23, 2008 (NA)
Smart Girl’s: PlayhouseStarfish SD505 Games, Starfish SD, UFO InteractiveSeptember 19, 2007 (NA)
Smart Girl’s: Winter WonderlandUFO InteractiveUFO InteractiveOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Smart Kid’s: GameclubUFO InteractiveUFO InteractiveNovember 16, 2007 (NA)
Smart Kid’s: Party Fun PackStarfish SDUFO InteractiveOctober 14, 2008 (NA)
The SmurfsUbisoft2011
The Smurfs 2UbisoftJuly 23, 2013 (NA)
SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DSSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore, Ignition EntertainmentDecember 14, 2006 (JP)
Snood 2: on VacationRebellionDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingNovember 16, 2005 (NA)
So BlondeWizarboxDTP Entertainment2009 (PAL)
Solatorobo: Red the HunterCyberConnect2Bandai Namco Games, Xseed Games, Nintendo2010
Solid Body PicrossMarch 12, 2009 (JP)
Solitaire OverloadTelegamesTelegamesOctober 26, 2007 (NA)
Solitaire: Ultimate CollectionKoch MediaKoch MediaApril 11, 2008 (PAL)
Soma BringerMonolith SoftNintendoFebruary 28, 2008 (JP)
Sommelier DSElectronic ArtsElectronic ArtsJuly 19, 2007 (JP)
Sonny with a ChanceAltronDisney Interactive Studios2010
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingSumo DigitalSega2010 (NA)
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark BrotherhoodBioWareSegaSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
Sonic Classic CollectionSonic TeamSega2010
Sonic ColorsDimpsSega2010
Sonic RushDimps, Sonic TeamSegaNovember 15, 2005 (NA)
Sonic Rush AdventureDimps, Sonic TeamSegaSeptember 14, 2007 (PAL)
Sora no Otoshimono Forte: Dreamy SeasonKadokawa ShotenKadokawa Shoten2011
The Sorcerer’s ApprenticeHeadstrong GamesDisney Interactive Studios2010
Soukoku no Kusabi: Hiiro no Kakera 3 DSIdea FactoryIdea Factory2011
Soul BubblesMekensleepEidos Interactive, InterchannelJune 10, 2008 (NA)
Space Ace2008 (PAL)
Space Bust-A-MoveLancarse, Taito CorporationSquare Enix, Taito CorporationDecember 18, 2008 (JP)
Space Camp7 StudiosActivision2009 (NA)
Space ChimpsWayForward TechnologiesBrash EntertainmentJuly 15, 2008 (NA)
Space Invaders ExtremeTaito CorporationSquare Enix, Taito CorporationFebruary 21, 2008 (JP)
Space Invaders Extreme 2Project JustSquare Enix, Taito CorporationMarch 26, 2009 (JP)
Space Invaders RevolutionTaito CorporationMastiff, Taito Corporation, Rising Star GamesMarch 24, 2005 (JP)
Spanish for EveryoneHumagadeActivisionOctober 26, 2007 (NA)
Spectral Force GenesisIdea FactoryCyberfront, Idea Factory, NobilisJune 19, 2008 (JP)
SpectrobesJupiterDisney Interactive StudiosMarch 6, 2007 (NA)
Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsJupiterDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 7, 2008 (NA)
Speed RacerVirtuous GamesActivision, Warner Bros. InteractiveMay 6, 2008 (NA)
Spellbound505 Games505 GamesSeptember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Spelling Challenges and More!Supersonic SoftwareCrave EntertainmentSeptember 24, 2007 (NA)
Spice and Wolf: Holo’s and My One YearASCII MediaWorksASCII MediaWorks2008
Spice and Wolf: The Wind that Spans the SeaASCII MediaWorksASCII MediaWorks2009
Spider-Man 2Vicarious VisionsActivision, Taito CorporationNovember 16, 2004 (NA)
Spider-Man 3Vicarious VisionsActivisionMay 4, 2007 (PAL,NA)
Spider-Man: Battle for New YorkTorus GamesActivisionNovember 14, 2006 (NA)
Spider-Man: Friend or FoeArtificial Mind and MovementActivisionOctober 2, 2007 (NA)
Spider-Man: Web of ShadowsGriptonite GamesActivisionOctober 24, 2008 (NA)
The Spiderwick ChroniclesStormfront StudiosSierra EntertainmentFebruary 5, 2008 (NA)
Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air ForceBig John GamesDestineerMarch 5, 2008 (NA)
SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of DoomNatsumeTHQOctober 20, 2008 (NA)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty KrabWayForward TechnologiesTHQOctober 18, 2006 (NA)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!THQTHQ2005
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow AvengerTantalus MediaTHQNovember 7, 2005 (NA)
SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-OffTHQTHQMarch 3, 2009 (NA)
SpongeBob’s Atlantis SquarePantisAltronTHQOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
SpongeBob’s Boating BashTHQTHQ2010
SpongeBob’s Truth or SquareHeavy Iron StudiosTHQ2009 (NA)
Spore CreaturesFoundation 9EA GamesSeptember 4, 2008 (PAL)
Spore Hero ArenaMaxisEA Games2009 (NA)
The Sports DaishuugouD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2007
SprungUbisoftUbisoftDecember 8, 2004 (NA)
Spy Kids: All the Time in the WorldOneNine StudiosMajesco2011
Spyro: Shadow LegacyAmaze EntertainmentVivendi Universal Games, Sierra EntertainmentOctober 18, 2005 (NA)
Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize!ActivisionActivision2011
Star Fox CommandQ-Games, Nintendo EADNintendoAugust 3, 2006 (JP)
Star Trek: Tactical AssaultQuicksilver SoftwareBethesda SoftworksOctober 26, 2006 (NA)
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadronn-SpaceLucasArts2009 (NA)
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithUbisoft MontrealUbisoftApril 5, 2005 (NA)
Star Wars: Lethal AllianceUbisoft MontrealUbisoftJuly 6, 2006 (NA)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Jedi AllianceLucasArtsLucasArtsNovember 11, 2008 (NA)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic HeroesKrome Studios, LucasArtsLucasArtsSeptember 15, 2009 (NA)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashedn-SpaceActivision, LucasArtsSeptember 16, 2008 (NA)
Steal PrincessClimax EntertainmentMarvelous Entertainment, Atlus, Rising Star GamesJuly 29, 2008 (JP)
Steel HorizonClimax GroupKonamiMarch 20, 2007 (NA)
Stitch!Disney Interactive StudiosDisney Interactive Studios2009
StrategoUbisoftUbisoftJune 6, 2008 (PAL)
Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland GamesGorilla Systems Corp.The Game FactoryOctober 23, 2006 (NA)
Strawberry Shortcake: The Four Seasons CakeThe Game FactoryThe Game FactoryNovember 9, 2007 (PAL)
Street FootballKoch MediaKoch MediaMay 16, 2008 (PAL)
Strike Witches: Sōkū no Dengekisen – Shin Taichou Funtousuru!RusselRussel2009
Strike Witches 2: Iyasu Naosu PunipunisuruKadokawa ShotenKadokawa Shoten2010
Style Book: CinnamorollBandaiBandaiMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Style Book: Junior CityBandaiBandaiMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Style Savvysyn Sophia, Nintendo SPDNintendoOctober 23, 2008 (JP)
SubbuteoArtematica505 GamesSeptember 12, 2008 (PAL)
Sudoku for KidsGameinvestLexicon Entertainment2000 (PAL)
Sudoku GridmasterHudson SoftHudson Soft, NintendoMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Sudoku ManiaFrontLine StudiosUFO Interactive, Zoo Digital PublishingJune 30, 2006 (NA)
SudokuroCrave EntertainmentCrave EntertainmentMay 16, 2007 (NA)
Suikoden TierkreisKonamiKonamiDecember 18, 2008 (JP)
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of SpiesArtificial Mind and MovementDisney Interactive StudiosOctober 18, 2007 (NA)
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton TroubleArtificial Mind and MovementBuena Vista GamesSeptember 18, 2006 (NA)
Suite PreCure♪: Melody CollectionBandaiNamco Bandai Games2011
Summon NightFlight-PlanNamco Bandai GamesApril 24, 2008 (JP)
Summon Night 2Flight-PlanNamco Bandai GamesAugust 7, 2008 (JP)
Summon Night X: Tears CrownNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2009
Summon Night: Twin AgeFlight-PlanAtlus, BanprestoAugust 30, 2007 (JP)
The Sun Crossword ChallengeMercury GamesMercury GamesApril 18, 2008 (PAL)
Super Black Bass: Dynamic ShotStarfish SDEidos Interactive, Majesco Entertainment, Starfish SDNovember 24, 2005 (JP)
Super Brain Tease: Football EditionLexicon EntertainmentLexicon Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Super Brain Tease: Geography EditionLexicon EntertainmentLexicon Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Super Brain Tease: History EditionLexicon EntertainmentLexicon Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Super Brain Tease: Movies EditionLexicon EntertainmentLexicon Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Super Brain Tease: Music EditionLexicon EntertainmentLexicon Entertainment2008 (PAL)
