X-Men – children of the atom (950331 Euro) Arcade Game

File Name: X-Men - children of the atom (950331 Euro)
Console: Arcade
Genre: Action
Region: Europe
File Size:  unk
ESRB Rating:  EVERYONE 10+
Product ID: X-Men
Release Year:  1994
Views: 30664


X-MEN UNLEASHED! It’s here! Ultimate combat! Mutant mayhem! X-Power! Special moves! Mid-air action! Big characters! Sizzling graphics! You will need all your mutant powers, all your speed, all your strength… for this is the ultimate combat! Have you got enough to defeat Magneto, Omega Red and the Sentinel? Are you tough enough for Wolverine, powerful enough for Cyclops, cool enough for Iceman… are you good enough to join the new breed of mutant heroes? X-Men Children of the Atom – the fighting game to end them all!


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