2 In 1 – Paperboy Rampage (USA) GBA Game

File Name: 2 In 1 - Paperboy Rampage (USA)
DSI Games
Console: GBA
Genre: Compilation, Misc
Region: USA
File Size:  1.1MB
Product ID: AGB-B6BE-USA
Release Year:  2005
Views: 6218


Paperboy: Extra! Extra! Local boy gets new route and is ready to roll! The arcade hit comes home with all of the features that made it a classic. Get the papers delivered while avoiding cars, kids, pets, potholes and more. Rampage: Shocking! Scumlabs International has made yet another mistake by messing with nature, and now the ugly beasts of their science experiment are fighting back. This time, new mutants Curtis the Mouse, Boris the Rhino, and Ruby the Lobster have to obliterate numerous cities in order to rescue the original mutants (George, Ralph, and Lizzy). Of course this wouldn’t really be a universal tour unless you also defended the earth from an alien attack.


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