Super Collapse 3Mac PlayMumboJumboOctober 30, 2007 (NA)
Super Dodgeball BrawlersAccess Co., Arc System WorksArc System Works, Aksys GamesMarch 19, 2008 (JP)
Super Fruit FallPlay It!Play It!, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentJuly 13, 2007 (PAL)
Super Mario 64 DSNintendoNintendoNovember 20, 2004 (NA)
Super Monkey Ball: Touch & RollSegaSegaDecember 1, 2005 (JP)
Super Princess PeachToseNintendoOctober 20, 2005 (JP)
Super Robot GakuenBanprestoNamco Bandai Games2009
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless FrontierBanpresto, Monolith SoftNamco Bandai Games, AtlusMay 29, 2008 (JP)
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEEDBanpresto, Monolith SoftNamco Bandai Games2010
Super Robot Wars KBanprestoNamco Bandai GamesApril 2, 2009 (JP)
Super Robot Wars LBanprestoNamco Bandai Games2010
Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masō Kishin – The Lord Of ElementalBanprestoNamco Bandai Games2010
Super Robot Wars WBanprestoBanprestoMarch 1, 2007 (JP)
Super Scribblenauts5th CellWarner Bros. Interactive, Konami2010
Super Speed MachinesMidas Interactive EntertainmentMidas Interactive EntertainmentOctober 10, 2008 (PAL)
Superman Returns: The VideogameEA TiburonEA GamesNovember 20, 2006 (NA)
Surf’s UpUbisoftUbisoftMay 30, 2007 (NA)
Sujin Taisen: Number BattlesMitchellNintendo2007
Sushi Go RoundSouthPeak GamesMiniclip2010-03-30
Suzuki Super-Bikes II: Riding ChallengeKuju EntertainmentValcon GamesJuly 25, 2008 (NA)
Suzumiya Haruhi no ChokuretsuSegaSega2009
SyberiaDreamCatcher GamesDreamCatcher GamesNovember 25, 2008 (NA)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachō DS: DS Series 1 ThaiTOSENintendoApril 20, 2006 (JP)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachō DS: DS Series 2 ChūgokuTOSENintendoApril 20, 2006 (JP)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachō DS: DS Series 3 KankokuTOSENintendoApril 20, 2006 (JP)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachō DS: DS Series 4 AmericaTOSENintendoApril 27, 2006 (JP)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachō DS: DS Series 5 DeutschTOSENintendoApril 27, 2006 (JP)
Table Game SpiritsTasukeTasukeNovember 10, 2005 (JP)
Table Game Spirits 2TasukeTasukeDecember 7, 2006 (JP)
Tactics Layer: Ritina Guard SenkiNinja StudioD3 Publisher2009
Taiko no Tatsujin DSNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJuly 26, 2007 (JP)
Tak: Mojo MistakeTHQTHQOctober 13, 2008 (NA)
Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeAvalanche SoftwareTHQSeptember 19, 2005 (NA)
The Tale of DespereauxBrash EntertainmentBrash EntertainmentDecember 2, 2008 (NA)
Tales of HeartsNamco Tales StudioNamco Bandai GamesDecember 11, 2008 (JP)
Tales of InnocenceAlfa SystemNamco Bandai GamesDecember 6, 2007 (JP)
Tales of the TempestDimps, Namco Tales StudioNamco Bandai GamesOctober 26, 2006 (JP)
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner ShopNanaOn-ShaAtari, BandaiSeptember 15, 2005 (JP)
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2NanaOn-ShaAtari, Bandai, Namco Bandai Games AmericaJuly 27, 2006 (JP)
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3NanaOn-ShaAtaro, Namco Bandai GamesSeptember 27, 2007 (JP)
Tangram Mania505 Games505 GamesFebruary 14, 2008 (PAL)
Tank BattlesMidas Interactive EntertainmentMidas Interactive EntertainmentOctober 5, 2007 (PAL)
Tank BeatMileStone Inc.MileStone Inc., O3 EntertainmentNovember 30, 2006 (JP)
Tantei Kibukawa Ryosuke Jiken Tan: The Masquerade LullabyGenkiGenkiMarch 24, 2005 (JP)
Tao’s Adventure: Curse of the Demon SealKonamiKonamiDecember 22, 2005 (JP)
Team UmizoomiBlack Lantern Studios2K Play2011
Tecmo Bowl: KickoffPolygon MagicTecmoNovember 17, 2008 (NA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant NightmareKonamiKonamiNovember 1, 2005 (NA)
Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!InLight EntertainmentIgnition EntertainmentMarch 28, 2008 (PAL)
Telly AddictsUbisoftUbisoftNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
Tenchu: Dark SecretPolygon MagicFrom Software, NintendoApril 6, 2006 (JP)
Tengai Makyō II: ManjimaruRed EntertainmentHudson SoftMarch 9, 2006 (JP)
Tengen Toppa Gurren-LagannKonamiKonami2007
Tennis MastersSystem 3System 3February 23, 2007 (PAL)
Tetris DSNintendoNintendoMarch 20, 2006 (NA)
Tetris Party DeluxeHudson SoftHudson Soft2010
Texas Hold’em PokerSkyworks TechnologiesMajesco EntertainmentNovember 8, 2005 (PAL,NA)
Texas Hold ‘Em Poker PackWebfoot TechnologiesSummitsoft EntertainmentMarch 1, 2006 (NA)
That’s So Raven: Psychic on the SceneHandheld GamesBuena Vista GamesNovember 2, 2006 (NA)
Theme ParkBullfrog ProductionsEA Games, Electronic ArtsMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
TheresiaWorkJamAksys Games, Arc System WorksSeptember 11, 2008 (JP)
Think: Train Your BrainEidos InteractiveEidos InteractiveAugust 15, 2008 (PAL)
Thor: God of ThunderWayForward TechnologiesSega2011
Thrillville: Off the RailsFrontier DevelopmentsLucasArtsOctober 9, 2007 (NA)
ThunderCats[7]Bandai Namco GamesBandai Namco Games2012
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08EA SportsEA SportsAugust 28, 2007 (NA)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005EA SportsEA SportsDecember 14, 2004 (NA)
TigerzMagic PocketsUbisoft2008
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny RiveraBarking Lizards TechnologiesTHQ2007
Tim Stockdale’s Riding StarEidos InteractiveEidos InteractiveSeptember 19, 2008 (PAL)
Time AceTrainwreck StudiosKonamiJune 12, 2007 (NA)
Time HollowTenkyKonamiMarch 19, 2008 (JP)
Tingle’s Balloon Fight DSNintendoNintendo2007-04- (JP)
Titanic MysteryOxygen Games2010
Tinkerbell2008 (NA)
TMNTUbisoft MontrealUbisoftMarch 20, 2007 (NA)
Toeic Test DS TrainingIE InstituteIE InstituteMarch 29, 2007 (JP)
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st LoveKonamiKonami2007
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love PlusKonamiKonami2009
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd SeasonKonamiKonami2008
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 3rd StoryKonamiKonami2010
Tokyo Beat DownSuccessAtlus, SuccessSeptember 18, 2008 (JP)
Tom and Jerry TalesSensory Sweep StudiosEidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentNovember 7, 2006 (NA)
Tom Clancy’s EndWarUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 4, 2008 (NA)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryUbisoftUbisoftJune 28, 2005 (NA)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: ConvictionUbisoft MontrealUbisoft2010
Tomb Raider: UnderworldSanta Cruz GamesEidos InteractiveNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Tomb Raider: LegendCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveNovember 10, 2006 (PAL)
Tomyka Hero: Rescue Force DSTakara TomyTakara TomyNovember 20, 2008 (JP)
Tony Hawk’s American Sk8landVicarious VisionsActivisionNovember 16, 2005 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s Downhill JamVicarious VisionsActivisionOctober 24, 2006 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s MotionCreat StudiosActivisionNovember 18, 2008 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s Proving GroundVicarious VisionsActivisionOctober 15, 2007 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater DSNovember 6, 2009 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater DS 2October 9, 2010 (NA)
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater DS 3August 20, 2011 (NA)
ToondokuMajesco EntertainmentEidos Interactive, Majesco EntertainmentOctober 26, 2007 (PAL)
Tootuff Mission NadiaAtariAtariFebruary 10, 2006 (PAL)
Top Gear: DownforceTantalus MediaTantalus Media2008 (NA)
Top GunInterActive Vision Games505 Games, Mastiff, Taito CorporationFebruary 23, 2006 (JP)
Top Spin 2Indie Built2K SportsMarch 29, 2006 (NA)
Top Spin 3PAM Development2K SportsJune 23, 2008 (NA)
