Metal Slug – 2nd Mission (World) (En,Ja) (Demo) NGC Game

File Name: Metal Slug - 2nd Mission (World) (En,Ja) (Demo)
SNK, Ukiyotei
Console: NGC
Genre: Action, Shooter
Region: World
File Size:  753.0KB
Product ID: NEOP00610
Release Year:  2000
Views: 3344


Explosive Action Returns!
The success of the first mission is only temporary. A new rebel strike force, Phantom, has appeared. What’s more, they’ve made contact with alien visitors and are developing weapons of unimaginable power…
There is no time to rest, soldier! Hostages have been taken. It’s your duty to rescue them and smash the evil ambitions of this new threat. Get ready to square off against enemies more powerful than ever. The perilous Second Mission is about to begin!!!

  • 38 new and exciting stages
  • Advanced weapons and vehicles including the Slug Sub
  • Different characters for multiple paths
  • Time Attack Mode for unparalleled heart-pounding thrills


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