2600 – List of Atari 2600 Games

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This is a list of games for the Atari 2600 video game console, totaling more than 565 games, divided into the following sections: games published by Atari and Sears, games published by third parties during the 2600’s production run, and later homebrew releases. The Atari 2600 was first released in North America on September 11, 1977 and featured nine launch titles: Air-Sea Battle, Basic Math, Blackjack, Combat, Indy 500, Star Ship, Street Racer, Surround and Video Olympics. The final licensed Atari 2600 game released in North America was Secret Quest in 1989, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992.


How to get Atart 2600 Games(Atart 2600 ROMs)

Games published by Atari and Sears

All 136 of the initial era[when?] of Atari 2600 games were developed and manufactured by Atari, Inc. These games were published by Atari, and many were also licensed to Sears, which released these games under its Tele-Games brand, often with different titles.[1] Sears’s Tele-Games brand was unrelated to the company Telegames, which also produced cartridges for the Atari 2600 (mostly re-issues of M Network games.)[2]

Three games were also produced by Atari Inc. for Sears as exclusive releases under the Tele-Games brand: Steeplechase, Stellar Track, and Submarine Commander.

Normal TitleAlternate TitleDesigner(s) / Programmer(s)YearGenreNotes and references
32 in 11988Educational, SportsA multi-genre cartridge. It was a PAL-only release and is compatible with the Atari 7800.[3] 32 games are included, including games by Atari, Inc., Activision, CommaVid, and US Games.
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe3-D Tic-Tac-ToeCarol Shaw1980Strategy
Action Pak1981Action, Strategyvalue priced re-release of Othello, Dodge ‘Em, and Breakout.
AdventureAdventureWarren Robinett1979Adventure
Air-Sea BattleTarget FunLarry Kaplan1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Alpha Beam with ErnieMichael Callahan (Programmer) Preston Stuart (Graphics)1983Educationallicensed by Children’s Computer Workshop, Inc.,
AsterixSteve Woita1983Primarily a PAL release; Very limited NTSC release; Same game as “Taz” but with altered graphics
AsteroidsAsteroidsBrad Stewart1981Action
Atari Video Cube1982Strategy
BackgammonBackgammonCraig Nelson1979Strategy
Back To School Pak1978Educational, Strategy
Basic Math AKA Fun With NumbersMathGary Palmer1977EducationalOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Basic ProgrammingWarren Robinett1979
BasketballBasketballAlan Miller1978Sports
BattlezoneMike Feinstein and Brad Rice1983Action, Simulation
BerzerkBerzerkDan Hitchens1982Actionlicensed by Stern Electronics, Inc.
Big Bird’s Egg CatchChristopher Omarzu1983Educational, Strategylicensed by Children’s Computer Workshop, Inc.,
BlackjackBlackjackBob Whitehead1977SimulationOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
BowlingBowlingLarry Kaplan1979Sports
Brain GamesBrain GamesLarry Kaplan1978Educational, Strategy
BreakoutBreakaway IVBrad Stewart1978Action
Canyon BomberCanyon BomberDavid Crane1979Action
CasinoPoker PlusBob Whitehead1978Strategy
Circus AtariCircusMike Lorenzen1980Actionbased on Circus by Exidy
CombatTank PlusLarry Wagner, Joe Decuir1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Concentration aka A Game of ConcentrationMemory MatchJim Huether1978Atari version originally titled Hunt & Score
Cookie Monster MunchGary Stark1983Educationallicensed by Children’s Computer Workshop, Inc.
Crazy ClimberAlex Leavens1982Actionlicensed by Nihon Bussan Co., Ltd.
Crossbow1987Actionlicensed by Exidy
Crystal CastlesPeter C. Niday (Programmer) Robert Vieira (Sound) Michael Kosaka (Graphics)1983Action
Dark ChambersJohn Palevich1988Action
DefenderDefenderBob Polaro1982Actionlicensed by Williams Electronics Inc.
Defender IIBill Aspromonte (Programmer) Andrew Fuchs (Sound)1988ActionAtari’s renamed re-release of “Stargate”
Demons to DiamondsDemons to DiamondsNick Turner1982Action
Desert FalconBob Polaro1987Action
Diagnostic Cartridge ?
Dig Dug1983Actionlicensed by Namco Limited
Dodge ‘EmDodger CarsCarla Meninsky1980Action, Racing / Driving
Double DunkMatthew Hubbard1989Sports
E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialHoward Scott Warshaw1982Adventure
Fatal RunSteve Aguirre1990Action, Racing / DrivingPAL-only release; licensed by Sculptured Software, Inc.
