Dragon Quest II (Japan) MSX 2 Game

File Name: Dragon Quest II (Japan)
Enix Corporation
Console: MSX 2
Genre: Role Playing
Region: Japan
File Size:  120.2KB
Product ID: E-G207
Release Year:  1990
Views: 796


This is a Role playing Game filled with Adventures and Challenges.

Long ago, Erdrick the Great defeated the Dragonlord and recovered the mystical ball of light in Adalfgard. This valiant warrior then took Princess Gwaelin’s hand in marriage, and together they founded the country of Torland. Their union was blessed and Gwaelin brought forth two sons and a daughter. Under the rule of the children and their descendants there was prosperity throughout the land for generations. One day, however, this peace was shattered by the wicked Sorcerer Hargon. Now it’s time for you to claim your birthright as the Prince of Midenhall, as Erdrick’s blood also flows through your veins. By seeking out companions from your lineage, you must restore order to the land. With the Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke at your side, you are about to embark on a most adventurous journey. Use your strength and cunning for you are about to enter the world of Dragon Warrior II.

Prince of Cannock:
With weapons and magic he will fight by your side.

Prince of Midenhall:
You are the Prince of Midenhall, a brave and heroic warrior.

Princess of Moonbrooke:
She is unequalled in the ways of magic.

As the leader of your group, you will set forth with your allies. By combining your skills, you can defeat even the most fierce groups of enemies.

  • The world you are about to enter is four times larger than the world of Dragon Warrior I. You must overcome great obstacles during your adventure.
  • You will find a great deal of information in the towns and castles, speak with everyone to solve the mysteries ahead.
  • Enemies will attack you in groups. Work together to defeat them with weapons and magic. As your characters grow stronger you will master 22 magical spells.


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