[BIOS] SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja) (USA) NGC Game

File Name: [BIOS] SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja) (USA)
Console: NGC
Genre: Misc
Region: USA
File Size:  36.0KB
Product ID: 83-9591-01
Release Year:  1999
Views: 6396


Available from October 1st, at only £59.99, the NeoGeo Pocket Color is as cool as it looks and delivers arcade-quality graphics and sound wherever it is needed.

Available in one of six stylish cases, the NeoGeo Pocket Color is a fully-fledged 16bit machine, capable of displaying up to 146 colours on screen, from a palette of 4096.

Its highly reflective dot matrix screen is larger than any other, offering a resolution of 160 pixels by 152 pixels more than ample to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated games player. It is the only handheld device to boast a proper joystick instead of a fiddly control pad. Though powered by just two AA batteries, the NeoGeo Pocket Color will run for up to 40 hours.

With 14 titles available at launch – a record for any new video gaming format, portable or otherwise – players will be spoilt for choice. Sports simulations, arcade shoot-’em-ups and beat-’em-ups, puzzle games and arcade conversions, there really is something for everyone. Also Known As:Neo-Geo Pocket Color Hardware (US, EU, JP)


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