Top Trumps Adventures: Dogs and DinosaursIronstone PartnersUbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Top Trumps: Doctor WhoIronstone PartnersEidos InteractiveMay 16, 2008 (PAL)
Top Trumps Adventures: Horror and PredatorsUbisoftUbisoftOctober 12, 2007 (PAL)
Top Trumps: NBA All StarsIdeas PadGMG Play2012
TornadoSKONEC EntertainmentIgnition EntertainmentSeptember 30, 2008 (NA)
Totally Spies! 2: UndercoverAtariAtariNovember 27, 2006 (NA)
Totally Spies! 3: Secret AgentsAtariAtariOctober 18, 2007 (NA)
Touch DartsSegaAgetec, SegaJune 15, 2007 (PAL)
Touch DetectiveBeeWorks505 Game Street, Atlus, SuccessApril 13, 2006 (JP)
Touch Detective 2 ½BeeWorks505 Games, Atlus, SuccessMay 24, 2007 (JP)
Touch DictionaryDaewon MediaDaewon Media2005
Touch Game PartyTaito Corporation505 Games, Taito CorporationSeptember 21, 2007 (PAL)
Touch MechanicKando GamesAspyr Media, NintendoMarch 24, 2009 (NA)
Touch PanicMay 25, 2006 (JP)
Touch the DeadDream On StudiosEidos InteractiveMay 16, 2007 (NA)
TouchMasterMidway GamesMidway GamesJune 25, 2007 (NA)
TouchMaster 2Midway GamesMidway GamesNovember 3, 2008 (NA)
TouchMaster 3Midway GamesWarner Bros. Interactive2009
TouchMaster ConnectMidway GamesWarner Bros. Interactive2010
Tout Savoir: CM2AtariInfogramesJuly 2, 2008 (PAL)
The Tower DSDigiToysDigiToysJune 26, 2008 (JP)
Toy ShopGameinvest, SeedStudiosMajesco EntertainmentApril 29, 2008 (NA)
Toy Story 3: The Video Gamen-SpaceDisney Interactive Studios2000 (NA)
Trace Memory
Another Code: Two MemoriesJP
Trace MemoryFebruary 24, 2005 (JP)
TrackMania DSFirebrand GamesAtlus, Focus Home InteractiveNovember 14, 2008 (PAL,NA)
TrackMania Turbo
TrackMania Turbo: Build to RaceNA
Firebrand GamesAtlus, Focus Home Interactive2011
Transformers: AnimatedBehaviour InteractiveActivisionOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Transformers: AutobotsVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 19, 2007 (NA)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon – AutobotsBehaviour InteractiveActivision2011
Transformers: Dark of the Moon – DecepticonsBehaviour InteractiveActivision2011
Transformers: DeceptionsVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 19, 2007 (NA)
Transformers: Prime – The GameAltronActivision2012
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – AutobotsVicarious VisionsActivisionJune 23, 2009 (NA)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – DecepticonsVicarious VisionsActivision2009
Transformers: War for Cybertron – AutobotsVicarious VisionsActivision2010
Transformers: War for Cybertron – DecepticonsVicarious VisionsActivision2010
Trauma Center: Under the KnifeAtlusAtlus, NintendoJune 16, 2005 (JP)
Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2AtlusAtlusJuly 2, 2008 (JP)
Travel Coach: Europe 1HMH Hamburger Medien HausHMH Hamburger Medien HausMay 22, 2008 (PAL)
Travel Coach: Europe 2HMH Hamburger Medien HausHMH Hamburger Medien Haus2008 (PAL)
Travel Coach: Europe 3HMH Hamburger Medien HausHMH Hamburger Medien Haus2008 (PAL)
Travel Games For DummiesBeanbag StudiosElectronic ArtsOctober 28, 2008 (NA)
Treasure Gaust: Gaust Diver Crimson RedNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJuly 5, 2007 (JP)
Treasure Gaust: Gaust Diver Deep PurpleNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJuly 5, 2007 (JP)
Treasure Report: Kikai Jikake no IsanNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games2011
Treasure WorldAspyr MediaAspyr MediaJuly 2, 2009 (NA)
TrioncubeNamco Bandai GamesAtari, Namco Bandai GamesAugust 3, 2006 (JP)
TropixCapcomCapcomNovember 4, 2008 (NA)
True Swing GolfTechnology and Entertainment SoftwareNintendoNovember 10, 2005 (JP)
The TrumpD3 PublisherD3 PublisherJune 22, 2006 (JP)
Tsubasa ChronicleArikaArikaOctober 27, 2005 (JP)
Tsubasa Chronicle Vol. 2ArikaArikaApril 20, 2006 (JP)
TsukibitoSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore2009
Tsumiki: The Infernal TowerRED EntertainmentRED Entertainment, NobilisAugust 30, 2007 (JP)
Turbo Super Stunt SquadMonkey Bar GamesD3 PublisherJuly 16, 2013 (NA)
