Pokemon Pinball (U) [C] GBC

Play Supported: PSP, PS, NDS, GBA, SNES, N64, Wii, GameCube, NES, GBC, Genesis, DreamCast, Game Gear, GB, WSC/WS, Atari 2600, PCE, SMS, NGP, MSX, MSX 2

Game Supported: PS2, MAME, Neo Geo, C64

15 Pokemon Pinball (U) [C][!].7z


Pokémon Pinball (Japanese: ポケモンピンボール Hepburn: Pokemon Pinbōru?) is a pinball-based Pokémon spin-off video game for the Game Boy Color.


Discover a whole new way to collect Pokemon – by playing pinball! Hit the targets with your Poke Ball to catch and evolve Pokemon. The better you do, the more rare Pokemon you’ll find! Every Pokemon you catch is automatically recorded in your Pokedex – see if you catch all 150! Some Pokemon appear only on the Red Field or only on the Blue Field, so you’ll have to play them both to catch ’em all!

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