Flag CaptureCaptureJim Huether1978Strategy
FootballFootballBob Whitehead1978Sports
Frog Pond19??ActionUnreleased prototype game included in Atari Flashback 2
GalaxianMark Ackerman, Glen Parker and Tom Calderwood1983Actionlicensed by Namco Limited
GremlinsScott Smith (Programmer) Mimi Nyden (Graphics) Robert Vieira (Sound)1984Action
HangmanSpellingAlan Miller1978Strategy
Haunted HouseHaunted HouseJames Andreasen1982Action, Adventure
Home RunBaseballBob Whitehead1978Sports
Human CannonballCannon Man1979Strategy
Hunt & Score (see Concentration)Jim Huether1978Strategy
Ikari Warriors1989Actionlicensed by SNK Corporation
Indy 500RaceEd Riddle1977Racing / DrivingOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
JoustMike Feinstein and Kevin Osborn1983Actionlicensed by Williams Electronics Inc.
Jr. Pac-ManAva-Robin Cohen1986Actionlicensed by Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Jungle HuntMike Feinstein and John Allred19833rd-Person Perspective, Platformlicensed by Taito Corporation
KangarooKevin Osborn1983Actionlicensed by Sun Electronics Corp.
KlaxSteve DeFrisco1990Action, StrategyPAL-only release. Last official game released for 2600
KrullDave Staugas1983Action
Mario Bros.Dan Hitchens1983Actionlicensed by Nintendo
Math Gran PrixMath Gran PrixSuki Lee1982Educational, Racing / Driving
Maze Craze: A Game of Cops and RobbersMaze ManiaRick Maurer1978Action
Midnight MagicGlenn Axworthy1986Actionsee also David’s Midnight Magic by Brøderbund Software, Inc.
MillipedeDave Staugas (Programmer) Jerome Domurat (Graphics) Andrew Fuchs (Sound) Robert Vieira (Sound)1984
Miniature GolfArcade Golf[4]Tom Reuterdahl1979Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Missile CommandMissile CommandRob Fulop1981Action
Moon Patrol1983Actionlicensed by Irem Corp.
MotoRodeoSteve DeFrisco1990Racing / Driving, Sportslicensed by Axlon
Ms. Pac-ManMike Horowitz and Josh Littlefield1983Actionlicensed by General Computer Corporation, Midway
Night DriverNight DriverRob Fulop1978Action, Racing / Driving
ObelixSuki Lee (Programmer) Dave Jolly (Graphics) Jeff Gusman (Sound) Andrew Fuchs (Sound)1983Action
Off the Wall1989Action
Oscar’s Trash RaceChristopher Omarzu (Programmer) Preston Stuart (Graphics)1983Educational, Racing / Drivinglicensed by Children’s Computer Workshop, Inc.,
OthelloOthelloEd Logg1980Strategy
OutlawGunslingerDavid Crane1978Action
Pac-ManPac-ManTod Frye1982Actionlicensed by Namco Limited
Pelé’s SoccerChampionship Soccer, SoccerSteve Wright1980Action, Sports
PengoMark R. Hahn (Programmer) Andrew Fuchs (Sound) Jeff Gusman (Sound) Courtney Granner (Unknown)1984Actionlicensed by Coreland, SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Pepsi InvadersChristopher Omarzu1983ActionA special version of Space Invaders commissioned by Coca-Cola.
PhoenixMike Feinstein and John Mracek1982Actionlicensed by Amstar Electronics
Pigs in SpaceRob Zdybel (Programmer) John Russell (Programmer) Bill Aspromonte (Programmer) Michael Sierchio(Designer)1983Action
Polo1983SportsUnreleased prototype game
Pole PositionDoug Macrae and John Allred1983Racing / Drivinglicensed by Namco Limited
QuadrunSteve Woita1983Action
Racing Pak1982Racing / Driving
Radar LockDoug Neubauer1989Action
Raiders of the Lost ArkHoward Scott Warshaw1982Adventure
RealSports BaseballJoseph Tung1982Action, Sports
RealSports Boxing1987Action, Sports
RealSports FootballRobert Zdybel1982Sports
RealSports SoccerMichael Sierchio1983Sports
RealSports Tennis1983Sports
RealSports VolleyballBob Polaro (Programmer) Alan Murphy (Graphics)1982Sports
Road RunnerBob Polaro1989/1992Action, Racing / Driving
Rubik’s Cube-Rare re-release of the Atari Video Cube1983
Secret QuestSteve DeFrisco (Programmer) and Nolan Bushnell (Designer)1989Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)licensed by Axlon
SentinelDavid Lubar (Programmer)1990Action
Signal Tracing Cartridge ?
Sky DiverDare DiverJim Huether1979Action
Slot MachineSlotsDavid Crane1979Simulation
Slot RacersMazeWarren Robinett1978Action
Snoopy and the Red BaronRichard Dobbis (Programmer) Sam Comstock (Graphics)1983Action
SolarisDoug Neubauer1986Action
Sorcerer’s ApprenticePeter C. Niday1983Action
Space InvadersSpace InvadersRick Maurer1980Actionlicensed by Taito Corporation
Space WarSpace Combat1978Action, Simulation
SprintmasterBob Polaro1988Action, Racing / Driving
StargateBill Aspromonte (Programmer) Andrew Fuchs (Sound)1984Actionlicensed by Williams Electronic Games, Inc.