Turn It Around!505 Games, Majesco Entertainment505 Game Street, Majesco Entertainment, Taito CorporationJuly 20, 2006 (JP)
Twilight Syndrome: Kinjiratera Toshi DensetsuSpikeSpike2008
Ukkari o Nakusō! Bunshō Yomi TrainingIntelligent SystemsBenesseJune 28, 2007 (JP)
Ultimate BandFall Line StudiosDisney Interactive StudiosNovember 4, 2008 (NA)
Ultimate Card GamesCosmigoTelegames2011
Ultimate Mortal KombatOther Ocean InteractiveMidway GamesNovember 12, 2007 (NA)
Ultimate Puzzle Games: Sudoku Edition(Super Fun Sudoku in Europe)TelegamesTelegames, White Park BayJuly 24, 2007 (NA)
Ultimate Spider-ManVicarious VisionsActivision, Taito CorporationMay 25, 2006 (JP)
Umiuru to Sudoku Shiyo!GenterpriseGenterprise2008
Undercover: Dual MotivesSproing Interactive MediaDTP Entertainment, Eidos InteractiveApril 25, 2008 (PAL)
Underground PoolFrontLine StudiosUFO InteractiveJanuary 26, 2007 (NA)
Underwater AttackUFO InteractiveUFO Interactive2008 (NA)
Uno / Skip-Bo / Uno FreefallBlack Lantern StudiosDestination SoftwareNovember 16, 2006 (NA)
Uno 52Destination SoftwareDestination SoftwareOctober 3, 2006 (NA)
Unō Kaiten: Match-Bō Puzzle DSErtainErtainJune 14, 2007 (JP)
Unō Kids DSNovember 13, 2008 (JP)
Unō no Tatsujin: Hirameki Kosodate My AngelNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesSeptember 7, 2006 (JP)
Unō Tanren UnoTan DS: Shichida Shiki Otona no Shun Kan TrainingInterchannelInterchannelFebruary 22, 2007 (JP)
Unsolved CrimesNow ProductionAtari, Empire InteractiveSeptember 16, 2008 (NA)
UpAltronTHQMay 26, 2009 (NA)
Uranai Demo Shite Miyōka DSHudson SoftHudson SoftJune 28, 2007 (JP)
The Urbz: Sims in the CityGriptonite GamesEA GamesNovember 17, 2004 (NA)
Urusei Yatsura: Endless SummerMarvelous EntertainmentMarvelous EntertainmentOctober 20, 2005 (JP)
USA Today Crossword ChallengeDestineerDestineerMay 30, 2008 (NA)
USA Today Puzzle CrazeDestineerDestineerFebruary 10, 2009 (NA)
Utsukushii Nihongo no Kakikata Hanashikata DSIE InstituteIE InstituteMay 17, 2007 (JP)
Uwasa no Midori-kun!! Futari no Midori!?Idea FactoryIdea Factory2008
Uwasa no Midori-kun!! Natsu Iro StrikerIdea FactoryIdea FactorySeptember 20, 2007 (JP)
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plumetri-AceSquare EnixNovember 1, 2008 (JP)
Vampire Knight DSD3 PublisherD3 Publisher2009
Vegas Casino High 5!Neko EntertainmentBold Games, Neko EntertainmentApril 27, 2007 (PAL)
Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble!Clover StudioCapcom, NintendoNovember 2, 2005 (JP)
Virtual Villagers: A New HomeLast Day of WorkDTP Entertainment2009
Vitamin X EvolutionD3 PublisherD3 PublisherMarch 27, 2008 (JP)
Vitamin YD3 PublisherD3 PublisherOctober 30, 2008 (JP)
Viva Piñata: Pocket ParadiseRareTHQSeptember 5, 2008 (PAL)
Wacky Races: Crash & DashFarming LtdEidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentJune 17, 2008 (NA)
Wakabayashi Fumie no DS Kabu LessonNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJune 21, 2007 (JP)
Wall-EHelixeTHQJune 24, 2008 (NA)
Walt Disney Pictures Presents EnchantedNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
Wantame Uranai ChannelCapcomCapcomAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
Wantame Variety ChannelCapcomCapcom2008
Wappy DogActivisionActivision2011
Warhammer 40,000: Squad CommandTHQTHQDecember 7, 2007 (PAL)
Wario: Master of DisguiseSUZAK Inc.NintendoJanuary 18, 2007 (JP)
WarioWare D.I.Y.NintendoNintendoApril 29, 2009 (JP)
WarioWare: Touched!Intelligent SystemsNintendoDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Watashi no Happy Manner BookTaito CorporationTaito CorporationApril 5, 2007 (JP)
Watashi no RelaxumaRocket CompanyRocket CompanyApril 12, 2007 (JP)
The Water Horse: Legend of the DeepBlast! EntertainmentBlast! EntertainmentApril 25, 2008 (PAL)
Wedding DashZoo GamesZoo Games2009
Whac-A-MoleActivisionActivision, Zoo Digital PublishingSeptember 21, 2005 (NA)
What’s Cooking? with Jamie OliverAtariAtariOctober 21, 2008 (NA)
Where the Wild Things AreAmazeWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentOctober 13, 2009 (NA)
Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic JourneyLudiaUbisoft2009 (NA)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 1st EditionUbisoftUbisoftNovember 2, 2007 (PAL)
Wi-Fi Taiou Gensen Table Game DSHudson SoftHudson SoftAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
Wi-Fi Taiou Morita Shogi DSHudson SoftHudson SoftFebruary 8, 2007 (JP)
Wi-Fi Taiou Yakuman DSNintendoNintendoSeptember 14, 2006 (JP)
Wiffle BallSkyworks TechnologiesDestination SoftwareMarch 12, 2007 (PAL)
The Wild WestHappy HappeningMajesco EntertainmentAugust 28, 2007 (NA)
Windy x WindamSuccessDHM Interactive, SuccessJuly 31, 2008 (JP)
Winner’s CircleGenkiGenkiOctober 18, 2007 (JP)
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007November 2, 2006 (JP)
Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge49 GamesConspiracy Entertainment, RTL GamesNovember 25, 2008 (NA)
Winx Club Secret Diary 2009KonamiKonami2000 (NA)
Winx Club: Mission EchantrixKonamiKonamiMarch 7, 2008 (PAL)
Winx Club: The Quest for the CodexKonamiKonamiNovember 13, 2006 (NA)
WireWayKonamiKonami2009 (NA)
A Witch’s TaleHit MakerNippon Ichi Software2009 (JP)
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick RoadMedia VisionD3 Publisher, XSEED GamesDecember 25, 2008 (JP)
WizardologyCodemastersCodemasters2009 (UNK)
Wizardry Asterisk: Hiiro no FuuinStarfish SDStarfish SDDecember 29, 2005 (JP)
Wizards of Waverly PlaceDisney Interactive StudiosDisney Interactive Studios2009
Wizards of Waverly Place: SpellboundDisney Interactive StudiosDisney Interactive Studios2010
The Wonder Pets!: Save the Animals!Black Lantern StudiosTake-Two InteractiveOctober 27, 2008 (NA)
Wonder World Amusement ParkCoyote ConsoleMajesco EntertainmentJuly 8, 2008 (NA)
The Woodleys Summer SportsEidos InteractiveEidos InteractiveAugust 15, 2008 (PAL)
WordJongDestineerDestineerNovember 16, 2007 (NA)
WordmasterSarbakan Inc.Zoo GamesAugust 12, 2008 (NA)
World Championship PokerCrave Entertainment505 Games, Crave EntertainmentApril 17, 2005 (NA)
World Cup Of PoolMidas Interactive EntertainmentMidas Interactive EntertainmentSeptember 26, 2008 (PAL)
The World Ends With YouJupiterSquare EnixJuly 27, 2007 (JP)
The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Uta Dekichatte KeiAQ InteractiveAQ Interactive2009
World of ZooBlue Fang GamesTHQ2009
World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the BraceletsLeft Field ProductionsActivisionNovember 6, 2007 (NA)
World Snooker Championship 2007-08Blade InteractiveBlade InteractiveOctober 26, 2007 (PAL)
Worms: Open WarfareTeam17THQMarch 22, 2006 (NA)
Worms: Open Warfare 2Team17, Two Tribes B.V.THQAugust 31, 2007 (PAL)
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008Amaze EntertainmentTHQNovember 9, 2007 (PAL)
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009TOSETHQNovember 7, 2008 (PAL)
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010TOSETHQ2009
X-Men: The Official GameAmaze EntertainmentActivisionMay 16, 2006 (NA)
X-Men Origins: WolverineGriptonite GamesActivisionMay 1, 2009 (NA)
Xenosaga I & IIMonolith SoftNamcoMarch 30, 2006 (JP)
XG Blast!Rising Star GamesUFO InteractiveNovember 1, 2008 (PAL)
Xiaolin ShowdownRazorback DevelopmentsKonamiNovember 28, 2006 (NA)
Yakitate!! JapanBandaiBandaiJanuary 12, 2006 (JP)
Yakuman DSIntelligent SystemsNintendoMarch 31, 2005 (JP)
Yamaha SupercrossCoyote ConsoleDestination Software, Zoo Digital PublishingJuly 14, 2008 (NA)
Yamakawa Shuppansha Kanshuu: Shousetsu Nihonshi DSNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJune 7, 2007 (JP)
Yamakawa Shuppansha Kanshuu: Shousetsu Sekaishi DSNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai GamesJune 7, 2007 (JP)
Yareba de Kiru! The Micro Step – Gijutsu de Oboeru EitangoD3 PublisherD3 PublisherJuly 26, 2007 (JP)
Yattaman DS 2Takara TomyTakara TomyOctober 1, 2008 (JP)
Yes! PreCure 5BandaiNamco Bandai Games2007
Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! Zenin ShūGo! Dorīmu FesutibaruBandaiNamco Bandai Games2008
