How to get NES FC Games (NES FC ROMs)

2600, 3DS, DC, GameCube
GBA, GBC, MD/Genesis
Sega CD, Sega Saturn, SNES/SFC, Wii, WSC
New Games

Top NES/FC Game List:

Where to get NES/FC Game File

Way 1: You can try some NES Collection Emulator :


NES Collection


Way 2: You can search game file from Google search

How to Play NES/FC Game

  • Put the Game File into you devices
  • Open the NES/FC game emulator and browser to the Game File
  • Just select The Game file to Play

Enjoy it ! 🙂


  1. Can we play multiplayer if not plz add it somehow.

  2. I was playing #72. Dragon Warrior IV and when I get to the second chapter’s first boss, the game shuts off on me! Every single time. It says, “Sorry, unfortunately the app has stopped working.” This is very frustrating considering I have put so many hours into getting to this point in the game. Is there any help?

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