Star RaidersStar RaidersCarla Meninsky1982Action, Strategy
Star ShipOuter SpaceBob Whitehead1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
SteeplechaseJim Huether1980Action, Sportsone of the three titles Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Stellar TrackRobert Zdybel1981Simulation, Strategyone of the three titles Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Street RacerSpeedway IILarry Kaplan1977Racing / DrivingOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Submarine CommanderMatthew Hubbard1982Simulationone of the three titles Atari produced exclusively for Sears.
Super Baseball1988Action, Sports
Super BreakoutSuper BreakoutNick Turner1982Action
Super FootballDoug Neubauer1988Sports
SupermanSupermanJohn Dunn1978/1979
SurroundChaseAlan Miller1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Swordquest: EarthworldDan Hitchens1982Action, Adventure
Swordquest: FireworldTod Frye1983Adventure
Swordquest: WaterworldTod Frye1983Adventure
TazSteve Woita1983Action
Track & FieldSeth Lipkin and Jaques Hugon1983Sportslicensed by Konami
VanguardDave Payne1982Actionlicensed by SNK Corporation
Video CheckersCheckersCarol Shaw1980Strategy
Video ChessVideo ChessLarry Wagner, Bob Whitehead1979Strategy
Video OlympicsPong SportsJoe Decuir1977ActionOne of the nine Atari 2600 launch titles
Video PinballArcade PinballBob Smith1980
WarlordsWarlordsCarla Meninsky1981Action
Xenophobe1990Actionlicensed by Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Yars’ RevengeYars’ RevengeHoward Scott Warshaw1982[5][6]Action

 Games published by third parties

As the Atari 2600 console grew in popularity,[when?] other game developers, such as Activision and Imagic, entered the market and published more than 380 of their own cartridges for the Atari 2600. Many of the most popular Atari 2600 titles, such as Pitfall! and Demon Attack, are third-party titles

Game TitleDeveloper (Designer)PublisherYearGenreNotes and references
Acid DropDennis Kiss[8]Salu Ltd1992StrategyPAL-only release; puzzle game; last game released. Atari 2600s stopped being manufactured
ActionautsRob Fulop2008SimulationOriginally planned for release in 1984
The Activision DecathlonActivision (David Crane)Activision1983Sports
Adventures of TronAPh Technological ConsultingM-Network1982Action
AirlockData AgeData Age1982Action
Air RaidMenAVisionMenAVision1982ActionOnly 12 copies known to exist[citation needed]
Air RaidersM-NetworkM-Network1982Action
Alien20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1982Action
Alien’s ReturnHome Vision1983ActionPrimarily a PAL release. Released in NTSC format as “E.T Go Home”
AmidarKonamiParker Brothers1982Action
AquatakJohn Sands ElectronicsJohn Sands Electronics198?ActionPAL release. Released in NTSC format by Froggo as “Sea Hunt”
Armor AmbushM-NetworkM-Network1982Action, Racing / Driving
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris SuperkicksXonoxXonox1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery Duel/Ghost ManorXonoxXonox1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery Duel/Spike’s PeakXonoxXonox1983Strategydouble-ended cartridge
Artillery DuelXonoxXonox1983Strategy
Atlantis IIImagicImagic1982Action
Bachelor PartyMystiquePlayAround1982Action
Bachelorette PartyMystiquePlayAround1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with “Burning Desire”
Bank Heist20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1983Action, Racing / Driving
Beany BopperSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
Beat Em and Eat EmMystiquePlayAround1983Action
Berenstain BearsColecoColeco1983EducationalKid Vid Voice Module required to function
Bermuda TriangleData AgeData Age1982Action
Birthday ManiaTokar, Robert AnthonyPersonal Games Company1984Action
Blue PrintBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.CBS Electronics1983Action
BMX AirmasterTNT GamesSculptured Software, Inc.1989Action, Sports
Bobby Is Going HomeBit Corporation1983
Boing!First Star SoftwareFirst Star Software1983Action
BoxingActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1980Sports
BridgeActivision (Larry Kaplan)Activision1981Strategy
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSegaSega1983Action
BugsData AgeData Age1982Action
Bumper BashSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Bump ‘n’ JumpData EastM-Network1983Action, Racing / Driving
BurgerTimeData EastM-Network1982Action
Burning DesirePlayAround1983Released as a 2-in-1 cart with “Bachelorette Party”
Busy PoliceZellers1983unlicensed reproduction of Keystone Kapers[9]
California GamesEpyxEpyx1987Sports
Cathouse BluesPlayAround1982
ChallengeFunvisionReleased in NTSC format by Zellers
Challenge of NexarSirius SoftwareSpectravision1982Action
Chase the Chuck WagonSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
CheckersActivision (Alan Miller)Activision1981Strategy
China SyndromeSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Chopper CommandActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1982Action
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost ManorXonoxXonox1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike’s PeakXonoxXonox1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Chuck Norris SuperkicksXonoxXonox1983Action
CommandoCapcom Co., Ltd.Activision1988Action
Commando RaidUS GamesUS Games1982Action
Communist Mutants from Space (Cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Action
Condor AttackUltravision1983
ConfrontationAnswer SoftwareAnswer Software1983StrategyOnly originally available directly from Answer Software for a short time.
