Pokemon – Crystal Version (UE) (V1.1) GBC

Play Supported: PSP, PS, NDS, GBA, SNES, N64, Wii, GameCube, NES, GBC, Genesis, DreamCast, Game Gear, GB, WSC/WS, Atari 2600, PCE, SMS, NGP, MSX, MSX 2

Game Supported: PS2, MAME, Neo Geo, C64

02 Pokemon – Crystal Version (UE) (V1.1) [C][!].gbc.7z


Travel back to the world of Johto as the Gold & Silver series continues with brand-new features!


Whether you’re reading the fresh descriptions in your Pokedex, using the unique sort function to organize your Pokemon in new ways, watching the all-new battle animations, or discovering another way to capture Suicune, you’ll need all of your Poke-skills to master Pokemon Crystal on your Game Boy Color!

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