Yggdra Unison: Seiken BuyuudenSting EntertainmentAtlus2009 (JP)
Yoshi Touch & GoNintendoNintendoJanuary 27, 2005 (JP)
Yoshi’s Island DSArtoonNintendoNovember 13, 2006 (NA)
Yosumin DSSquare EnixSquare EnixNovember 8, 2007 (JP)
Ys DSInterchannelDHM Interactive, InterchannelMarch 20, 2008 (JP)
Ys II DSInterchannelInterchannelMarch 20, 2008 (JP)
Ys StrategyFuture CreatesMarvelous Entertainment, Rising Star GamesMarch 23, 2006 (JP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009KonamiKonamiMay 19, 2009 (NA)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2010: Reverse of ArcadiaKonamiKonami2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2011: Over the NexusKonamiKonami2011
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Nightmare Troubadour
Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare TroubadourEU NA
KonamiKonamiJuly 21, 2005 (JP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: World Championship 2007
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007EU NA
KonamiAtari, KonamiMarch 15, 2007 (JP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: World Championship 2008
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: World Championship 2008EU NA
KonamiKonamiNovember 29, 2007 (JP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Card Almanac
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Card AlmanacEU NA
KonamiKonamiAugust 9, 2007 (JP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Spirit Summoner
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit CallerEU NA
KonamiKonamiNovember 30, 2006 (JP)
Yukkuri Tanoshimu Otona no Jigsaw Puzzle DS: Sekai no Meiga 1: Renaissance, Baroque no KyoshouInterchannelInterchannelMay 17, 2007 (JP)
Yukkuri Tanoshimu Otona no Jigsaw Puzzle DS: Sekai no Meiga 2: Inshou-ha, Kouki Inshou-ha no KyoshouInterchannelInterchannelMay 17, 2007 (JP)
Yume Neko DSSegaSegaApril 24, 2008 (JP)
Yuuzai x MuzaiBandai Namco GamesBandai Namco Games2009
Yu Yu Hakusho DS: Ankoku Bujutsukai HenTakara TomyTakara TomySeptember 21, 2006 (JP)
Zac to Ombra: Maboroshi no YuuenchiKonamiKonami2010
Zaidan Houjin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kounin: KanKen DSRocket CompanyRocket CompanySeptember 28, 2006 (JP)
ZendokuZoonamiEidos InteractiveApril 20, 2007 (PAL)
Zenmai ZamuraiGenkiGenkiJuly 19, 2007 (JP)
Zenses OceanShin’en MultimediaThe Game FactoryOctober 31, 2008 (PAL)
Zenses RainforestShin’en MultimediaThe Game FactoryOctober 31, 2008 (PAL)
Zettai Karen Children DS: Dai-4 no ChildrenKonamiKonamiSeptember 4, 2008 (JP)
Zettai Onkan MasterHudson SoftHudson SoftAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
Zettai Onkan Otoda MasterHudson SoftHudson SoftAugust 2, 2007 (JP)
Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan DS: Dangerous SensationKids StationKids StationJanuary 14, 2006 (JP)
Zhu Zhu BabiesActivisionActivision2011
Zhu Zhu PetsActivisionActivision2010
Zhu Zhu Pets 2ActivisionActivision2011
Zhu Zhu Pets: Kung ZhuActivisionActivision2010
Zhu Zhu Pets: Quest for ZhuActivisionActivision2011
Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages & CastlesActivisionActivision2011
Zhu Zhu PuppiesActivisionActivision2011
Zoey 101: Field Trip FiascoTHQTHQSeptember 11, 2007 (NA)
Zoids Battle ColosseumTakara TomyTakara TomyNovember 30, 2006 (JP)
Zoids DashTakara TomyTakara TomyJune 15, 2006 (JP)
Zoids Saga DS: Legend of ArcadiaTomyTomy2000 (JP)
The Zombie CrisisD3 PublisherD3 PublisherJanuary 31, 2008 (JP)
Zoobles! Spring to Life![8]Now ProductionActivision2011
Zoo HospitalTorus GamesEidos Interactive, Majesco EntertainmentOctober 23, 2007 (NA)
Zoo KeeperSuccessIgnition Entertainment, SuccessDecember 2, 2004 (JP)
Zoo Tycoon 2 DSBlue Fang GamesTHQFebruary 4, 2008 (NA)
Zoo Tycoon DSTHQSega, THQOctober 11, 2005 (NA)
Zoo Vet: Endangered AnimalsLegacy GamesVivendi GamesOctober 20, 2008 (NA)
ZuboEA Bright LightElectronic ArtsOctober 3, 2008 (PAL)
Zuma’s Revenge!PopCap GamesPopCap Games2011

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