Congo BongoSegaSega1983Action
Cosmic ArkImagic (Rob Fulop)Imagic1982Action
Cosmic CommuterActivisionActivision1984Action
Cosmic CorridorZimag1983NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s “Space Tunnel”
Cosmic CreepsTelesysTelesys1982Action
Cosmic Free FireAction Hi-TechPAL-format[10]
Cosmic SwarmCommaVidCommaVid1982Action
Crab ControlAction Hi-TechPAL-format[10]
Crash Dive20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1983Action
Cross ForceSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Cruise MissileFroggo1987Same game as “Exocet” released by Panda
Crypts of Chaos20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1982Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
CubicolorRob Fulop1982Strategy
Custer’s RevengeMystique1982
Dancing PlateBit Corporation1982PAL release
Dark CavernM-Network1982
Deadly DiscsTelegames1983Actionreissue of M-Network’s Tron: Deadly Discs
Deadly DuckSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
Death TrapAvalon HillAvalon Hill1983Action, Strategy
Demolition HerbyTelesysTelesys1983Action
Demon AttackImagic (Rob Fulop)Imagic1982Action
Dice PuzzlePanda Computer Games1983
DishasterZimag1983Zimag’s NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s “Dancing Plate”
Donkey KongNintendo Co., Ltd.Coleco1982Action
Donkey Kong JuniorNintendo Co., Ltd.Coleco1983Action
Double DragonTechnos Japan Corp.Activision1989Action
Dragon TreasureZellersunlicensed reproduction of Dragonfire[9]
DragonfireImagic (Bob Smith)Imagic1982Action
Dragonstomper (cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Role-Playing (RPG)
Dumbo’s Flying CircusAtari ([[]])1983ActionUnreleased prototype game
DragsterActivision (David Crane)Activision1980Racing / Driving
Earth Dies ScreamingSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
Earth AttackZellersunlicensed reproduction of Defender[9]
Eddy Langfinger, der MuseumsdiebQuelle1983ActionPAL release
EggomaniaUS GamesUS Games1982Action
Eli’s LadderSimageSimage1982Educational
Encounter at L-5Data AgeData Age1982Action
EnduroActivisionActivision1983Racing / Driving
EntombedWestern Technologies Inc.US Games1982Action, Strategy
Escape From The Mindmaster (Cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Adventure
EspialOrca CorporationTigervision1984Action
ExocetPanda Computer GamesPanda Computer Games1983ActionSame game as “Cruise Missile” released by Froggo
Exocet MissileJohn SandsPAL release
Extra TerrestrialsHerman QuastSkill Screen Games1984Action
Fantastic VoyageSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
Farmer DanZellersunlicensed reproduction of Gopher[9]
Fast EddieSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
Fast FoodTelesysTelesys1982Action
FathomImagic (Rob Fulop)Imagic1983Action
Fighter PilotActivisionPAL release of “Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator”
Final ApproachApolloApollo1982Simulation, Strategy
Fireball (cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Action
Fire FighterImagic (Brad Stewart)Imagic1982Action
Fire FlyMythiconMythicon1983Action
Fisher PriceCCESame game as “Aquatak”, “Sea Hunt” and “Scuba Diver”
Fishing DerbyActivision (David Crane)Activision1980Action, Sports
Flash GordonSirius Software20th Century Fox1983Action
Frankenstein’s MonsterData AgeData Age1983Action
FreewayActivision (David Crane)Activision1981Action
FroggerAPh Technological ConsultingParker Brothers1982
Frogs and FliesAPh Technological ConsultingMattel1982Action
The Official Frogger (cassette)KonamiStarpath1983Action
Frogger II: Threeedeep!Parker BrothersParker Brothers1984Action
Front LineTaito CorporationColeco1984Action
Gamma-AttackGammationGammation1983ActionOnly one copy known to exist. It was listed on eBay for $500,000 but never sold.
