Dune – The Battle for Arrakis Genesis

11 Dune – The Battle for Arrakis


Explosions rip the sky, metal rains down, troops clash and bodies fall as three houses lock in a bloody struggle to overtake the war-torn planet of Dune. As a commander of your House, you must conquer forces both human and inhuman in savage battles to secure the future of your dynasty. With lethal weaponry, a ruthless army, and nothing but your conscience to stop you, how far will you go to control the universe?

– Intense, real-time combat! Battle your way through nine levels of the most extreme warfare yet devised.
– Digitized voices and sounds: Hear everything from the blast of rockets to a soldier’s dying screams.
– Three Houses to choose from: Command the Atreides, Harkonnens or Ordos dynasties.
– Build and defend vast bases: Deploy tanks, troops and otherworldly weaponry. Convert valuable spice into money and control all aspects of life on the planet Dune.
– Specially enhanced translation of award-winning PC version.

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