Metal Gear 2 – Solid Snake (Japan) MSX 2 Game

File Name: Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (Japan)
Console: MSX 2
Genre: Action, Adventure
Region: Japan
File Size:  315.0KB
Product ID: RC767
Release Year:  1990
Views: 10112


Beginning with the thaw between major powers such as the United States, China and the Soviet Union, regional conflicts in each region were settled and eased. The world was finally about to enter an era of stabilization.

By the late 1990s, the era of nuclear threat has come to an end, and a new century of stability, the 21st century, is about to begin. However, some do not enjoy peace…

The atmosphere became turbulent in the Middle East. A military government is established in the Soviet Union, China, and Zanzibarland, a small country adjacent to the Middle East. Zanzibarland raided nuclear weapons disposal depots around the world, robbed undiscarded nuclear weapons, and obtained the world’s only stockpile of nuclear armaments. Soon, they launched an indiscriminate invasion of neighboring countries.

Zanzibarland’s nuclear armaments poses a definitive threat to a world that has otherwise abandoned nuclear weapons. The threat of nuclear weapons was about to sprout again in a world that had abandoned its possession of nuclear weapons.

In addition, the global depletion of oil resources, which was predicted to occur within 30 years, arrived earlier than expected. The world was facing a serious energy crisis without a safe alternative to oil.

Meanwhile, Czech biologist Dr. Kio Marv invented the microorganism (microalgae) “OILIX” that refines high-purity petroleum. The world was once again in a tense state over OILIX.
However, Dr. Marv, who left the Czech Republic to attend an academic conference in the United States, was abducted by Zanzibarland on his way to the United States. Zanzibarland is trying to secure a strategic military advantage by controlling the world’s supply of both nuclear weapons and OILIX. Microorganisms of only a few microns are about to shake the world.

Former FOXHOUND member Solid Snake has a top secret mission:
Infiltrate Zanzibarland alone and rescue Dr. Kio Marv!
Protect the world from nuclear threats!


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