Gangster AlleySpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Gas HogSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
GauntletAnswer SoftwareAnswer Software1983Action
GhostbustersActivision (David Crane)Activision1985Action
Ghostbusters IIActivisionSalu Ltd1990/1992ActionPAL-only release
Ghost Manor/Spike’s PeakXonoxXonox1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Ghost ManorXonoxXonox1983Action
G.I. Joe: Cobra StrikeParker BrothersParker Brothers1983Action
GigoloPlayAround1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with “Bachelor Party”
Glacier PatrolVSS, Inc.Telegames1983Action
GlibQualtronic Devices, Inc.Selchow and Righter1983Strategy
GopherUS GamesUS Games1982Action
GorfBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.CBS Electronics1982Action
Grand PrixActivision (David Crane)Activision1982Racing / Driving
Great EscapeBombBomb1983Action
GyrussKonamiParker Brothers1984Action
HalloweenVSS, Inc.Wizard Video1983Action
Harbor EscapePanda Computer Games1983
I Want My MommyZimag1983NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s “Open Sesame”
Ice HockeyActivision (Alan Miller)Activision1981Action, Sports
Inca GoldZellersZeller’s NTSC release of Funvision’s “Inca Gold”
InfiltrateApolloApollo1982Action, Strategy
International SoccerM-Network1982
James Bond 007On Time SoftwareParker Brothers1983Action
JawbreakerOn-Line SystemsTigervision1982Action
Journey EscapeData AgeData Age1982Action
Jungle FeverPlayAroundPlayAround1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with “Knight on the Town”
Kaboom!Activision (Larry Kaplan, David Crane)Activision1981Action
Keystone KapersActivisionActivision1983Action
Killer Satellites (Cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Action
King KongTigervisionTigervision1982Action
Knight on the TownPlayAround1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with “Jungle Fever”
Kool-Aid ManM-NetworkM-Network1983Action
Kung-Fu MasterIrem Corp.Activision1987Action
Lady in WadingPlayAround1982Released as a 2-in-1 cart with “Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em”
Laser BlastActivision (David Crane)Activision1981Action
Laser GatesImagic, VentureVisionImagic1983Action
Laser VolleyZellers1983unlicensed reproduction of Laser Gates[9]
LochjawApolloApollo1982ActionLater released by Apollo as “Shark Attack”
Lock ‘n’ ChaseData EastM-Network1982Action
London BlitzAvalon HillAvalon Hill1983Strategy
Lost LuggageApolloApollo1982Action
M.A.D.US GamesUS Games1982Action
MalagaiAnswer Software1983Action
MarauderOn-Line SystemsTigervision1982
Marine WarsKonamiKonami1983Action
M*A*S*H20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1982Action
Master BuilderSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-ManM-NetworkM-Network1983Action
Mega Force20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1982Action
Miner 2049erBig Five SoftwareTigervision1983Action
Miner 2049er IIBig Five SoftwareTigervision1982Action
Mines of MinosCommaVidCommaVid1983Action
Missile ControlVideo Gems1983ActionPAL-format[11]
Mission 3000 A.D.Bit CorporationBit Corporation1983Action
Mission SurviveVideo Gems1983PAL-format[11]
Mogul ManiacAmigaAmiga1983Action, Simulation, Sports
Montezuma’s Revenge: Starring Panama JoeParker BrothersParker Brothers1984Action
MoonsweeperImagic (Bob Smith)Imagic1983Action
MotocrossQuelle1983Racing / Driving, Sports
Motocross RacerXonoxXonox1984Racing / Driving
Mountain KingVSS, Inc.CBS Electronics1983Action
Mouse TrapExidyColeco1982Action
Mr. Do!Universal Co., Ltd.Coleco1983Action
Mr. Do’s CastleUniversal Co., Ltd.Parker Brothers1984Action
Mr. PostmanBit Corporation1983
The Music MachineChristian Software DevelopmentSparrow, HomeComputer Software1983Action, Educational
My GolfImagineering (company)HES1990PAL-only release
Name This GameUS GamesUS Games1982Action
NightmareSancho / Tang’s Electronic Co.1983ActionPanda released this game as “Stunt Man”
Night StalkerM-NetworkTelegames1989ActionPAL release of “Dark Cavern”
No Escape!ImagicImagic1983Action
NutsTechnovision1983PAL-only release
Ocean City DefenderZellersunlicensed reproduction of Atlantis[9]
Off Your RockerAmigaAmiga1983Action
Oink!Activision (Mike Lorenzen)Activision1983Action
Omega RaceBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.CBS Electronics1983Action
Open SesameBit CorporationBit Corporation1983ActionPAL release
Out of ControlAvalon HillAvalon Hill1983Action, Racing / Driving
Pac-KongFunvision1983ActionA later PAL release of Funvision’s “Inca Gold”
Panda ChaseHome VisionPAL-only release
ParachuteHome Vision1983PAL-only release
Party Mix (cassette)StarpathStarpath1983Action, Racing / Driving
Pete Rose BaseballAbsolute EntertainmentAbsolute Entertainment1988Sports
Phantom TankBit CorporationPAL release
Phantom-PanzerQuelle1983ActionQuelle’s PAL release of Bit Corporation’s “Phantom Tank”
Phaser Patrol (cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Action
Philly FlasherMystique, PlayAroundMystique1982ActionReleased as a 2-in-1 cart with “Cathouse Blues”
Pick ‘n PileUbisoftSalu Ltd1990StrategyPAL-only release
Pick Up20th Century FoxMark Klein2002ShooterFinished, but unreleased until self-published at 2002 Classic Gaming Expo
PicnicWestern Technologies Inc.US Games1983Action
Piece o’ CakeUS GamesUS Games1983Action
PinballZellersunlicensed reproduction of Video Pinball[9]
Piraten-SchiffSpectravisionPAL release of “Gas Hog”
Pitfall!Activision (David Crane)Activision1982Action
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsActivision (David Crane)Activision1984Action
Planet PatrolSpectravisionSpectravision1983Action
Planeten PatrouileSpectravisionPAL release of “Planet Patrol”
Plaque AttackActivisionActivision1983Action
PolarisTaito CorporationTigervision1982Action
PopeyeNintendo Co., Ltd.Parker Brothers1983Action
Porky’sDunhill Electronic Media Corp., Lazer Microsystems Inc.20th Century Fox1983Adventure
Pressure CookerActivisionActivision1983Action
Private EyeActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1983Action
Pyramid WarS.S.PAL release
Q*bertWestern Technologies Inc.Parker Brothers1983Action
Q*bert’s QubesMylstar Electronics, Inc.Parker Brothers1984Action
Quest for Quintana RooVSS, Inc.Sunrise1983Action, Adventure
Quick StepImagicImagic1983Action
Rabbit Transit (cassette)StarpathStarpath1983Action
RacquetballApolloApollo1981Action, Sports
RadarZellersunlicensed reproduction of Cruise Missile[9]
Raft RiderUS GamesUS Games1983Action
Ram ItTelesysTelesys1983Action
RampageActivision (Bob Polaro)Activision1989Actionlicensed by Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.
