Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors’ Dreams (U) [C] GBC

Play Supported: PSP, PS, NDS, GBA, SNES, N64, Wii, GameCube, NES, GBC, Genesis, DreamCast, Game Gear, GB, WSC/WS, Atari 2600, PCE, SMS, NGP, MSX, MSX 2

Game Supported: PS2, MAME, Neo Geo, C64

35 Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors’ Dreams (U) [C][!].7z


The challenge has been made and you’re cast into the battle with nothing but cunning and skill on your side.

The world’s most powerful collection of warriors is now assembled in one incredible tournament.

Armed with an arsenal of new martial arts moves, Super Combos and Alpha Counters, legendary Street Fighters, Ryu- Chun-Li and Ken collide with a lethal new combination of foes. Welcome to the most extreme one-on-one warfare ever!

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