ReactorD. Gottlieb & Co.Parker Brothers1982Action
Red Sea CrossingSteve SchustackInspirational Video Concepts1983
Rescue Terra 1VentureVisionVentureVision1982Action
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes20th Century Fox20th Century Fox1983Action
Riddle of the SphinxImagic (Bob Smith)Imagic1982Action, Adventure
River PatrolOrca CorporationTigervision1984Action
River RaidActivision (Carol Shaw)Activision1982Action
River Raid IIImagineering Inc.Activision1988Action
Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot – The JoustXonoxXonox1983Actiondouble-ended cartridge
Robin HoodXonoxXonox1983Action
Robot Commando RaidVidTec
Robot TankActivision (Alan Miller)Activision1983Action
Roc ‘N RopeKonamiColeco1984Action
Room of DoomCommaVidCommaVid1982Action
Save Our ShipTechnovisionPAL release
Save the Whales20th Century Fox (Steve Beck)1983ActionUnreleased prototype game
Scraper CaperTigervisionUnreleased prototype game
Scuba DiverPanda Computer Games
Sea HawkFroggoFroggo1988Action
SeahawkSancho (Tang´s Electronic Co.)1982Action
SeamonsterPuzzy / Bit Corporation1982Action
Shark AttackApollo1982A re-release of “Lochjaw,” which has subtle differences
Shootin’ GalleryImagicImagic1983Action
Shuttle OrbiterAvalon HillAvalon Hill1983Action, Simulation
Sir LancelotXonoxXonox1983Action
Skate Boardin’: A Radical AdventureAbsolute EntertainmentAbsolute Entertainment1987Action, Sports
Skeet ShootApolloApollo1981Action
SkiingActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1980Sports
Sky JinksActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1982Racing / Driving
Sky SkipperNintendo Co., Ltd.Parker Brothers1983Action
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel’s CastleColecoColeco1982Action
Snail Against SquirrelBit Corporation1983ActionPal release. Released in NTSC format as “Squirrel”
Sneak ‘N PeekUS GamesUS Games1982Simulation
Solar FoxBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.CBS Electronics1983Action
Solar StormImagicImagic1983Action
Space AdventureZellersZellers’ release of 20th Century Fox’s “Flash Gordon”
Space AttackM-NetworkM-Network1982Action
Space CanyonApolloPanda Computer Games1983ActionPanda’s release of Apollo’s “Space Cavern”
Space CavernApolloApollo1982Action
Space GridAction Hi-TechPAL-format[10]
Space JockeyUS GamesUS Games1982Action
Spacemaster X-7Sirius Software20th Century Fox1983Action, Strategy
Space Shuttle: A Journey Into SpaceActivisionActivision1983Simulation
SpiderdroidFroggoFroggo1987ActionFroggo’s release of Parker Brothers’ “Amidar”
Spider FighterActivisionActivision1982Action
Spider-ManParker BrothersParker Brothers1982Action
Spider MazeK-Tel VisionK-Tel Vision’s NTSC release of Funvision’s “Inca Gold”
Spike’s PeakXonoxXonox1983Action
Spitfire AttackMilton BradleyMilton Bradley1983Action
SpringerOrca CorporationTigervision1983Action
Spy HunterBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.Sega1984Action, Racing / Driving
Squeeze BoxUS GamesUS Games1982Action
SssnakeData AgeData Age1982Action
StampedeActivision (Bob Whitehead)Activision1981Action
Star FoxMythiconMythicon1983Action
StarmasterActivision (Alan Miller)Activision1982Action
Star StrikeM-NetworkM-Network1982Action
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorSegaSega1983Action
Star VoyagerImagic (Bob Smith)Imagic1982Action
Star Wars: The Arcade GameAtari, Inc. (Bob Smith)Parker Brothers1984Action
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaParker BrothersParker Brothers1983Action
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star BattleParker BrothersParker Brothers1983Action
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackParker BrothersParker Brothers1982Action
Strategy XKonamiKonami1983Action
Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-upsParker BrothersParker Brothers1983Strategy
Stunt ManPanda Computer Games1983ActionPanda’s NTSC release of Sancho’s “Nightmare”
Sub-ScanSegaSega1983StrategySega’s release of its “Deep Scan” arcade game
Suicide Mission (cassette)StarpathStarpath1982Action
Summer GamesEpyxEpyx1987Action, Sports
Super BaumeisterSpectravisionPAL release of “Master Builder”
Super Challenge BaseballM-Network1982Sportsreissued by Telegames in 1988
Super Challenge FootballM-Network1982Sportsreissued by Telegames in 1988
Super CobraKonamiParker Brothers1983Action
Surfer’s Paradise: But Danger Below!Video Gems1983Action, SportsPAL-format[11]
Survival Island (cassette)StarpathStarpath1983Adventure
Survival RunMilton BradleyMilton Bradley1983Action
Swedish Erotica: Bachelor PartyMystiqueMystique1983Action
Swedish Erotica: Beat’ Em & Eat ‘EmMystiqueMystique1982Action
Swedish Erotica: Custer’s RevengeMystiqueMystique1983Action
Sword of Saros (cassette)StarpathStarpath1983Adventure
Tank BrigadePanda Computer Games1983Panda’s NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s “Phantom Tank”
Tank CityAction Hi-TechPAL release of SEGA’s “Thunderground”
Tanks But No TanksZimag1983Zimag’s NTSC release of Bit Corporation’s “Phantom Tank”
TapperBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.Sega1984Action
Task ForceFroggo1988Froggo’s release of Spectravision’s “Gangster Alley”
Tax AvoidersAmerican Videogame1982Action
TennisActivision (Alan Miller)Activision1981Sports
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreVSS, Inc.Wizard Video1983Action
The Smurfs Save the Day[12]1983ActionKid Vid Voice Module required to function
ThresholdOn-Line SystemsTigervision1983Action
Time PilotKonamiColeco1983Action
Time WarpZellersZellers’ NTSC release of Funvision’s “Time Warp”
Title Match Pro WrestlingAbsolute EntertainmentAbsolute Entertainment1987Sports
Tomarc The BarbarianXonoxXonox1983Action
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator AKA Dan Kitchen’s Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter SimulatorAbsolute Entertainment (Dan Kitchen)Absolute Entertainment1988Action, Simulation
Tooth ProtectorsDSD/CamelotDSD/Camelot1983ActionWas only available via mail order from Johnson & Johnson
Towering InfernoWestern Technologies Inc.US Games1982Action
Treasure BelowVideo GemsPAL-format[11]
Trick ShotImagicImagic1983Sports
Tron: Deadly DiscsM-NetworkM-Network1982Action
Tunnel RunnerCBS ElectronicsCBS Electronics1983Action
TurmoilSirius Software20th Century Fox1982Action
TutankhamKonamiParker Brothers1983Action
Universal ChaosExidyTelegames1983Action
Up’n DownSegaSega1984Action, Racing / Driving
Video JoggerExus CorporationExus Corporation1983Action
Video LifeCommaVidCommaVid1981
Video ReflexExus CorporationExus Corporation1983Action
Vulture AttackK-Tel VisionThis is K-Tel Vision’s release of Ultravision’s “Condor Attack” game program
Wall BallAvalon Hill1983
Wall DefenderBombBomb1983Action
War ZoneAction Hi-TechPAL release of 20th Century Fox’s “M*A*S*H”
WarplockData AgeData Age1982Action
Weltraumtunnel (Space Tunnel)BitCorpBitCorp – Quelle1982ActionPAL-Release – Quelle-variant is a BitCorp-clone; also known e.g. as Ataque Laser, Innerspace, Laser Volley, Laser Gate, Laser Gates
Wing WarImagicImagic1983ActionPAL-only release
Winter GamesAction GraphicsEpyx1987Action, Sports
Wizard of WorBally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc.CBS Electronics1982Action
Word ZapperUS GamesUS Games1982Action
Worm War ISirius Software20th Century Fox1982
X-manUniversal Gamex1983ActionAdult-themed game unrelated to the X-Men.[13]
Zoo FunSuntekPAL-only release

Homebrew games

With more than 49 titles in this category, the Atari 2600 is a popular platform for homebrew projects. Unlike later systems, the Atari 2600 does not require a modchip to run homebrew cartridges. Although there is one high-level compiler available — batari Basic[14] — most development for the Atari 2600 is still done in 6502 assembly language.[citation needed] The 2600 lacks video memory, has only 128 bytes of RAM, and requires precise timing; homebrews written in assembly are typically considered programming challenges.[15]

In 2003, Activision selected several homebrew 2600 titles for inclusion in the Game Boy Advance version of their Activision Anthology, as indicated below

Game TitleDeveloper (Designer)PublisherYearGenreNotes and references
2005 Minigame MulticartChris Walton, Fred Quimby, Bob Montgomery, and Zach MatleyAtariAge2005Action
2048 2600Carlos Duarte do Nascimento (chesterbr)self-published2014PuzzlePort of 2048 (video game)
A-VCS-tec ChallengeSimon Quernhorst (Programmer), Paul Slocum (Music)AtariAge2006ActionPort of Aztec Challenge[17]
Alfred ChallengeEric BacherEbivision1998ActionPlatform-and-ladder game[citation needed]
Allia QuestIgor BarzilaiEbivision2001ActionFixed shooter game[citation needed]
Bee-BallIvan MachadoAtariAge2007Action[18]
Bell HopperTomas Härdinself-published2011ActionA demake of Winterbells. Placed 5th in the game development competition at Assembly Summer 2011.[19]
Boulder DashThomas Jentzsch and Andrew DavieAtariAge2011Action[20]
Climber 5Dennis DebroXYPE2004ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
Conquest of MarsChamp Games (John W. Champeau)AtariAge2006ActionInspired by 1981 game Caverns of Mars[citation needed]
Duck Attack!Will NicholesAtariAge2010Action-AdventureLoosely based on Adventure[21]
Edtris 2600Ed FedermeyerHozer Video Games1995StrategyUnofficial port of Tetris[22]
EuchreErik Eidself-published2002StrategyIncluded in the Activision Anthology as Video Euchre[16]
Fall DownAaron CurtisAtariAge2005Action[23]
FlapPingKirk IsraelAtariAge2004Action[23] Originally titled JoustPong
Four-PlayZach MatleyAtariAge2006Strategy[23]
Go Fish!Bob MontgomeryAtariAge2005Action[23]
GunfightManuel RotschkarXYPE2001Action[23]
Halo 2600Ed FriesAtariAge2010ActionBased on Bungie’s Halo series; Fries was involved in Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie[24]
Hunchy IIChris WaltonAtariAge2005Action[23]
JammedThomas JentzschXYPE2001Strategy[23]
Juno FirstChris WaltonAtariAge2009Action[citation needed]
K.O. CruiserDevin CookAtariAge2010Sports[25]
Lady BugChamp Games (John W. Champeau)AtariAge2006Action[citation needed]
Marble CrazePaul SlocumXYPE2002Action[23]
Mean SantaJohn K. Harvey2600 Connection [1]2009Action/Strategy
Medieval MayhemSpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.)AtariAge2006ActionRemake of Warlords that adds arcade features missing from the original home version.[26]
Okie DokieBob ColbertRetroware1996StrategyIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
OystronPiero CavinaXYPE1997ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
PescoEric BacherEbivision1999Action[23]
Pressure GaugeJohn K. HarveySelf-published1999Action/Puzzle[23]
SeawolfManuel RotschkarXYPE2004Action[23]
QbAndrew DavieXYPE2001Action/Puzzle
SCSIcideJoe GrandAtariAge2001Action[23] Updated and re-released in 2005 as Ultra SCSIcide
Skeleton+Eric BallAtariAge2003First-person shooterIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
SnappySebastian MihaiSelf Published2012Action[27]
Sound XEd FedermeyerHozer Video Games1994Music[23]
Space RocksDarrell Spice, Jr.AtariAge2013ActionRemake of Asteroids with features from Asteroids Deluxe
Space Treat DeluxeFabrizio ZavagliAtariAge2003ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
Space InstigatorsChristopher TumberXYPE2002Action[23]
Squish ‘EmBob MontgomeryAtariAge2007Action[28]
Star FireManuel Rotschkar, Thomas JentzschXYPE2003Action[23]
Stay FrostySpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.)AtariAge2007ActionAlso included on 2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella’s Stocking
Stay Frosty 2SpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.)AtariAge2014Action
Stell-A-Sketch/Okie DokieBob ColbertRetroware1997Strategy
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeJohn PaysonAtariAge2005Strategy[23]
Super 3D Portals 6Zach Hinchyself-published2008StrategyA demake of Portal[29]
SWOOPS!Thomas JentzschAtariAge2005Action[23]
SynthcartPaul SlocumAtariAge2002Music[23] Keyboard controllers are used to create sound loops
The Wicked FatherJuno (Jamie Hamshere)self-published2011Action
ThrustThomas JentzschXYPE2000Action[23] Re-released with enhancements in 2002 as Thrust+ DC Edition and in 2003 as Thrust+ Platinum
Toyshop TroubleJohn Payson, Zach Matley, Bob Montgomery, Thomas Jentzsch, Nathan StrumAtariAge2007Action[23] Also released in 2006 as 2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop Trouble
TurboAtariAgeAtariAge2010Racing / Driving[citation needed]
Vault AssaultBrian Prescottself-published2001ActionIncluded in the Activision Anthology[16]
VongRick Skrbinaself-published2008Sports[30]
Warring WormsBaroque Gaming (Billy Eno)AtariAge2002Action[23] Expanded and re-released in 2005 as Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns